Victoria Song Goes Beach Princess for Bazaar China and Poised for Further Breakout with High Profile C-dramas

I haven’t liked any of Victoria Song‘s Chinese entertainment projects since she started branching out there a few years ago, after getting her debut over in Korea as a member of idol group f(x). She’s been working steadily on dramas and movies, and this may be her big year to jump to the next level thanks to some big dramas on the horizon – the filming fantasy drama Ancient Love Song adapted from Tong Hua‘s novel Once Promised, the completed filming Ice Fantasy, and the soon to premiere period drama The Chronicles of Town Called Jian. I’m most looking forward to Ancient Love Song since I loved the source novel, and hope that my lack of familiarity with Victoria’s acting due to not watching beyond the beginning of her previous dramas means that she’s been slowly improving over time and I just done know it. She is a very well known name in C-ent now and is really in that sweet spot of being from Mainland China but also speaks Korean with a firm foot in K-ent.


Victoria Song Goes Beach Princess for Bazaar China and Poised for Further Breakout with High Profile C-dramas — 27 Comments

  1. I don’t know if she can be said to have a firm foot in the acting part of k-ent, since her My Sassy Girl 2 is a resounding flop at the box office (not even 50k admissions after 3 days of release).

    • Perhaps not in dramaland. But she does have greater fame than most of K entertainer in the industry given the popularity of her idol group f(x). What I watched a C variety show with her casting filmed in Europe, quite a few Kpop fans of that country followed her around. Ppl recognized her way more than other domestically famous co-stars of the variety show.

      The fact is, Kpop may be way more popular and influential than K drama (or other Asian drama) in the rest of the world outside Asia. She may not have believable acting chops for now. But there’re reasons for her to be cast as leading lady for C drama. There are also other K actresses who can’t act but are very popular in the international community for various reasons. So I’ll cut her slack. ~ speaking as a non fan who doesn’t really like her as an actress.

    • Wow really?that’s really bad.what about in china?i heard this movie aim for chinese market.
      For me her acting is really bland but she keep getting a role in famous drama/movie bcs she’s pretty famous in china n everyone seems like her.n as far as i remember she’s popular with song qian there not fx victoria.but yeah i’m not sure about her popularity i don’t follow her n i’m not her/fx fans.

      • She’s moderately popular. She is not an A-list actress yet. And is perhaps limited by her acting skills, which still needs improvement. The movie she just released in Korea did badly, because the manner in which she speaks, is not exactly pleasing to the ears, and is worsened by her aforementioned poor acting skills.

        People like her because she comes off nice and quite in her media appearances, and from her stint on WGM. So personality seems to be going a long way in this case.

      • Chinese box office performance was poor too, according to reports – it lost out to The Jungle Book (very good movie btw) and other releases on its opening weekend. This movie is a flop in either country, I don’t know why they even tried making it.

      • I’m glad the movie flopped. LOL..Teach the industry a lesson. Stupid to think of milking on grace of the original version. The same thought equally goes to the attempt of making a sequel or a C-version of DotS. LOL

      • @doroxucci : I agree she isn’t A-lister yet but rather Rising actress. But it’s not her acting to blame. She had barely 2 dramas that aired in China. If you compared her to A-list actresses who has many drama under their spells and years of experience, it’s quite unfair.
        For starters, she is doing great but I agree she still need a lot of improvement

    • For the sake of truth, the movie did reach 50K admissions after 3 days(source: hancinema)

      That being sad, it was a bad idea from the beginning to make a sequel of a classic movie. From her interview, she was pressured to take on the role. This is was the 1st korea-china joint movie being produced under the new cultural collaboration agreement signed by the two governments in 2014. Could she have rejected it? Maybe yes, maybe not. Who knows. Her casting news came out even before Kris withdrawal, which happened in the first half of 2014. She filmed it in the 2nd half of 2014.

    • It was never meant to target Korean market.
      For her 1st movie and it’s quite low budget ( no big star actor) the movie did ok in China

  2. I was mo impressed with any of her worked but liked her outside personality and her viristy persona. Especially in invincible youth. But some run ins with her delusional fans has left a bad taste in my mouth and stopped me from ever becoming a fan. Same issue with Park Shin Hye fans.

