Lee Min Ho Celebrates His 10th Debut Anniversary with Exquisite Fan-made Presents

How time flies is a total understatement when it comes to Lee Min Ho. I swear I just saw him for the first time in Boys Before Flowers, and yet it’s been close to 8 years since that drama aired in 2009 and introduced the greater Hallyu world to this talented young man. Sure he’s been hit or miss since then but I’m going out on a limb to say that he’s my personal fave Domyouji Tsukasa. Yes, even above Matsumoto Jun and Jerry Yan who were each uniquely able to bring the character to memorable life,

I’d say Lee Min Ho was the exact complement for the role of the uber rich high school senior who just needed to be treated like a normal human being. With that said, even Domyouji grew up and as has Lee Min Ho in real life, and along the way tackling architects, city hunters, and even time-traveling Goryeo warriors, before closing the loop again to play a high school student in his most recent K-drama Heirs. His career trajectory has been nothing but a one way rise, and one that I’ve mostly enjoyed even with the occasional hiccups. Congrats to Min Ho-shi and looking forward to his next 10 years!

Lee Min Ho’s fans gifted him with such amazing presents for his 10th debut anniversary.


Lee Min Ho Celebrates His 10th Debut Anniversary with Exquisite Fan-made Presents — 30 Comments

    • 10000000000% agree, Jun is the best Domyuji. For the first time in 8 years that I’ve been reader here, I completely disagree with what the author said from talented actor to best Domyoji. I watched all versions and the Japanese one is the best. However, the Korean version should have never happened in the first place. It’s a mockery of he original manga. No offense. Hana Yori Dango started it all for me, so I’m very defensive when it’s my first favorite drama.

      • By your own standard Jerry Yan was the best. I watched all the versions and Jerry Yan was the best. Meteor Garden started it all for me.

        Personal preferences.

  1. I completely agree with koala.. he made him come alive on another dimension and even honored the manga himself thru Gu-Jun pyo by taking it further then anyone and showing it to the world

  2. At this point even the writer himself would favor GJP because he brought the best of his works and showcased it on a larger platform and more professional done. It Kick started alot of things such as Dramafever opening due that show itself even Netflix and American portal Hulu Tv started to buy rights on K-contents before of that same show due to the high trending and pirating.. Time moves fast and ppl don’t really noticed but it was the ultimate getaway

  3. Hard to disagree. BOF was just the more fashionable and trendy show of the 3 and Lee Min Ho being tall and more phiscally imposing made him by nature the more suitable for the character..

    I also agree His career trajectory has been nothing but a one way rise. His been extremely patient with chosing scripts because I sense like his never been in pressure to do speedy projects and seems like he takes alot of time if necessarily needed

  4. I know i’m in the minority here but jerry yan is my favorite of the hana yori dango versions. maybe because I saw meteor garden first.

    • Jerry Yan is my fav too. While I’ve always dislike the managa because of him I actually learned to like the character because of Jerry. I originally watched it for Barbie.

      I watched the Japanese one right after because I like the actor who played Rei and disliked the Japanese version. Mainly due to the leads since I found them lackluster both in performance and character design.

      • I saw Meteor garden first as well and it’s the only drama ever that I’ve watched 5 times. While I agree that Taiwanese version HYD is better, I have to agree with Koala that LMH played Domyoji better. Jerry Yan is handsome and I love him, but he doesn’t play Domyoji as well as LMH did. Jerry’s character is better written actually(Korean version HYD was the worst written ones among the 3), but I still love LMH more as Domyoji.
        Jun was great as Domyoji, but after watching all 3 versions, the superficial part of me prefer the tall, handsome Domyoji more.

  5. Lee Min Ho as Gu Jun-pyo was a better love story then twilight and read somewhere that he got that role by going through auditions and chosen from 1000 others who auditioned for the Gu Jun-pyo role and that he found that he was the one chosen randomly on the newspaper. lmao

  6. I will also have to disagree. Matsujun is and will always be the best Domyouji. I can’t wait for him and Inoue Mao-chan to finally get married ? #Maotsujunshipper

  7. Yes! Lee Minho is my favourite Domyouji. His height made it perfect.
    As for my favorite LMH character, it would be a tie between City Hunter and Personal Taste’s characters

  8. BOF is one of the worst dramas of the decade -with Heirs- everything felt fake and soulless don’t get me started on Gu Hye Sun tragic acting, KHY cardboard performance and LMH hamming -I can never forget his breaking down at the airport scene X/ bleh… Chemistry between characters was non existent and line deliveries were absolutely atrocious all around

      • lol, I don’t think his dramas are all that shitty. I believe there must have been some certain reasons why BOF became hit, as well as Heirs has been loved here or there. However, I agree that his acting is shallow.

      • lmao. LMH acting career says quite the contrary. everything he has tocuhed turned into gold thats the reality of the tale

    • BOF benefited greatly of the previous takes on the HYD story big popularity and the beginning of Hallyu rising by 2008-2009. lmh sure had the “physical” to his advantage but his shallow take on the character journey (from ugliest to most beautiful soul) felt so fake and uninspiring for me I could not take him seriously. Heirs is seriously an insult to people mind (usual KES aka korea Yumama stuff) and shitty hunter is a mockery to Yokio Kamio original manga spirit and storyline (they are forever linked to the anime of my childhood ? )

      • lmao. stay pressed. and you know better then anyone what you wrote is pogus

      • Lmao keep crying for me to love your oppa. But sorry I don’t like shitty productions plus shitty performances

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