TW-stars Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin Announce Relationship on Confession Day 520

Hooray for 520 day, the day in Chinese-speaking countries also known as confession day since saying the numbers 5-2-0 sounds a lot like saying I Love You. A new Taiwanese top star couple is born today as Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin have confirmed their relationship. The pair have known each other for well over a decade and have worked together multiple times, most recently in period C-drama Qing Shi Huang Fei (The Glamorous Imperial Concubine) and much earlier in TW-drama Sound of Colors. This is a noona-dongsaeng romance as 40 year old Ruby is four years older than 36 year old Wallace, but at their age it’s basically negligible in life experience and maturity. They reportedly have only been dating for four months, but rumors of their relationship go back as early as four years ago after QSHF, so who knows but good luck to them!


As for how it all went down – Wallace went public first by posting on his production company weibo page that he was asking for well wishes and then tagging Ruby. She promptly responded on weibo with a heart. And there you have it, pretty new couple that warms my heart because I soooooo want them to make it work as I heart each for their acting growth and career savvy.



TW-stars Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin Announce Relationship on Confession Day 520 — 48 Comments

  1. They match really well, congrats to them! And to think that Ruby Lin had just guested on the recent episode of Happy Camp with Lin Geng Xin and Yoona which aired just earlier this month, and that episode theme happens to be a Merchant He Jiong (one of the main hosts) seeking potential grooms for his 4 beautiful daughters. Looks like one of his “daughters” managed to find a handsome potential groom after all 😀

  2. This made my day! I love this power couple so much. Seems 2016 is the year for eligible bachelor actors to find love, first came news of Hu Ge dating, now Wallace. I hope to hear wedding bells soon since Wallace and Ruby have known each other for decades, they must already have a solid foundation!

    • I don’t want to burst your happiness but I heard from somewhere Hu Ge already broken up with his girl friend. Hence he is single right now

  3. hahaha LOL..Your fan service is so efficient. Look at how soon you’ve uploaded the post with so many cute-couple pics. They look really good together and comparable on the level of both their accomplishment and fame. Hope to hear good news about them for next step.

    • OH MY GOD. I’ve been imagining them together these days because Ruby is the one that has the best chemistry with him and their physical appearance matches too. No kidding, since I just finished Sound of Colors yesterday (I skipped a lot of scenes because the plot is meh but the couple is awesome). So here’s what happened. I got really obsessed with Wallace when I watched Love Me If You Dare even if I knew him before that (and the last time I got obsessed with someone is when I was a kid and watched HYD and MatsuJun became my first crush). So this week I’ve been searching for any information and videos of him and guess what? Yesterday I found this talk show back in 2013 with him as a guest talking about his relationships with his co-stars. Now, there were a lot of rumors with Joe Chen and Ruby Lin and they talked about him always keeping silent about these rumors. So they showed him a video of Ruby Lin telling him to speak up since it’s hard for her to be the only one addressing these rumors as she is a girl too. And Wallace was going on how they are good friends. Then at the end his mom sent him a video message which is about wishing him to bring a girl to their home someday, you know marriage. And I felt that yeah he should get married now, huh, But I wanted him for myself!!!! So I feel you. I’m gonna cry in a corner now. But I had a though these past few days that if the dreaded day comes I prefer Ruby Lin to be his partner. Okay, back to crying… Here’s tissues for those who need it.

      Btw, you can watch the video: here

      • i fall in love with wallace huo too…. and of course after i watched love me if you dare. i’ve known him from TW-drama 100% Senorita but at that time my eyes and heart are for F4. Lately, i’ve been watching The imperial doctress, do you know any wallace good drama again? thaank you

      • okay, who else?!
        It’s a hard year for me, after Zai Zai, Masaya, and now Wallace too?
        oh, my childhood crush…T_T
        Why don’t they just give me final blow and announce marriage!
        No, I’m not crying and I don’t need tissue! ….

      • @kokoro I know exactly how you feel. I’ll try not to cry so let’s just get together and drink some strong ass alcohol to mend our sorrows as fellow fans whose hearts have been broken these past few months lol… There goes my dream…flying…probably never coming back. But my delusional mind gives me hope that there’s a possibility that marriage might not be the ending. My sober mind contradicts and tells me instead to wish them happiness if they are really compatible. What a dilemma! What a conundrum! – a wannabe dramatic Shakespeare.

