Affection Abounds in Candid Shots of Gu Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun’s Jeju Island Wedding Pictorial

Soon-to-be-married Korean star couple Gu Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun were spotted in Jeju this week for what turns out to be a photo shoot with Marie Claire that will double as their wedding pictorial. When I think Jeju photo shoot I immediately think beaches but the island is also home to plenty of forest greenery, and that’s where the affianced couple went for one particular shoot.

Early behind-the-scenes stills from the shoot have been released and is just too darn cute not to share. Even if the couple annoys me in their acting endeavors none of that carries over to enjoying their pre-wedding activities and wishing them well at the start of a lifetime together. I’m sure the official pictures will be lovely but seeing these candid shots is wonderful in a different way, capturing the closeness and open affection of the happy couple. They are so ushering in the summer wedding season in the best way!


Affection Abounds in Candid Shots of Gu Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun’s Jeju Island Wedding Pictorial — 30 Comments

  1. I’ve never seen GHS that animated in any of her dramas. She has been in dramas where I liked the male lead so I actually probably watched like 140hrs or so of her works. But look at her smiles here.

    Never did like her acting but she is sure darn cute being in love. Congratulations to the couple.

  2. They are so beautiful inside out. Btw. I like the way KHS acts, she’s a great actress for me, that’s what made me a fan of hers & became a fan of K-Ent.

  3. Very cute! I hope that they will be one of the couples that make it through the long haul. =) glad they found each other and wishing them all the best!!

      • Nope she not pregnant he cleared that up on the show he is currently on. Plus she had that pouch for while now but if you look at pass photos.

  4. They look so happy together it’s great to see. I really like them as actors never understood the hate she gets Blood and BOF are two of my favorite dramas.

    • yeah just saw Blood drama, i was surprised i enjoyed it. Don’t know why there was so much fuss about their acting.

  5. I am so much in love with this couple, any news about them their photos & videos are so priceless and make every girl to hope and dream to have guy like Ahn in their life, who is so brave to show world who he love. He is so handsome and good manner guy. He is so perfect.

  6. Not fan of them but i gotta admit, it’s pretty adorable…and any news regarding them recently just brings smile at my face…love to read about them..

  7. This couple is just love no words needed, just heart eyes all the way.Every pic he’s always looking at her so cute.

  8. so adorable.

    I hope they don’t end up like the queen inhyuns man couple who were also super public about everything … it was awkward when they broke up, and I imagine it made it harder to split

  9. This is nothing but true love. you can really see their genuine love for one another and the way AHJ looks at KHS, it’s like she is the most beautiful woman in the world!!!! i so want boy like him as my bf, where i can search such boy sigh!!

  10. Honestly everything about this couple is GOAL. Till now best real life couple from korean industry. Though they are not my bias but still their love fo reach other brings smile on your face. May God shower his endless blessing on them always..

  11. You can really see the way he touch and look at her how much love he has for her.Its very rare now to see guys like him.Goo hye sun is so lucky.Both of them actually.

  12. This couple shows how amazingly they love each other so much. Wishing them love eternal, till death do they part. Our sincerest CONGRATULATIONS & BEST WISHES to both of you. Keep it up and good luck to your new endeavor!

  13. Wow just gotta know this couple in survey choose best couple for Rose day (46% cote they got) by korean people in some survey. wow surely this couple is in trend and loved by korean so much and tbh love like them is so good to see, make single like to envy and wish and hope to find love like them. Hope so one day i will 🙂

  14. They’re really open about their relationship to the public, they’re probably so in love they don’t care or they just want everyone to know how in love they are with each other. K netz have accepted them with open arms despite being thrown off guard and continue to shower them with plenty of praise with every news attached to this couple. Some people crave privacy and guard it with their lives but there are some instances of celebrities being open about their love loves and the netz all get on board. Han GA in & her hubby, Lee Bo young & ji sung among those people go on to become power couples and stay together even after a long time. I hope the same is true for this young couple who are obviously madly in love with each other.

  15. Why the reporter brings his/her own opinion of their acting? Keep your personal opinion personal. I like her acting very much, since she can change even her voice to portray a character. Different to other actresses that have always the same plain face and whose kissing scenes are horrible. Regarding him, he is new in the acting field, and I hope he will continue improving. May God bless them in their marriage life!

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