Lee Dong Wook Considering Role in Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun in tvN’s Demon

Good news is coming in waves for high profile cable network tvN drama Demon (Goblin) when it comes to casting. By the fame of screenwriter Kim Eun Sook alone this drama was going to get media attention, but it’s doing a swell job of filling out the cast with my faves and/or talented actors. With Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun confirmed as the leads, Gong Yoo’s fellow mid-2000s Hallyu drama leading male star Lee Dong Wook is in talks to play the second male lead. Kim Eun Sook’s plot to work with all the smexiest Korean male stars continues unabated now that she’s potentially adding Lee Dong Wook along with Gong Yoo to her stable. I have nary a complaint with this casting other than wanting Kim Eun Sook to continue the trend of giving her second male leads their own story and love interest. Don’t waste Lee Dong Wook on a pining lovelorn role!


Lee Dong Wook is playing a grim reaper, those who bring the souls of the dead to the underworld. His character has lost her memory and ends up cohabiting with Gong Yoo’s demon who wants to become mortal and needs a human bride to be played by Kim Go Eun. Demon premieres in November on tvN Fri-Sat time slot.


Lee Dong Wook Considering Role in Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun in tvN’s Demon — 27 Comments

  1. I can’t believe this! Lee Dong Wook for 2nd male lead???? WHY????? Is KES that good for him to demote to a supporting role?

  2. Gentleman’s Dignity: 40’s
    Heirs: teens
    Descendants: 20’s

    and now Goblin: 30’s

    waiting for Kim Eun Sook’s junior and >60’s version romcom

    • The main characters in DOTS were in their’s 30s though and the guys in Goblin are supernatural creatures which means they might have a few thousands years.

  3. KES drama make actor star in china. that why LDW willing to take second lead. got a felling this drama not going to do well. KGE wil ruin the drama for sure. cfan still piss at her for blameing PHJ for CITT. so casting her as lead will be a big mistake on the pd part. they should cast YEH as lead or HJW.

    • People is clever nowadays. See what happen to SonG Hye Kyo and her tax scandal. Once she gave them good drama, people will forget what she did. Kim Go Eun even didn’t do any mistakes.

      As long as the story can attract people, I think it will get success.
      But I just hope they could get the similar age for female lead to make more mature attraction.

      • Hmm I wouldn’t compare SHK with KGE, SHK has way too much star power and way too many fans to get affected by a scandal, while KGE is not nearly as known or supported by the public as her.

  4. Kim Go Eun won’t play a grim reaper, she’ll play the human bride. She won’t be living with Gong Yoo, Lee Dong Wook will. The story is about a goblin (Gong Yoo) who lives with an amnesic reaper (Lee Dong Wook) and who’s also looking for a human bride (Kim Go Eun) to get rid of his immortality. Seriously, why can’t you do some research before you post info?

    • Yeah agree with one commenter here. Why so serious? Chill! It’s not like showbiz news is significant enough in ppl’s life to entail any research. That’s overstretched. We only need know possible cast, writer, PD, etc to get a rough picture and will find out more if we’re really interested in watching the drama. Besides, we found all kinds of incorrect drama synopses all over the place on internet. It’s not like this is a crime act to be reckoned seriously. LOL

    • I think she wrote the same thing as you did. She only wrote her character instead of his and everyone understands from the context what she meant. So yes like the others said chill.

  5. I hope the KGE will accept if those role will add to her career and know her character very well before acceptance bcz this writer doesn’t impress me at all, I don’t like the comments who are attacking her for nothing , the girl is beautiful and has charisma for her own , I hope the story itself will be good not overrating but watchable and unique 🙂

  6. fell bad for GY his first drama in a long time. he get to pair up with a actress that both korean/chinese hate. if GY smart he pull out.he too big of a star to pair up with noob actress.he need to star with actress like YEH/HJW/SHK/SYJ/KHS/KHJ

  7. this writer is a mess no matter the popularity. It just really makes me dumb for the most part and insulting me as a viewer so even if I love Gong Yoo, I just have to skip this drama since the writer is hopeless for me.

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