Ahn Jae Hyun and Gu Hye Sun Couple Continue to Win Hearts with Latest Amusement Park Picture

The court of public opinion can shift as quickly as the wind changes direction but mostly hews close to the same sentiments I lobby when liking or disliking things. I can dislike an acting performance but like the actor, or dislike a character and like an actor, and both are true vice-versa. That approach is on full display for the last two months as the positive response from K-netizens continues to ramp up towards soon-to-be-married Korean acting couple Gu Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun.

They were near universally derided for their painfully bad acting in KBS drama Blood but none of that rancor remains now that they are only getting in the news for dating in real life and being so gosh darn openly in love with each other. The couple’s wedding is slated for end of May but this week Ahn Jae Hyun posted a selfie snapped picture of his beloved during an amusement park date. They are so happy together it makes me want them never to act again so neither get any poor feedback and just concentrate on a good married life and posting happy snaps to delight fans.

It’s so clear they are genuinely caring about each other. The way Ahn Jae Hyun angled the camera to put his honey in the middle speaks volumes. Congrats on finding each other!


Ahn Jae Hyun and Gu Hye Sun Couple Continue to Win Hearts with Latest Amusement Park Picture — 22 Comments

  1. Non of them are my favorite but literally fell in love with this couple and about NEVER ACT AGAIN I THINK ITS TOO HARSH TO SAY THIS WHEN IN K DRAMALAND LOT OF WORST ACTOR/ACTRESS STILL DOING SHOW OVER AND AGAIN DESPITE THEIR WORST ACTING. i must say GHS to stick to melo drama she was good in AE and AJH just start his acting career he will improve so be patience 🙂

    • Agree! She was decent in AE. I have no opinions about AJH since I only watched him as a minor role in My Love from Another Star. Vampire has never been my thingy so skipped Blood just for that reason. There’re way more incompetent actresses/actors out there still active in the industry while some has been gaining undeserving popularity even they are bad at acting. So why particular nitpicking these two? Just let them work their way through their career.

  2. tbh blood was not that bad the way people highlighted it. in start i too skipped it because all awful things i heard but later when i watched i like it, don’t know why people hate it so much was not that bad.sometime people get influence easily and unable to make their own judgment.

  3. couple goals…they really raised standard of dating heheh atleast for me.. now in research to find perfect guy like Ahn 😛

  4. In my opinion Ajh wasn’t bad at all…looking back- i thought that the way he portrayed the character was good enough for me to keep watching and did not consider it as bad acting…however with Ghs her acting kept fluctuating. She did not have a steady grip on her character it was just bleh…but then again I kept watching blood till the end. I was quite entertained. I’m glad one outcome is finding each other….ahh happy ending.

  5. Ahn jae hyun such a nice guy really watching him first time in new journey to west 2 OMG fall for his kindness and GHS on other hand so down to earth just recently get aware about her kind deeds. Really a golden couple.

    • no sometime i feel Ahn already fall for GHS. i mean from him its seems love at first site,saw their script reading pix and their all were busy reading script and Ahn was so busy looking at GHS. He seems fall for her since than. maybe i am wrong but it seems like this.

  6. Since there dating news i following all their activities and honestly they are cutest couple sometime i get J how come such true love exist heheh and specially in kdrama land where people love to hide to get more fanbase. Love their honestly for love.

  7. Just by looking at them bring smile at my face. Ahn jaehyun eyes shows how much he is in love with his lady. so want boyfriend like Ahn jae hyun.

  8. such a beautiful couple,respect of AJH just got increased the way he personally left messages to his fans 2 times regarding dating and than wedding news its just show how sincere he is about his love and how much he care about his fans. His message so heart melting Hope so people will open to him and stop being too harsh about him.

  9. Oppa and unnie a Shout out from Chinese fans i hope you to come to know about that here Ahngoo fanclub is thinking of growing tree at your wedding day as you people are getting married on May (6th month) and on 21 so we are growing 621 trees on your name, to help to improve environment. Its just our little gesture of showing love,learning from you people and you people are true inspiration.

  10. I love GHS since i watched her in BOF. You can feel that she is a really sweet person. I also liked Blood and it wasn’t their fault that it wasn’t awesome. The Director was one of the reason for her acting. Anyway, i am happy that they did not hide their love from the fans. Jiayou Ahngoo!!

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