Ahn Jae Hyun Posts Sweet as Honey Wedding Proposal Video to Fiancee Gu Hye Sun

At this point Ahn Jae Hyun may have stolen the crown for most beloved K-ent loverboy. In two months time he’s gone from model-actor with an inconsistent acting resume to becoming the poster boy for how to date within the industry. Ahn Jae Hyun is tying the knot with his actress fiancee Gu Hye Sun later this month at the end of May, and this week he posted the video of his wedding proposal to his honey. This seals the deal after the Dispatch paparazzi pictures which outed their relationship, in which Ahn Jae Hyun looked more convincingly like a man mad in love than he’s ever managed to act out onscreen in any project so far. I love this proposal for how low key it in, in the back of the car with lots of greenery even more than flowers, and just the words of love and commitment between them. So envious and happy for the lucky couple!

Ahn Jae Hyun Proposes to Gu Hye Sun:


Ahn Jae Hyun Posts Sweet as Honey Wedding Proposal Video to Fiancee Gu Hye Sun — 21 Comments

  1. Really everyone need to watch this. so cute and romantic i am speechless! when he says pretty and their laugh damn i am dead…

  2. to normal people it must look simple that car trunk full of green herbs type plant and one box with few white flowers but people who know some what about flowers can know how romantic this guy is.if i am not wrong the flowers he used to propose are “wasabi flowers” which i guess me MY EVERYTHING IS YOUR’S. So romantic. so wanna get proposal like this.

  3. The background music perfect <3 lyrics so romantic
    How long will I love you?
    As long as stars are above you
    And longer, if I can.

    How long will I need you?
    As long as the seasons need to
    Follow their plan.

    How long will I be with you?
    As long as the sea is bound to
    Wash upon the sand.

    How long will I want you?
    As long as you want me to
    And longer by far.

    How long will I hold you?
    As long as your father told you,
    As long as you can.

    How long will I give to you?
    As long as I live through you
    However long you say.

    How long will I love you?
    As long as stars are above you
    And longer, if I may.

  4. So happy to see my unnie happy 🙂 Ahn jae hyun sshi thank you so much for bringing happiness in unnie life you are best. May their love growing more and more with time and always stay happy together 🙂

  5. I bet if an idol posted this like Kai and Krystal they’d get so much hate.. Even a cute couple photo with them just smiling would have stir up so much drama.. Why the difference?

    I wish every celebrity couple could post cute pics/vids like this and not get backlash!

  6. AJH voice is so sexy and the way he laugh so sexy and GHS have cute laugh. They are perfect in visual and seems so much in love.

  7. When in relationship Man is more madly in love than that girl is luckiest girl in the world….honestly every man needs to learn from him. how make your women feel how special she is to him and show to world who is queen of his heart…that voice of him and her smile proves all its true and perfect love. Never been fan of them but they melted me so much no one ever done not even my own bias.

  8. After all the hate they got from Blood, I am glad to see that it has ended up this way. Wish them the best.

  9. GHS looking so pretty she is natural beauty in simple clothes with messy hair look so cute. till date best couple in looks and also by heart.

  10. they need to send thx u card to those knet. that put them together. without their whining crying about these two acting. they woud never rely on each other for support.

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