Suzy Experiments with 70’s Boho Look at Sunglasses Fan Signing Event

I’m super ambivalent about Suzy‘s look at the recent Carin fan signing event for the eyeglasses brand she reps. This time I can articulate the ambivalence – I don’t like the style of the outfit but like that Suzy wore it because it’s a different breath of fashion air. Suzy wore a pink off shoulder peasant shirt with wide legged light denim with a fringe hem. It’s so 70’s outdoor rock concert but the softer colors and cut suit Suzy’s face and figure, making her more throwback peasant goddess than modern day trends of super tight or super short idol dressing. The hearts of her sleeves is an extra cute finishing touch.


Suzy Experiments with 70’s Boho Look at Sunglasses Fan Signing Event — 9 Comments

  1. She looks lovely. Her delicate features don’t need the typical idol short shorts not that there’s anything wrong with that. She truly is a pretty woman.

  2. She’s lovely. She’s also wearing a pin that represents the “comfort women statue” and she has been supporting the merchandising of an organization who sells items to help comfort women. Beautiful heart.

  3. I honestly do not like the pants, but still, she remains pretty though. Like her looks aren’t dependent to what she wears.

  4. Not a fan of her, but I think she looked great in it. The 3rd pic from below is the best. She looked so free and happy.

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