Jeon Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho Sign on for Park Ji Eun’s Next Drama and Sale Price to China Already Sky High

Wowsers, everything about this upcoming drama, potential casting, and price tag potential screams new records to be set. There’s new updates on the next drama from screenwriter Park Ji Eun, her of the You From Another Star, Producer, and Queen of Housewives fame. YFAS remains her biggest hit drama to date and she managed to reunite with one lead already in Kim Soo Hyun when she brought him in to do Producer on KBS. Now she gets a chance to reunite with the other lead as Jeon Ji Hyun is in talks to do her next drama, tentatively called Legend of the Blue Sea.

Jeon Ji Hyun’s potential involvement is already known, as is the drama courting Lee Min Ho to be the male lead. It’s pretty amusing that the back-to-back hit SBS dramas Heirs and YFAS are going to mash up respective leads in this new pairing. It looks like Jeon Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho are basically confirmed as news broke that the two met with Park Ji Eun recently, and the drama has just received a purchase offer from a Chinese streaming portal that breaks all sale price records of $500,000 US dollars per episode.

I think Jeon Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho as a potential pairing makes sense from a financial perspective, and for their careers it’s not a bad idea to pick something safe and get more popularity while the iron is hot. I don’t know how their chemistry will be as Lee Min Ho is hit-or-miss for me depending on role and leading lady. I like Park Ji Eun’s writing a lot so this isn’t just putting two hugely popular stars together and calling it a day, there is real potential for a solid drama to emerge and that’s what I’m banking on if everything is confirmed soon. As for Korea, the drama will reunite Lee Min Ho with PD Jin Hyuk who directed him in City Hunter, as well as being broadcast on SBS, as expected.


Jeon Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho Sign on for Park Ji Eun’s Next Drama and Sale Price to China Already Sky High — 81 Comments

      • Brilliant Legacy, Prosecutor Princess, City Hunter, Master’s Sun, Dr. Stranger

      • @smh. Thank you. That looks pretty solid a resume for a PD. Dr. Stranger was a mess. But all the other dramas were pretty decent or even brilliant! I’m really happy for LMH to take this project with top-notch leading lady, writer, and PD combined.

  1. LMH – miss, JJH – hit or miss, PJE – hit or miss. That’s for me. But drama would be wildly popular anyway. Good luck.

  2. If only they were aired at the same time as Suzy and Kim Woo Bin. Throw in imaginary Shin Min Ai and Kim So Hyun drama to the mix.

    That be one to look forward too.

    The drama of dramas would be awesome.

  3. Finally LMH got real actress who can really act. Earlier LMH alone make it hit specially drama like heirs and Bof.

    • lool. KSH fans suffer from Megalomaniac. When has shorty ever been first spot anywhere? KSH fans believing to much of the mediaplay keyeast is bombing and spamming out

      • I don’t know about you, but Kim Soo Hyun is 180cm. He is definitly not a shorty (this comes from a LMH fan).

      • KSH fans suffer from megalomaniac? Lmfao. Such a typical stupid comment from a typical stupid minoz after all this time! Why keep bullshitting while you can never show the evidence of keyyeast’s mediaplay? If u want a list of when this so-called shorty has ever been first spot, I will show you, hope this can shut your ass up once and for all.

    • LMH is a hallyu star and does not need to ride on jjh or any other person they are a team ..and he has always been on top since 2009 and not only in china but all over asia,his achievements speak for him(check weibo)not some china poll lol.

  4. Lee Min Ho mostly remain unlucky to take burden of drama alone in past, where his lead actress ride on his fame. Happy finally he is able to divide burden equally. As alone he can make CH and heirs big so this drama surely gonna hit as it have both good actor and good actress who can really act.

  5. But to me, it JJY is the one who can act….LMH?, I cringe each time I see his acting.

    Anyway, I am sure this drama may be a hit in China, knowing how much they like LMH. Throw LMH in and all will be a success.

