Taiwan Actress Besties Ruby Lin and Shu Qi Take a Fun Filled Vacation in Japan

A girl can never have too many legit girlfriends, the kind that has your back and is uber chill to hang out with. Even among stars there is a thriving behind-the-scenes groups of friends and besties, not always equal in fame or fortune but the ones that last give off such a sweet smell of friendship. TW-actress Ruby Lin has a long list of good friends in the entertainment industry but one of her besties is TW-actress Shu Qi, one of the most well known Asian movie actresses in the world. Both are super busy with their acting and producing and directing careers, but recently took a week long vacation to Japan where they were spotted by many locals and tourists even as they traveled low key. Shu Qi posted a few cute vacation pics afterwards, making me salivate to hurry up and plan my next Japan vacation. Too bad I can’t take either girl with me, they seem like such fun people to travel with.


Taiwan Actress Besties Ruby Lin and Shu Qi Take a Fun Filled Vacation in Japan — 8 Comments

    • I read it long time ago but apparently Shu Qi did Duke of Mount Deer 2000 because of Ruby, so I always wondered if it was true, but years later I found out they were in fact besties, biggest shock since they seemed like worlds apart since one was in movies the other dramas.

  1. shu qi is so pretty and how time flies…

    she does not look her age (she probably does but she still is gorgeous)

  2. Koalas, have you watched the latest drama of Ruby called Magical Space Time filming with Jia Nai Liang? I hope you will write a review on this drama. Thanks.

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