Taiwan Supermodel Lin Chi Ling Adorably Meets Her Real Life Doppleganger

What to do when running into a doppleganger? Stop and take pictures, of course! That wasn’t a trick question, and definitely applies even if one is a super duper top star. Taiwanese supermodel Lin Chi Ling was introduced to her doppleganger knockoff with the nickname Yahoo Chi Ling, as the lady in question used to work for Yahoo Taiwan and was famous around the company for being incredibly similar looking in looks and physique to the famed Taiwanese beauty. Yahoo Chi Ling’s real name is Tracy and last week Lin Chi Ling was in Yahoo studios for a talk show interview and was introduced to Tracy, with the two ladies marveling at the uncanny resemblance. The real Lin Chi Ling is obviously prettier but not by much, and it’s cute as can see to see them side-by-side. Apparently science and statistics prove that everyone has at least one doppleganger out there so keep your eyes peeled for your facetwin staring back at you one of these days.


Taiwan Supermodel Lin Chi Ling Adorably Meets Her Real Life Doppleganger — 15 Comments

  1. I actually had met someone that look like me in middle school when I went to a competition.
    She looks almost like me with short hair, but same height,same body type,
    so people joke that we both actually twin that drop in a different location, she is in the sea, I am in the river, then get adopted into our present family, my sibling is nothing like me and he has no sibling,
    but she actually a year younger than me which make it impossible, or who knew?
    I haven’t met her for 7 years
    it feels really weird tbh

  2. OMG LOL…I literally can’t tell which one is real Lin Chi Ling. I guess the one with heart-shaped print skirt. Tell me if I’m wrong. LOL.

  3. I might be in minority, but to me, the one with the moss color skirt looks prettier. She looks more natural.

  4. I swear I went up to look post comments and for the life of me can’t tell who is the supermodel. They just both look incredibly good looking.

  5. I think the one on the left is Lin Chi Ling with the moss green skirt. Signature rounded eyebrows. The one on the right with the Yahoo bib is the doppelganger,

  6. Wow, I didn’t realize this would cause so much confusion. It was immediately clear to me who is the real Lin Chi Ling, but I think I stare at too many celeb pictures as a blogger LOL.

    The real Lin Chi Ling is the one with white off the shoulder top and the red hearts on her blue skirt.

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