  6. I think everyone has their own preference in an actor’s style of acting, LMH in gangnam Blues proved to me that he wasn’t just a pretty face and he is a solid actor about the same level as KSH and SJK.
    I would also have to say He and JJH are on the same level of acting skills if I had to judge her only on her drama and movie with KSH (only two of her works I have seen). She oozes in charm and is decent but I would hardly call either of them great actors to a Jo In Sung or Yoo Ah In or Kim Hee Ae’s or Kim Hyung Joo level

    • Some people will always try to hide the truth which is nothing else then LMH being phenomonenal actor. He connects massively and passionately with the viewers and fans. Thats all you need to know to judge

      • +1 to bae. @Lolol..Were you comparing KSh, SJK, LMH, and JJH to JIS, YAI, KHA, or KHJ? I’m not sure from your English whom you’re comparing with whom. For me, These actors/actresses all have their own styles, strengths,and also flaws. Basically, movie acting is different from drama acting due to different shooting focus and setting. I would not say the latter group outperform the former in general. To me, JIS and YAI both have tendency to overacting. And I cringed at some of Kim Hee Ae’s on screen presence too. I’m mostly indifferent to KHJ. So, that’s your personal opinions these 2nd group of actors are at higher levels. LOL..LOL…. Let’s chill!

  7. Really so sick of the comment from LMH fans. It seems that all of her previous female leads had zero contribution on the dramas/movies’ success which makes him put all burden. Yes, he is popular but good teamwork, good writer, and good PD that make one drama becomes hit.

  8. So happy will watch this drama wilh ease unable to watch heirs because of lead actress her acting is so bad, alone lmh saved it and on this drama i can bet this will be hit

  9. I used to be so mesmerized by LMH in City Hunter and Faith. But the Heirs jinxed it all for me. I quit watching after a few episodes but eventually decided to drag through the last episode just to watch how LMH ended up. After that this charismatic actor has seemed to lose all the sparks to this fan. It appears the Heir black hole mercilessly sucked in all the shining star energy from LMH. LOL…I remember in an interview he said that he just wanted to do an easy drama after so much hard work in action genres (without using any stunt doubles) and therefore he picked the Heirs as his following project. I consider that a bad decision for him acting wise. I’m still nostalgic about LMH in City Hunter and Faith. I’m sure his new pairing with JJH will bring back all the buzz around him again. But I’m not so much for JJH’s acting style. All I’m impressed so far is how she carried MLFAS along with her unique rom com style and made her leading man a super star outside S. Korea. LMH is already famous (I think more than JJH) internationally including China of course. So he doesn’t need his leading lady to claim popularity that other K actors are still craving for. But I really like to see him advanced in different acting range, something unexpected so that I’m not only able to say I’m charmed by his on screen charisma, but am also confident to say he’s an actor with acting chops in the same league as Song Joong Ki, Lee Jong Suk, and even veteran actors such as Lee Bum soo, and Jang Hyuk, etc.

  10. Funny reading the comments of LMH fans more than the article itself. Isn’t Praise him to the moon is not enough..?! But bashing his lead actresses who are not even related to the article. Lmao.. Sick mindset..

    • Lol.. I was looking forward to this drama solely because of jjh even though her costar LMH’s acting is cringeworthy.. but seeing his fanatics comments always ruins it.

      • Oh now I remember you Lolz from the park shin hee and Kim are won thread
        You came back and felt offended because my comment saying I dislike psh in heirs , and immediately criticized Lmh to satisfy your vengeance
        I’m not Lmh fan so I’m not offended
        As I do agree his acting is just okay
        I like watching him just for visual effect because he is darn hot and I’m female ,
        So chill Lolz

    • No one bashed PSH and why you so emotional coming back with insults. try to understand not everybody posting is LMH-fan but they could perhaps be only PSH haters..

  11. The first pic, both have nearly the same lipstick shades. Definitely a better a for / tv star than LMH could have been roped in.

