K-idol Hyuna Wows in Stunning Beach Pictorial for Sure Magazine

Leave it to K-pop star Hyuna to preview summer 2016 with a bang in one of the best swimsuit fashion pictorials in recent memory. Hyuna is on the cover and inside pages of Sure Magazine, slaying like it’s so easy to look this jaw dropping gorgeous in bikinis, and with a playful cute vibe on top of her usual overt sexiness. I’m simultaneously envious yet also grateful for her goddess level glory – we ladies may need someone to aspire to for the perfect bikini body, especially with beach season just around the corner, and Hyuna has just become my role model. She’s got all the right curves in all the right places and is unapologetic about showing it off in subtly sensual ways. Let’s always be proud of our figures and maybe work a bit harder to show it off having fun in the summer whether in the water or frolicking in the sand. Go Hyuna!


K-idol Hyuna Wows in Stunning Beach Pictorial for Sure Magazine — 11 Comments

  1. What in the world is Cube doing? If someone has the chance to shine in the American music industry is Hyuna. YG thought that CL could make it, but getting nowhere. Hyuna’s solos are successful in Korea and internationally, and she has the Gangnam Style fame, even her version was famous worldwide.
    Gorgeous Hyuna and charming. She’s an idol with her own colour.

    • As an American, Hyuna would not be big here in the music industry. What she does is nothing new over here and neither of her looks. She’d probably make it big as a mag model, but music wise, naw.

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