Song Hye Kyo is Stunningly Beautiful in Post Descendants of the Sun Media Pictorials

Even if Song Joong Ki has gotten the lions share of attention from Descendants of the Sun, it’s not a disservice to his leading Song Hye Kyo because she was the bigger Hallyu star going in and has gotten a fantastic current state boost from the drama. For many years she was known for her roles in classic early Hallyu crack dramas like Autumn in My Heart and All In, but coasting on dated works over a decade old didn’t give the younger generation of drama watchers a relatable connection with her.

She was lauded for her recent years performance in That Winter, the Wind Blows, but the drama was really really slow and didn’t generate that much buzz. Which makes DotS her Hallyu reboot and it’s a raring success if you ask me. She’s not my fave but I appreciated and enjoyed her performance in DotS, half for the unparallel beauty visuals and the half for her earnest performance that delivered more than I expected. Kudos for a modern canon shot nearly two decades into her acting career.


Song Hye Kyo is Stunningly Beautiful in Post Descendants of the Sun Media Pictorials — 25 Comments

    • Um is it really necessary to diss Kim Tae Hee while praising SHG? There are enough beautiful women in the Korean entertainment industry in my opinion and KTH and SHG are clearly two of them.

    • you can actually rave about SHK and leave KTH alone, i like both of them and truthfully they are two of the most beautiful actresses in Korea. if we looked on surveys, etc… both are on the top 5. no one was named the most. it will be subjective anyways. only bonus for kth is she’s beauty and brains.

      • SHK must be brainy too not necessarily in flaunting it in school but innately.. she wont be as successful as she is right now if shes not brainy,or wise or smart.. just saying

  1. Timeless beauty a goddess indeed. A beautiful should be. Feminine and graceful.KTH is beautiful too but of Korean standards. SHK beauty can compete to foriegn beauty too, her lips always gives a way.

  2. Her beauty is kinda mysterious that you want to stare at her for a long time and try to figure her out. I guess many of her co-stars including my man Song Joong Ki must have had the same thought. LOL.

  3. I don’t keep abreast of who takes the top spot of “Most Beautiful Woman” polls in Korea.This subject is very subjective, isn’t it? Obviously, the media loves these for clicks. Judging from comments here, am I right to deduce that Kim Tae Hee has been beating Song Hye Kyo?

    • I would say, yes.
      Everytime I saw some articles of hers, there were always people who brought KTH’s name up and found it necessary to dissed KTH’s looks..just to make their point and that’s getting real old, very fast.

      Praise and spazz as your heart desire without bringing others down.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! She is and probably always will be my ultimate girl crush. There’s just something so mysterious and effortlessly classy about her beauty.

  5. song hye kyo is really beautiful in any culture but it was her acting that made me like her,I have been flowing her career ever since I watched her in Autumn in my heart.

    • True enough. Never seen such sincere and subtle acting. Doesnt have to enlarge her eyes to make a point. Her stares show you the emotion she wants to convey. Youll know what she wants to say by just her eyes.. such great acting.. so amazed by her acting..

    • Why is that a problem? It is okay for a male star to sleep with his co-star but not okay for SHK to do the same (if she is doing it)? Come on. This shitty comment reminds me of how when a man who is outspoken, he is deemed assertive and showing leadership quality but if a woman is outspoken she is called a bitch.

      Plus who she shags is really none of our business. Cut her some slack. Not like she is doing your lover. Oh sorry, you think you have a chance with her co star?

    • Thats mean.. not her fault if these guys are attracted to her. Dating doesnt necessarily mean sleeping together. Shes just blessed with good looks and probably good nature too thats why guys who get to know her better fall for her..

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