Lee Jun Ki in Geek Magazine is a Reminder of His Thoroughly Modern Appeal

The filming of the Korean adaptation of Bu Bu Jing Xin is going really quietly, and by that I mean there isn’t a lot of goodies from the production team during the shoot. Bobogyungsim: Ryeo won’t air until the fall of 2016, going for simultaneous broadcast in China and Korea path that seems even funnier in this case since the drama is a K-version of a popular Chinese romance novel that was already adapted into a hit C-drama a few years back. I’m glad the K-version is transplanting the background to Goryeo era, a more swashbuckling time frame than the more rigidly structured Joseon period. Lee Jun Ki playing the male lead of 4th Prince is an ideal casting for me in acting talent and onscreen comfort with sageuk roles, but I do get the general ennui with him doing yet another period drama with so many under his belt. He might be purposely trying to shake things up by doing more sleek fashion spread these days, this latest one for Geek Magazine is way too stylish to be geeky or gawky, showcasing the modern appeal of someone as comfortable with transformation as Lee Jun Ki.


Lee Jun Ki in Geek Magazine is a Reminder of His Thoroughly Modern Appeal — 14 Comments

  1. I’ve had a major crush on this guy since “my girl” back in the day! I was so glad he did not get the girl…hah lol he’s still hot
    As ever– thank you kindly for the post.

  2. He needs to stop with sageuks and action dramas imo and do a romcom or a “normal” drama. I don’t understand male actors’ obsessiveness with action when most of the time it’s boring as hell.

    • I love action scenes unless non action narratives can be as intriguing as C drama Nirvana in Fire. LOL..I never get tired of action dramas. Rom com could be too over the top and too much slapstick sometimes and I found it was the case most of the time. My opinions. It’s nothing wrong with being a familiar face in certain drama genres. But mostly screenplays and directing are the major issues.

  3. One of my favourite actors..though I do have to admit, that my favourite drama with him is still “The Time Between Dog and Wolf”.

  4. I think his reason for accepting this part was working with the director and it happened to be, yes, another historical. I love him in both so I’m cool with it and am glad it isn’t Joseon. I’ve loved him in Time Between Dog and Wolf and Two Weeks and also Arang, Iljimae and, yes, even the flawed Scholar & Joseon Gunman. For some odd reason I’ve never finished My Girl so I guess I should do that someday.

  5. I’m not so much swooned over C drama BBJX as other fans mainly b/c I don’t like the C actor who played the 4th prince. But BBJX storyline was interesting enough to get me hooked up through the last episode. I definitely bet on LJK more than the actor of the C counterpart. Therefore I’m looking forward to his appearance in the upcoming sageuk again. I don’t mind his always doing historical dramas as long as scripts and directing are good.

  6. I’ve always loved LJK in sageuks! The first time I’ve known him was in The King and the Clown and that made him second to the list of my Korean favorite actors. I love all his dramas ad never miss it except Hero.

  7. My number 1. I have all of his shows even Hero. Give Hero a try, it’s not his best but it shows that he can be both serious and comedic in the same role. These pics are fantastic, love them all.

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