Yoo Ah In Attends McDonald’s Event as a Throwback Dork Complete with Bowl Haircut

I do wonder if Yoo Ah In is punking the public with his recent appearance at a McDonald’s Korea event decked out in the most fashionably dubious look I’ve seen from him. He’s an iconoclast for sure and has been known to wear odd ensembles to awards shows and media events on occasion, but this look takes it to a whole new level thanks to the corresponding haircut.

It’s some sort of throwback look that I’m fairly certain from a reputable current fashion house and costs an arm and a leg, best described as a 70’s polyester every working man getup complete with comfortable white short platform sneakers and the bowliest of all bowl haircuts. To think Yoo Ah In actually put thought into this whole image makes me enjoy the fugly more, thanks for the reminder that even the hottest guy can look like a major dork., lol.


Yoo Ah In Attends McDonald’s Event as a Throwback Dork Complete with Bowl Haircut — 14 Comments

  1. That’s one person who is very comfortable in his skin and knows where he is heading and what he wants from life….always good to see and read about such people..

  2. Lol! I thought this was one of his best outfits! He’s very experimental with his clothes. Love it. The colors go great with each other, the style of wide pants and loose shirt is very hip, included w the sneakers. What puts everything into this perfect, unforgettable outfit, his cute a** haircut. Kudos to the fashionista.

  3. Yoo Ah In’s outfit is from an Italian designer Andrea Pompilio who took on the “Schoolboy” theme for her 2016 S/S collection. I think Yoo Ah In understands fashion and knows about her. He pulled her design off here. I must say he looks totally adorable and younger.

  4. Yoo ah in has never been a fashionista. Don’t get the term wrong. There is nothing good or cute in this look from top to toe. The positive thing that I can think about this is he must have been so much confident in himself that he wouldn’t f*cking care what other peope would think about his fashion taste, lol.

    • Second to that. Well he may have a stylist that try to put up things for him and that stylist is the culprit behind some of YAI’s not so OK fashion stance from time to time.

      I just like to believe that YAI is comfortable in whatever he is wearing and that he doesn’t give a damn if his fashion sense doesn’t make the “adoring” fans’ cut…

      Besides, a trend is not an overnight thingy. It is embraced initially by A NUMBER of people that the MAJORITY will eventually copy and disseminate.

    • I agree that he’s very comfortable in his skin, but people have different opinion. For some, he looks stupid here, for some he looks adorable. Nothing wrong with both opinions. Fashion is freedom of expression too.

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