Yoon Kyun Sang and Lee Sung Kyung Confirmed for SBS Drama Doctors with Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won

This is fantastic and reassuring drama casting news for me – rising acting talent Yoon Kyun Sang and Lee Sung Kyung are confirmed for upcoming SBS drama Doctors (formerly called Female Gangster Hye Jung). They will join leads Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye in a story centered around the neurosurgery department of a top Seoul hospital. This casting will reunite Yoon Kyun Sang with Park Shin Hye after they did Pinoochio together for SBS, which was the drama that put tall strapping Yoon Kyun Sang on the map and led to him doing another SBS drama in The Time I Loved You and now his third in a row with the network with Doctors. Lee Sung Kyung also broke out working with the network on SBS drama It’s Okay, It’s Love, and most recently create lots of buzz with her interesting acting performance in much talked about tvN drama Cheese in the Trap. Casting is now complete for Doctors and filming will soon be underway as everyone gets fitted for their white coats and scrubs.

In addition to leads Park Shin Hye, Kim Rae Won, Yoon Kyun Sang, and Lee Sung Kyung, additional Doctors cast member include Ji Soo, Kim Min Suk who got on the radar thanks to Descendants of the Sun, veteran Kim Young Ae, and Moon Ji In. Doctors premieres on June 20th on SBS Mon-Tues following Jackpot (The Royal Gambler).


Yoon Kyun Sang and Lee Sung Kyung Confirmed for SBS Drama Doctors with Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won — 14 Comments

  1. its actually yks’s 4th drama in a row with SBS after sfd….so looking forward to it….can’t wait to watch shinhye again…..

  2. Park shin hye has acted with both Gangnam blues leads and even sat with them in every award show. PSH is going circles

  3. I liked Lee Sung Kyung in It’s Okay, It’s Love but hated in Cheese in the Trap. Her character was so exaggerated, so irritating, I wanted her to go away every time she appeared on screen. I hope she gets a better character here.

  4. Looking forward to this project. PARK Shin Hye back on dramaland. It is bright, it’s shining, Shin Hye is back.Fighting. Great Cast.

  5. Looking forward to seeing Yoon Kyun Sang again. I found him very impressive as Ji Myaeng , the tortured soul of the big brother in Pinocchio and Moohyul the best Joseon warrior in 6FD.

    When one looks forward to the appearance of any character while watching a drama……that’s a sure sign of the actor’s success in portraying it. When you forget the actor and see him as the character…..that’s a sure sign of him owning it. That’s what happened to me while watching him as these two characters. At no time did I mix the two with each other of the actor.

    So, yes! I am definitely waiting to see what he brings to his character of a neurosurgeon escaping from his father’s expectations in search of a trouble free life and a perfect love.

    Have not seen LSK before but have heard good things about how well she acts so I can foresee not liking the character she will be playing that of a rival to Yoo Hye-Jung specially since it’s being played by Park Shin Hye my bias….lol…:)

    Have heard that Kim Rae won is shooting for two movies at the moment so I guess we will be waiting for that first script reading or even filming,

    All in all good casting for this drama does increase the anticipation of watching it…..20th June seem too far away.

  6. The cast of this drama is pretty impressive. So proud of PSH for picking up this drama. My problem with her was always the fact that she picks up safe roles as the innocent girl next door. I am super excited to see her in this role. I hope she kills it.
    Kim Rae Won never disappoints I am excited to see him on the small screen again after punch.
    I just LOOOOVE the casting of this drama. Yoon Kyun Sang has been keeping himself busy and I was obsessed with him as Moohyul. I will watch anything he is in. I see him growing to lead actor status soon.
    Super excited about Jisoo and I love how he is building himself with experience as an actor.
    The only one i havent completely warmed up to is Lee Sung Kyung but i think her role in this drama will alot of people decide if she is a good actress or not.

    • Agree with you there ….

      Loved Ji Soo in Sassy go go and Page turner….both impactful performances but different indicating that he is a good young actor. Can also imagine him as a first crush too. 🙂

      Cannot comment on LSK since have only heard about her….but obviously must be good if people don’t like her too much because that indicates success as the negative character being portrayed by her.

      Yes….cannot wait to see Shinhye as gangster/Doctor ……as a character who making the right choices , becomes successful and a better person too…..definitely a role she has not enacted before so will enjoy performing it…..as much as we will love watching it.

      With good actors the watching experience is enhanced tremendously because one cannot be distracted but totally immerse in the stories of the characters being enacted . This does raise the bar of the quality of the drama…. its success too

  7. So excited for this drama! There are so many possibilities for the characters in “Doctors”. I hope the director and screenwriter give us a compelling drama. I am impressed with the casting for this drama. Never wished for time to speed up before but June is too far away!

  8. Wow, with a great casting of Actors, surely this must be a good drama to watch! Rest assure to follow this, thanks KOALA!

  9. Wished they’ve retained the original title, PSH is the title character, seems like all the others revolve around her story. Wonder why…..it even won an award with the original title! why change? Doctors is too generic in my opinion. Wishing her a great comeback role, she is one actor I find delightful to see on camera. Even that very very short cameo on Entertainer was a hoot ?

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