Jin Goo Radiates Masculine Appeal in New BNT Pictorial

I might take to calling K-actor Jin Goo superlatives like “the incredible chameleon” or “the riveting stalwart”. Whatever he’s got, it’s an IT with all caps and better late than never for the general public to witness it first hand in Descendants of the Sun. Even if Song Joong Ki is getting the lions share of attention, Jin Goo more than held his own in the drama with a role that was made three dimensional thanks to his performance and appealing masculine charm. He was perfectly cast even moreso than Song Joong Ki, I felt Seo Dae Young was Jin Goo in a fictional world, what with the same forthright decency and upstanding values. His story line with Kim Ji Won’s Myung Joo could have been given more story time but they did more in the limited time than most. I can’t wait to watch his career in this new popular phase and see what roles he picks next.


Jin Goo Radiates Masculine Appeal in New BNT Pictorial — 17 Comments

      • Please! Let’s pretend that project (can we even call it a drama? I think not!) never happened.
        Jin Goo really, really needs good TV-shows right now.

  1. I just hope for better projects for him this time round.
    His last drama (Ad Genius) was a disaster even though he had (and still has) a very successful cinema career.
    I’m so glad people have finally noticed his talent and handsome looks.

  2. I kinda wonder if his career will go anywhere though. People say KJW needs a good project next, but to me he’s the one who really does or he’ll be forgotten again.

  3. Yes, he’s got IT! He was excellent in DotS. The expressions on his face were priceless. I liked his dance moves too. LOL
    I wish him much success.

  4. Even other supporting actors playing minor roles such as Dr. Daniel, Private Gi Beom, and villain Manager got a boost to their popularity, not to mention JG as the 2nd leading man. Besides, a lot of DotS fans actually like the 2nd OTP more than Song Song couple. I think he will be popular for a while. He was surprised at this late take-off coming to him after being in the acting career for 14 years.

    All the best wishes to all the cast, the film crew, and the production team whose hard work has created such a fun drama to watch.

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