  12. Not my ideal pairing, since I can’t quite see them together as a drama couple and his acting is a miss for me, but hope the drama will be good for her sake.

  13. Call him mediocre,cringe worthy,overrated etc but truth still remains that he is huge and many people will eat up what he is in and adding jjh in the mix makes it more perfect.
    Funny how people call heirs a shitty drama and always bully the cast but it is still one of the most popular kdramas with a huge following and the leads became even more popular with it. and to some minoz here,all his leads worked hard and they all carried the previous dramas equally no need to start fanwars and to fans of other actresses on here please stop generalizing his fandom not like you all don’t have bad eggs and fanatics in your fandom.

  14. I have been waiting and waiting for none-other then Actor Lee Min Ho… We should all support the ACTOR-Nim.

    1. First of all his a great actor

    2. His a great guy and a very nice human being who is honestly worth the support he gets. So Please lets show our support to LMH because his worth it

  15. I can’t believe this to are going to act together..

    I missed all of his dramas and finally having him back on the screen will spark life once again

  16. I forgot to ask. Anyone knows when this Drama is going to air because I have to mark it down so that I don’t miss it

  17. Jeon Ji Hyun – check
    Writer – Check
    Director – Check
    Lee Min Ho – hmmmm…

    I’ve only ever liked Lee Min Ho in City Hunter. Other than that he’s seemed overrated to me. I can’t exactly imagine the chemistry either. But the three plus points are enough to get me excited for this drama. Hopefully we’ll get the old LMH and not a trace of Heirs LMH.

  18. Honestly speaking there is alot of jealousy and ratings out of jealousy..

    1. This drama will likely not fly as it should have without One person and you ask why… Because the viewers love someone and then you ask why? because he has build a good report with them.

    So honestly LMH is not overrated or underrated but rather misrated due to jealousy thrown in his way.

    2. What should an actor do? what do you seek from him? isen’t that to connect with the viewers as good as possible he can? Well guess what thats what lmh do best. then what do you question him for? what do you want him to do? He never begged the viewers to like him? if that is the problem you hold against him.

    Because to my knowlegde everything he has done is textbook and honestly speaking this is serious talk. so instead of being a parrot how about taking a qualified dig at him if you dislike the person that comes off quite realistic to our intelligence because a bad actor his not and far from it.

    And actully on the contrary his phenonomenal as an actor if you follow and look at the right criteria and he made every single of his work count as what he was suppose to do and even overachieved. You can’t really ask much further then that of someone in his field.

    I have never seen more conspiracy theories in my life before then in the K-world. there is no factuality everything is based on conspiracy. Where someone who has no connection with the viewers whatsoever in his entire life can be held as good actor because most of these saying haven’t even watch him or her.

    • I completely agree I have never taken his critics serious because they are way off.. Like seriously way off and not even close to the target. These are rather fighting words and thats how I view it and never really reply to them. There is just not much intelligence behind it that makes no intelligently sense whatsoever

  19. seriously people who are saying LMH alone took all burden and his actress ride on his fame are all wrong. BOF was his first hit drama but Ku hye sun 2nd hit drama her first hit drama was Pure heart yeah its true bof make GHS LMH and all ppl who work in it big star, but in BOF no one ride on LMH fame so clear this thing i am not saying this as GHS fan we all know what bof have given to him. About LMH other dramas actress, i have not watch them so can’t comment but i did watch Heir and blaming PSh in that drama is not right, she was portraying character according to script, if her character demand her to cry a lot so its not psh fault. I am not saying in every drama LMH have no credit he have and so does other ppl who work in it. so we need to respect that.
    About this drama Best of luck to LMH and if story sound promising to me will sure watch.

  20. As someone who is extremely neutral I would like to have my say on this matter.

    I Don’t watch alot of Asian movies/series but I do watch slowly here and there but mostly I watch alot of Movies/Series on netflix and it dosen’t matter which country or langauge because if it’s good then I will watch.

