Plane Crash Drama Gaia Turns into SM Vehicle with Chanyeol and Yuri Up for the Leads


I don’t want to write off a drama so early out but the sheer whiplash of how promising Gaia sounded to precipitous drop off the cliff makes it hard to remain optimistic. Initial reports surrounding the making of Gaia, a plane crashed on an island drama, was all about famed screenwriter Song Ji Na behind the pen. She’s the writer of Healer, Faith, What’s Up, Story of a Man, and many many more well known dramas in her over twenty plus years in the industry. There was even talk that Kang Ha Neul was lined up to be the leading man. All good so far.

Then last week everything fell apart, starting with news that Song Ji Na was not going to be writing the drama, and after that came news that Kang Na Neul was not going to be in it. Only for SM Entertainment diehard fans would the next news seem promising – Gaia has turned into an SM vehicle as EXO‘s Chanyeol is in talks to play the second male lead while SNSD‘s Yuri is the reported leading lady. We’ve all seen the epic disaster that was To the Beautiful You, right? Is memory over at SM really that short because that level of incompetence sticks with me. Only teeny tiny upside now is that the PD and new screenwriter for Gaia is the team behind Angry Mom.


Plane Crash Drama Gaia Turns into SM Vehicle with Chanyeol and Yuri Up for the Leads — 20 Comments

  1. I’m happy that Kang Ha Neul is not anymore in this project. He was already in To the Beautiful You…

    I don’t really understand how the team of production chooses their actors/actresses… There are a lot of good actors in Korea but they finish to choose the worst. They really lack in courage, money is always the final choice :p

    • SM usually bullies their way into promising projects. It’s a shame but this seems like a disaster in the making. Maybe the writers can save it.

  2. This might end up being the rare drama where bad acting spoils a good script (the reverse is more common, or so it seems to me). Angry Mom is a very good quality drama, but I don’t know how much even that writer and director can do if the actors can’t act. It’s really a waste for them to be involved in a production without any decent actors.

  3. Frankly the premise of the drama sounded very childish to me. A cold idol and average girl stuck in an island. So I was not really excited for it even when Song Ji Na and Kang Ha Heul were associated with it. Now of course it has turned into a complete joke. But it hardly sounded like a masterpiece even with original names, thanks to the flimsy premise.

  4. There was a follow up statement saying that Kang Ha Neul is still being considered.
    Song Jina was never gonna be the writer, she just wrote out the initial synopsis; the current writer Kim Bandi is and has always been attached to Gaia.
    Neither Yuri nor Chanyeol is the lead; they said the female lead is still being cast and Kang Ha Neul is still considering the male lead role. If anything Chanyeol is gonna have a really small role.

  5. I liked Angry Mom but Song Ji Na is one of my all time favorite writers so a little bummed as I first heard her name attached to this quite some time ago. Oh well, I hope she finds something else and KHN is no doubt busy working as 8th prince right now anyway. I could still give this a go because not all idol actors are horrible but not as interested as I once was.

  6. I do feel sorry for all this actors playing backseat to this idol actors…smh can we just stick to singing and dancing and leave the acting to those who actually learn and mastered the art

      • Not most. There are a lot of great actors. Not a lot of chances for them. Many young korean actors were child actors. There are also those who are stuck in supporting roles. They won’t get lead roles until they breakout but then how are they supposed to breakout?

  7. Idk what they were thinking with To the Beautiful You. Honestly, HanaKimi with Horikitty was the best. Maki sold it in my opinion. Cute and tomboyish.

  8. Well at least now that we’ve gotten that out of the way ,now i know what im not gonna be obligated to watch bc of KHN.

  9. there are some good idol actors. im actually looking forward to seeing some again in kdrama. but not Chanyeol. it will most likely get lots of views from EXO fans and might even get good reviews from EXO fans.

    • Exo fandom is big, but they can’t get high ratings for a drama on their own. No idol fan can, that’s why a lot of dramas who star idols as leads flop.

      • high ratings, no. if its really bad, i doubt they’ll stick to watching it.

        there are some kdramas with idols that did not flop. there are a few idols who are good in acting.

  10. I dont think this drama is called a SM Vehicle, since I heard that this is SM production. but if more and more idols in here it’s just……….

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