      • Count me in girls ?????? his my first love!! Not even a week!!! Lets all cry together ???

      • tbh I really like watching Wallace huo random talk to stranger in youtube, I like the way he talks,
        I think it starts when I found his PSA clips and I find it adorable

      • @Nufazhou my recommendation for huo’s drama
        The Vigilantes In Masks
        Battle of Changsha
        Perfect Couple
        The Journey of Flower (I didn’t really like this in term of stories but if you like to see him on screen then you can try this)

  4. Wait, he has weibo account now!?!?! When I watched his interviews for the first time 2 days ago and yesterday he keeps going on an on about him not having these social media accounts since he’s a low profile and private person and I thought, wow, he’s so cool! And now he has one??? Off to search for it. Haha.

  5. Best news to come out of c-drama land!!! They look great together!! Super happy for these two! They have found each other having grown up in this business!

  6. @Nufazhou I remember Dolphin Bay and 100% Senorita but only watched a few scenes of them when I was a kid. I’m not into Chinese dramas but Love Me If You Dare became an exception, so from what I searched almost all his dramas are historical which I don’t like but according to that interview I posted, Swordsman (also a historical drama) is good and I’m planning to watch it too. Recently, I watched Honey Enemy which is a Korea-China movie collaboration with Kwon Sang Woo but Wallace wasn’t exactly the main lead there plus the movie is the typical chick flick but you can watch it just to pass time.

    • OMG he is the lead actor for both dramas?! It is my childhood dramas. I was around 7 to 9 years old at that time. O.o

      I did not follow chinese dramas after i start high school lol. How times flies. Ruby Lin is one of the famous single for life on her 40s right? There’s already news or should i say about them getting married

      • Which country do you live? ‘Cause those two dramas were airing when I was a kid probably same as your age lol. Well he was only the 2nd lead for Dolphin Bay. No, not getting married. I’m not yet ready!!!! Don’t completely crush my heart in a day when I just started getting obsessed with him a few months ago and even dreamt of meeting him one day! Haha… Huhu…

  7. Congrats to them! Weibo went wild last night haha
    They fit each other’s ideal perfectly and have been friends for years.
    I’m praying for marriage soon

  8. As a huge fan of both Ruby and Wallace, individually and together, I’m overly excited with this news. I’ve loved them since Sound of Colours, they were so goddamn cute together and their chemistry was off the chart. And then they reunited in QSHF, the drama that made them grew closer and became BFF (I watched their BTS vids more than the I watched that drama lol). At one point I was so sure that they were dating because they hung out all the time, visiting each other on the film sets, having each other’s back every time one was embroiled in a scandal. They were so natural and comfortable with each other, but Ruby kept refuting the all the dating rumours and asserted that they would never progress to something else other than best friends. I came to accept that they are one of those celebrity couples you desperately wish to become real but they would stay in friendzone forever (like Kate and Leo). So I was absolutely thrilled when I discovered this news, feeling like those years of clinging on to this hopeless ship finally pays off. I guess that a marriage announcement will follow soon because a few months ago his close friend (Simon Yam) revealed that he (Wallace) has a girlfriend and was busy preparing for a big event of his life. They are also at the right age for marriage and knowing their personalities, I doubt that they would decide to go public if it hadn’t been for something bigger.

    • At that time I thought he was just kidding. But I suppose at that time maybe Wallace is preparing to propose dating to Ruby. Hope they announce marriage soon.

    • They have been linked together for the last 10 years and Ruby had to step out to clear up the rumours at least twice a year so maybe that’s why you are mistaken lol.

  9. oh my dream cones true. my fav 2 stars together……oh….still cant believe. so happy for them.
    congrat ruby and wallace. hope to see many of their happy pix

  10. awww…another star taken! More like stars! But congrats to them! Am a Joe-Wallace shipper but since its Ruby, heck yeah I can always change ship!

  11. I want to cry because Wallace is now taken but also cry in happiness because I love both individually and together. Bittersweet tears for me, I guess. Lol. Congrats to the new and beautiful couple.

  12. Ehm since I don’t watch any of his shows. What dramas photos are those shots from? In this post. So I might wander round to skip through it. Cos’ they look so pretty together. Thank you.