    Still hoping she has improved and her films succeed. She has been working hard for it

    • Yep, I agree about delusional fans part. Especially from WGM shippers. Anyway, hope she can improve and gain recognition because of her talent and personality.

      • Victoria was said to be very easy going off screen and nice to work with. That may give her a lot of advantage in getting offers. I definitely loathe to become part of a rabid fandom if I wasn’t already a fan of an actor/actress from the early stage of his/her acting career. It’s nothing to be against the actor/actress personally. But lunatic fans always drive ppl away. No need to mention whom I’m referring to. It’s already obvious in Tyn123’s comment.

    • Shippers aren’t fans and most is delusional. When will people get this?
      I’m sure her fans hate them more than you.
      Don’t let them stop you being her fans.
      Victoria is inspiring!

  3. Koala, she has been casted out for so many big films due to her personality. She is quite famous for her caring, kind and generous character among her co-actors. Everyone who works with her wanna work with her again. They said, she is very pleasant to work with (cited a chinese source).
    Qian’s Mei Li De Mi Mi was a hit in China. It rates first for most of its episodes while on air. This actually means a lot to Song Qian’s popularity. Many say she has improved tons after her pair up with Calvin Chen in her first drama. People expect she will continue this tradition in her later dramas.
    Qian now pairs up with Bi Rain and it’s her latest popular work. They will start airing in June or July.

  4. Even tho MNSG2 is not doing well at the chinese box office (well at least it did past the break even point: 35M rmb against 32M rmb budget lol), she is getting quite a good review for her acting in it compared to her previous released works.
    On the other hand, so the movie is flopping in Korea. CTH couldn’t save it.

    • the thing is, grossing 35 mil RMB still doesn’t mean that the studio that made it, has made money – because the gross is usually split in half with distributors and exhibitors (the theatres), so the studio will see only half of that. Films need to gross at least 2x their budget to make back any money, especially heavily-promoted numbers like this.

      • I believe they surpassed 50 mil in China? but not sure
        Also the movie was sold for many Asian countries because she is a kpop idols I’m sure they got it covered.
        CTH knew it wouldn’t do well. And if you look at their competitors it never had a chance

  5. Also I was surprised at how “Beautiful Secret” did well in terms of ratings lmao
    The drama was heavily criticized for its bad scripting, cliche plots, over-complicated dramaticism. Her acting got a decent amount of very polarized opinions from critics. Some hated it while some loved it. But it had good ratings even after competing against “The Legend of Miyue”.

    • I think it’s because of Peter perhaps. He is quite a popular star, esp. in melodramas like Beautiful Secret. Song Qian did well actually perhaps one of her best performance with that drama. But I’m afraid to confess she still needs further improvement.

      • Also, the very very general public (housewives, aunties, and grandmas) like these kind of “cinderella” dramas lol

        Yeah there indeed was an improvement for her acting from When Love Walked In (2012) to Beautiful Secret (2015). This is not even a subjective matter because stats and numbers say so too. I agree she still has a room for improvement. Hope she succeeds in it and reaches even greater heights. She is a truthful, principled and straightforward woman with good personality and work ethic.

      • Actually BS is her 2nd drama and her 1st had very good rating too.
        Funny Peter isn’t even that big in China but let give him the credit if the drama do well. If it flopped then it must be her fault?
        Vic has strong fanbase and generally lucky when it comes to rating.
        Her acing still leave so much to be desired but girl sure has star power.
        That’s why she is cast left and right with big stars.

    • Hey don’t be mistaken when I say it’s Peter’s factor. I’m a hardcore Victoria’s fan! I just think she’s still lacking some skills in her acting and that’s the FACT. BS is her third not second. Her second with Yang Yang and the other actor, I forgot his name, has yet to be aired due to some issues with the production and channeling I guess. She got a lot of credits for BS listing the top ranking. She got two big dramas consequently and now potential to pair up with Rain. People give her fair credits in that case, I will say.

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