Gong Yoo Fights Spreading Virus Outbreak in First Tense Movie Teaser for Train to Busan

Leave it to Korea to mash up 28 Days Later and Snowpiercer, and then make me salivate to what what is essentially a derivative disaster thriller movie. The teaser is out for this summer’s big budget K-movie Train to Busan, starring my cinematic husband Gong Yoo in one of his most heroic incarnations ever. Train to Busan is about a virulent infectious disease outbreak that strikes South Korea in a fast spreading wave, think World War Z fast, and Gong Yoo leads a band of uninfected survivors thanks to being on a train to Busan when the disease spreads outside the confines of their captive mode of transport. The movie costars Jung Yumi, Ma Dong Seok, Choi Woo Shik, and little Kim Soo Ahn playing Gong Yoo’s onscreen daughter. No wonder daddy dearest is hell bent on surviving, he’s got a little angel to protect. Train to Busand will hop oversees to premiere in out of competition screening at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival, and if it’s as good as the teaser looks then look for a big hit this summer in the domestic box office.


Teaser for Train to Busan:


Gong Yoo Fights Spreading Virus Outbreak in First Tense Movie Teaser for Train to Busan — 10 Comments

    • Oh crap, I just remembered that LizzyD and I split him already last month, before we came to blows, I get drama Yoo and she gets Movie Yoo. Dang it! We’ll have to find a way to split him three ways then. XD

  1. It’s been ages that GY has appeared in the small screen . I’m glad that he’s such a hit in all of his films. Yes, we, here in States, have to wait patiently for the premieres but hey, there’s where my treasures of DVD are for- watching CP for the Nth time to satisfy my heart.

  2. I am a little disappointed with the movie’s theme. Hollywood seems to only produce gloom and doom scenarios nowadays and Korea seems willing to follow this trend (The Flu etc.).

    Where are the STORIES, movie makers?!

    • True.I remember k-movies was how I got the introduction to korean rom-coms.I’m certain I’ve finished all the list of Korean romantic comedies till 2012 to say the least.

  3. I waited two weeks for this teaser, I will definitely be watching this movie. But man why a 36 sec teaser I wanted something more 🙁

  4. Ahem ladies, I think I should announce to you who’s the mother of that cute girl. Please breathe well taking in the news!

    *TADA* it’s me <3

    I love Gong Yoo and omg, the movie has to be great and do well, for Gong Yoo's sake. I wish this will hit the box office and then his drama also succeeds in ratings, I need my Gong Yoo to do well so that I'll see more of him, please!

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