    • In the first pice, it was both of them when they went into awards at 2011. At the second pics, I suppose just hanging out. At the third pics, it was from TV series Qing Shi Huang Fei aka The Glamorous Imperial Concubine

  13. I’m so pleasantly surprised by this piece of news! Just so happened that I only started watching qing shi huang hou a few weeks ago and was thinking to myself what a great looking pair of couple they make! Seriously, both Ruby and Wallace are gorgeous and equally famous. Goes to show that timing is everything. If they were to start their relationship years ago instead, maybe it won’t end well with the woman being the more successful one. Happy for both of them!

  14. omg!!! I seriously thought this would never happen. i am Soo happy for them. I really hope this one works out. I have been rooting for them forever!!! Had to be over 10 years now. I am not even a fan of Wallace much at all… But I just thought they had nice chemi and I haven’t really feel too much one way or another with ruby and her costars other than him. Love her… I hope they make it to the altar!!

  15. @kokoro I know exactly how you feel. I’ll try not to cry so let’s just get together and drink some strong ass alcohol to mend our sorrows as fellow fans whose hearts have been broken these past few months lol… There goes my dream…flying…probably never coming back. But my delusional mind gives me hope that there’s a possibility that marriage might not be the ending. My sober mind contradicts and tells me instead to wish them happiness if they are really compatible. What a dilemma! What a conundrum! – a wannabe dramatic Shakespeare.

    • thank you @you-know-who
      If it’s not because of my wound from Zai Zai and Masaya news (which is still bleeding now), I may not freak out this bad.
      anyway, anyone still remember the drama of love pentagon between Chen Qiao En, Louis Koo, Michelle Chen, Ruby Lin, and Wallace Huo few years ago?
      I do hope that this will conclude that drama.

      • Yes I hope there’s no more scandal. It hurts Wallace greatly, especially since that rumor was linked with Viann debacle.

  16. B…but Wallace’s 5 year promise with Hu Ge though. Haha that aside, this is the best celebrity couple ever. Both are very cute, endearing, down to earth (and also conveniently HD gorgeous) people.

  17. Not too happy!! LOL i just discover him lately ?Im not really into chinese drama, just avid fan from kdrama Still got of withdrawal synd. From DoTs. Ill just give it a try one of his drama “love me if you dare” then ” perfect couple” find him so hansome ? I do some research just couple of day..then again today!! GOSH!! You know that feelings you havent taste the food yet but someone steal it from your table LOL!
    Anyway Goodluck to them they look good together ?

    • I had similar experience with Fujiki Naohito long time ago.
      I was charmed by his Ryuji in GTO, make me ignore yamapi in Prodai, and completely under his spell after Love Revolution. When I found that he hold Math degree from Waseba Univ, I scream “my perfect prince!!!!”
      Then just few days later I found out that he’s taken. It’s broken me to pieces T_T

      well, I thought Ruby Lin was dating Jerry Yan. No offence to Jerry, but Wallace Hou is way hotter than him so she made good decision.

      • Im still process of acceptance ? He is first my crush in taiwan actors im well familliar in Korean dramas inlove as well before, but not in actors no more, im just bias Fan of Park Shin Hye now., i heard he date joe chen from FTLY. I hope i get over him ?… His acting facial expression eveything so catchy for me he look similar with Ji Jin hee in korea. they do similar role! His marrying age im too afraid hahaha!! But if theres a chance he can do drama with PSH that would be great ??

  18. Wallace <3. My fantasty buble just got destoyed 😆 (Let’s cry for a while). I’m really happy for them and hope everything will work out. Hoping to see wedding news in the near future.

  19. 5-2-0 in Chinese sounds like I love you?

    Is that in mandarin?

    Because that’s oo-er-Ling vs wu-ai-ni….

    The tones sounds the same, but that’s it for me….

    • It’s definitely a stretch with wo ai ni and 520 but that’s the slang. 1314 is probably the one I think that best fits it’s numbers. Lol I am too old for this texting slang. I only learned it from my younger cousins when they use LINE.

  20. The noise I just made was not human!
    I am quite happy though. The first time I actually saw both of them in a drama was Introduction of the Princess and I fell hard for Wallace myself. At least he got the girl now even if his character didn’t in the drama.

    (I’ll admit I shipped Wallace with Liu Shi Shi a lot too but then she’s married and they’re only friends anyway. Happy for all the couples!)

  21. I watch Qing Shi Huangfei years ago and keep asking her from my screen, why can’t you choose WH character???
    and now at least I get some answer, it feels good to see them together

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