    Sometimes great actors arrive and pop-up thru different decades and they only pop-up thru the passion and love of the viewers-Audience example great actors-acresses like elizabeth taylor, Al-Pacino, angelina jolie, Johnny Deep etc etc. they came all thru the same Channel and not based on conspiracy theories or assumptions as someone mentioned above but reality and actully all the great big actors-actresses in the world came thru the passion of the audience. So in that sense LMH if you consider factuality and forget about assumptions. He came thru the passion of the audience and being able to charm into them and that is a quality that has separated reality from assumptions thru time. In the magnitude he arrived and popped up from an area where the main langauge is not even english is amazing and It would be his right due to be considered a great actor because thats what he did he came thru the passion of ppl.

    Everything that comes up in life at certain time has a meaning and nothing comes up without the ppl taking passion in it. So in that sense his the product of passion that came and lasted for awhile now. so is he a great actor definitely he meets all the qualifications and It was not a cult following but rather a widespread phenomenon

  21. @Indie

    Well said.

    That pretty much sums up everything in a truthful way that can’t argued against.

    I’m of the opinion that his actully alot better then given credit for and somehow it’s a crime against the cinematic art. His been nothing short of phenomenal thats the striking truth there is really nothing more to it.

    I think the reason you see these comments drop is nothing else jealousy because they can’t stand to see someone actully acheive in his profession and have things flow his way. It’s envy on display

  22. I have been waiting for this casting news to be confirmed and finally we are going to see LMH and JJH huge fan of both.

    I miss them both since I’m actully one of these who liked them both even before they acted to together or paired together.

    I guess it’s going to be a great show. besides that LMH is definitely strong actor perhaps one of the best I have watched and I can say I enjoyed watching

    • Yes according to news report. It wasn’t expected DOTS would be such a huge hit since SJK wasn’t yet considered a Hallyu star before DOTS was aired although he’s already well recognized in S. Korea. Even other K dramas were offered higher prices than DOTS to be aired in China before. But DOTS is still considered the most profitable K drama commercial wise. Other K drama productions don’t reap any gains after the drama was sold to foreign countries. Once it’s sold, it’s sold. All the profits they earn are out of price for buying broadcasting right. Nonetheless, by contract that is different from typical terms and conditions, DOTS production is continuing to share profits with foreign broadcasting/streaming sites as long as viewers are still viewing the drama. What a clever production team and investment strategy.

  23. They are writing as if the heirs is shinhye first hit,when the drama was her 3rd hit,and if you guys know dat lmh always share the burden alone in his drama,inform his agency to let lmh be acting both male and female lead character so that other people won’t ride on his fame.
    I don’t know that why people don’t respect their oppa costars.

    • @ Leo are you serious or did you live under the rock
      Are u kidding me
      Oh plsss he rose his fame after BOF , and city hunter
      in fact people including me watched heirs because he is in it thousands fan girls care less about Psh
      “If it wasn’t psh , lmh still looking for his first big hit …blah blah blah “your psh sucks in heirs” , I want to be quiet and don’t want to start the fight again but you crazy psh fan girls just freaking annoying me

    • Explain this

      Lee Min Ho has been a hit in China for a long time now, since BOF, and even more so after City Hunter. He is the longest running Hallyu star of this new crop. I can almost say that if it wasn’t for him, this new Hallyu craze would have never started in China.

      • Lee Min Ho introduced me to K drama through City Hunter and Faith. Although my bias is Song Joong Ki, but I have to fairly admit that LMH has been the hallyu king for years. Idk what these delulue PSH fans are rambling about. I watched the Heirs bcos of LMH but PSH totally turned me off. This PSH fandom seems to have the most delusional fans about their bias.

  24. Lee min ho is going to ruin this drama just as much as he ruined perfect match with son ye jin for me. Guy can’t exude chemistry. Jun ji hyun will only be burdened to act with him. I just hope this guy will not do some underhanded tricks to jjh just like what he did to psh.

