KBS Starts Marketing Uncontrollably Fond with Giant Building Banner

If this prime real estate on the side of KBS headquarters is any indication, the network is really really banking big on upcoming summer drama Uncontrollably Fond. It will be entertaining to watch the drama air in the dead muggy summer nights when nearly every expected scene shows the leads wrapped in coats, scarves and jackets, since the drama was filmed from early to late winter for a fully pre-produced production.

It’s now only two months out before Uncontrollably Fond airs on Wed-Thurs in early July, following Master: God of Noodles. Starring Kim Woo Bin, Suzy, Im Joo Hwan, and Im Joo Eun. none of the four leads are coming on recent buzzy projects, but Kim Woo Bin and Suzy remain big CF stars in Korea and well known faces to the domestic public. It’s going to be interesting to see if audiences tune in for their pairing, along with there being an appetite for a classic Lee Kyung Hee penned melodrama with the three act structure of childhood meeting, adult conflict, and eventual reconciliation. 


KBS Starts Marketing Uncontrollably Fond with Giant Building Banner — 44 Comments

  1. I like Kim Woo Bin and I don’t think that Suzy is a great actress but she’s ok. But I don’t know why this drama doesn’t attract me. I can’t imagine them together I guess…

  2. Oh, yeah. Let’s see how people now gonna here to talk about W. Classic fans looool
    They look great. I’m hyped and I will definitely watch it.

    • Calm down, it’s the norm that dramas compete and always are compared with each other, of course it’s the same thing which is happened for w,deal, wanted and the other dramas that will be aired in that time slot. But don’t worry this drama will bring the rating.

      • To “calm down” you need to be angry or have any negative feelings. I just mocked people, who came here to talk about W. There is a time, when and where you can compare dramas. And, yes, it’s natural. But if you think, that one person here commented and “compared” them in a healthy way, lol, your pleasure. I see a person, who commented here for sole reason to put down UF, so she can wrote about W and how she “rooting” for them. Probably also a fan of LJS or HHJ. lol
        Good Luck.

      • @seaunderthesea – you are projecting way too much to be able to reasonably claim that you are calm. EXAMS has the right idea – cool your jets.

      • @teacakes. yeah, blah-blah. i hope you feel good now. move on. mind your own business.

  3. The plot we are given doesn’t suggest anything refreshing but surely this drama will be ok due to its marketing & promotions.

  4. Idk im feeling really meh about this drama for some reason. Maybe its cause of the heaviness of winter and im just kinda in the mood for something lighter visually or maybe just not feeling the pairing. I mean i like KWB and am very neutral to suzy and i think they look nice together (obviously since they are very attractive) but i cant really see their chemistry. Hopefully it plays out well onscreen.

    • Hmmmm…. I will probably pass on this one. At first glance, I felt a sort of Winter Sonata vibe, which really wasn’t my cup of tea. Also I have been more into dramas like Signal and Neighborhood Lawyer recently, which have minimal romance.

  5. They should do well with star power and the writer.
    It’d be very funny if they flopped actually since not only KBS their fans are super confident.

      • That’s what I said. Because they have all the elements for a hit drama
        That’s why it’d be very funny if they aren’t

  6. Oh my gosh! Never been too interested in this drama before, maybe because it’s pre-produced and I don’t hear much about it. But now, just by seeing that hanging poster and those stills, suddenly I feel sucked into Lee Kyung Hee’s world. I miss watching them; MiSa, A Love to Kill, Will it Snow for Christmas, Wonderful Days. All her winter dramas.

    • I loved the childhood part of Will it Snow for Christmas but I really didn’t like the rest. The story was weird…

      • Yeah, I heart the childhood part so much. With my love for LKH’s dramas, I manage to finished the rest through FF-ing. LOL.

  7. I’m sure it’ll be successful, the writer produced a string of hit dramas for KBS and she’s the queen of melos so I would be very surprised if it doesn’t do well after all this hype.

  8. let’s see.. i better keep my expectation as lower as possible just like how i did to Dots. but i love watching hit dramas, like dots. those with low ratings, i rarely watched. just one or two. soooo.. even with big names, if the story, rating and the chemistry arent good, i will definitely say ‘annyong’ hehe.

    goodluck to woobin. wow, finally.. male lead title dude!

      • Seems u don’t follow Naver, there were many articles about this drama on naver till now, they even had not started shooting but were mediaplaying about KWB’s impact on selling it in highest price to china which wasn’t true, I think the highest price record is still for Pinnochio cause Saimdong is sold 270 million per episode.

      • @ ??!!

        Scarlet Heart:Ryeo take the highest price record of $400,000 per episode.

  9. A melodrama which takes place during the winter months….I don’t understand why they don’t wait a couple months more to broadcast this. Even a September/October broadcast would make more sense.

    • Exactly, i came here to write the same thing. The timing is way off. It’s pre-produced so they could easily wait till at least the fall and start hyping it up a few weeks before it airs. But whatever…

      Anyway, I’m pretty neutral on both the leads and most of the cast so I’m really hoping the show is actually good. There’s no way I’m watching a melo set in wintertime at this time of the year unless it’s riveting.

  10. It will be just like goodbye mister or jackpot i don’t like those kind of stories it makes me sick but i’ll try to watch it for my baby suzy even if she is not that great of an actress she is adorable and i like watching her will see

  11. koala, the photo says don’t upload to other sites other than dc kim woo bin gallery. i think it’s disrespectful to whomever took the photo.

  12. Nothing wrong to media play (or hype marketing) about this pre-produced drama. It’s the way doing business. I laugh at the purist concepts that mock marketing strategy that may contribute hugely to commercial success of a drama. I’ll definitely watch UF bcos I’m really curious how pre production could have impact on drama quality besides my respect to the writer. Thank You and Nice Guy were well received by viewers and critics at the same time. I don’t really like the pathetic character of kang Maru (Song Joong Ki’s character) and the darkness of Nice Guy. But the writer has a knack to get you hooked up with her plot emotionally. She is skillful. I was indifferent to the main leads in the past. Specifically I hate almost everything in the Heirs including the characters. Since a lot of ppl rave about KWB, therefore I’m gonna check out this drama to see if he’s really good.

    All the comments doubting the chemistry between UF OTP remind me of similarly negative comments about Song-Song couple before DotS was aired. Ironically the chemistry of DotS OTP is now considered a pivotal factor for the huge hit of DotS. So why don’t ppl just give KWB and Suzy a break and wait until the premiere. It won’t be too late for you to grind your ax after you watch a couple of episodes if you really don’t feel them.

  13. BTW, anyone can tell me how Ji Sung’s Entertainer doing? I watched ep 1 but not really interested. Is it getting good with more episodes?

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