Liu Shi Shi is Effortlessly Parisian in New Fashion Pictorial for L’Officiel Magazine

Marriage becomes Liu Shi Shi like an already beautiful woman getting a slight tweak makeover to add another layer of charm. She’s been a fixture on the Chinese fashion circuit for years since her breakout role with Bu Bu Jing Xin, and for this month’s issue of L’Officiel magazine Shi Shi was photographed in Paris while she was there recently for the French couture fashion shows. I love this pictorial, with Shi Shi effortlessly modeling every single pretty outfit in a je ne sais quoi quintessential French aura. It’s been awhile since I’ve watched her on the small screen but her next drama is definitely on my check out list, the modern drama Precious Youth (那年青春我们正好) with C-actor Zheng Kai from Chinese Running Man popularity.


Liu Shi Shi is Effortlessly Parisian in New Fashion Pictorial for L’Officiel Magazine — 9 Comments

  1. Pretty gal but I just dropped her clunky costume drama Imperial Doctress. Liu is very appealing, but oh the scriptwriting & some of the casting & acting in those Chinese historicals!

  2. I never get why photoshoots abroad occur inside some random room without any use of its peculiar surroundings. It’s not like there isn’t any Parisian spots worth the view. For all we’re shown this one may have taken place anywhere else but my home country.

  3. She’s gorgeous..Not just her appearance, the elegant aura she has makes her very very attractive. This is something you can’t find in many of the actress out there.

  4. Love lss! The close up, 2nd image, is beautiful! She looks badass! Would love to see her take on a strong role with a darker makeup look like that.

  5. Wow, she has matured and look effortless chic in these pictorial, very nice! I watched the 1st episode of “precious youth” and was disappointed, probably I expect much from the early stills…hopefully her next drama is better as I like the 千寻千寻 novel.

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