    • Do you mean the ‘forced’ kiss he sprung on PSH in Heirs? I think he was instructed by the PD so at the most, you can say he was in cahoots with the director. I blame the PD for that abhorring act and LMH to a lesser extent. He wasn’t a rookie and has enough clout to say no to the PD. Even if he felt compelled to, he could have been less aggressive in that kiss. He was eating up her mouth and sucking life out of her. It’s not so much bad intention and more of misdirected.

      Heirs ruined LMH for me. Like many, he was one of the first Korean drama actors which I have been exposed to. It didn’t help that I found him more and more meh as I discovered many others who are much better than him in acting. Heirs also made me averse to PSH, the writing definitely played a part as their characters were terrible. I do however think LMH’s acting made Kim Tan worse. He could not redeem the character because he simply didn’t have the ability to emote and win empathy from viewers except for his die hard fans. I didn’t finish Dots, I don’t like KES and her alpha males but at least Song Joong Ki is a lot better than LMH. I can’t just blame KES totally for making Kim Tan one of the worst protagonists in kdramas.

      • Lol an opportunist commenting. Heirs was good for their careers and on the contrary of whatever you said

      • If you bother to read or can read, you’d noticed that I did not say anything about the impact of Heirs on their careers. I speak only for myself and maybe for those who were turned off by LMH because of Heirs.

  25. I dont understand why lmh and psh fans always fight. They are friends in real life, not asking for support but at least respect each other. When the news came out that they will have a drama together, both fandoms were super happy. Its really nice to see it. But after the drama ends, they suddenly became enemies. Why? Because the drama got hate? The Heirs really ruined both lmh and psh’s image. Both got hated badly but its not really their fault. Their characters were not well written, the writer made their characters boring. Dont be bothered to those hateful comments about them. For me, the drama is not that bad. Its just that you are brain washed with so many hateful comments but the truth is, I saw alot of people who liked it. Its just that we cant please everybody because people have different tastes. Stop the hate and blaming. Despite the hate of the drama, no one cant disagree that The Heirs is a big hit and lmh and psh became even more popular because of this. Lmh got 10 million followers on weibo in just 4 months (nov-feb) because of this drama. This drama is the reason why he became the #1 most followed korean star on weibo. Even psh got even more popular too as she became the most followed female korean celeb too. So please dont be brain washed with all the hateful comments they got. The Heirs still made them even more popular thats the thruth and I saw alot of a new fans of them because of this drama.

  26. Is lmh fandom really okay,from Kim soo hyun to park shin hye!!!!is this jealousy or what?why can’t they just praise their bias without dragging others down to full their oppa page with comments,this is pitiful and min ho too is pitiful to have such a fandom,I hope the bad eggs will be remove soon cos he don’t deserve rude fans like you who got him hate

  27. I always thought lmh is still the most popular Korean actor but not the most liked Korean actor and I know his fans cause it,hope you guys can change and stop bringing hate to him,he did not deserve it,he is a good person

  28. I always thought lmh is still the most popular Korean actor but not the most liked Korean actor and I know his fans cause it,hope you guys can change and stop bringing hate to him,he did not deserve it,he is a good person
    And this hate have been going on among Minoz towards Kim soo hyun,and some fangirls also bash park shin hye,even though lmh have bof and city hunter, heirs still remain his biggest hit just like shinhye too,but any1 knows the reason why they are bashing Kim soo hyun?

    • You don’t need to lie into our faces to explain something to us.

      Minoz are not hating on KSH or PSH and to be fairly honest Minoz don’t hate on anyone but it’s the other way around. You can go and see KSH and PSH articles no Minoz or any antis in that matter but they are all after LMH articles. Just following his tag. This has been going for years it’s nothing new for Minoz we are use to the envy thrown his way

  29. The ratings are going to soarrrrrrrrrrrr. It doesn’t even matter because of the two leads. I will totally be watching it too.

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