Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won are a Visual Match in First Drama Still and Teaser for Doctors


Even expecting Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won to be a good drama lead coupling in upcoming SBS Mon-Tues drama Doctors, even I’m surprised at how compatible and complementary they look onscreen in the first official still of the pair. Kim Rae Won looks mature in a youthful way while Park Shin Hye is older enough now to be believable as a surgical resident.

It helps that Kim Rae Won’s hairstyle is professionally perfect for his role as the surgical chief of the department while Park Shin Hye’s bangs are to-die-for even to someone like me who eschews bangs for side swept long locks. I’m thrilled she’s picked this project to work with an older actor, Moon Geun Young and Kim Rae Won were a total win in My Little Bride and now it’s Park Shin Hye’s turn to work with this quietly charismatic and intense actor. So excited for this!


First teaser for Doctors:


Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won are a Visual Match in First Drama Still and Teaser for Doctors — 140 Comments

  1. O.o, I can’t wait to watch this. She looks refreshing in this role. I like what I see so far and lol I didn’t think KRW can look so happy/young. πŸ˜€

  2. I have to admit this teaser looks really interesting even I’ve been considered an anti of PSH by her rabid fans. LMAO! I like how she yelled her guts out and badass martial art exploding. I will watch this drama not only for KRW, but to see how PSH will be possibly transformed into an actress I have no qualms about. Don’t jump over me again, you lunatic fangirls. This is literally a compliment to your bias. LOL

    • I agree , I never like park shin hye , I’m allergic to her in Heirs , and for some reasons I just don’t feel connection with most of her characters that she delivers
      But I will watch this because of Kim Rae won

    • Haha.. I just laughed reading your comment. Usage of rabid fans, lunatic fans etc.. Tell you what.. jus came from reading ur bias lmh’s article and those are the same thoughts i thought of you and your fellow LMH fans who particularly were trashing the previous lead actresses (esp PSH) of LMH. Anyways.. I don’t follow this site much so i don’t know what you were called or what you commented about PSH before to be considered an anti.. But i hope ur perception of PSH changes for the better. Cheers.

      • LOL Ikr?
        At this point I think most Shinhye fans just try to ignore her obsession to Shinhye lol
        I really don’t care if she likes her but if it makes her to say less salty thing then sure haha
        It’s just annoying especially she is much worst.

      • @haha

        I don’t visit the site much so i don’t know abt the above commenter.. I am just saying in general. Read jjh and lmh’s article before coming here and majority of minho’s fan(including the above two commenters drama2016 and ta) were trashing/supporting the trashing comments) about his previous lead actresses particularly shin hye who have got nothing to do with the said article. I think its ironic when such ppl go and preach or name call others.. Minho fans and shin hye fans used to be so amicable before..wonder what happen now though..or maybe the ones in these sites comment in such a way or whatever.. I am sometimes confused though.. whether those ppl hate the character cha eun sang she played or park shin hye herself.. Its sad actress have to get flak for bad writing but oppas are excused..

      • @Tulips It’s funny isn’t it? She usually trashes Shinhye and her fans when she is much much worse. To her PSH is only popular thank to her talented flower boy biases, that included JYH who acted with PSH in Heartstrings and He’s beautiful. So it’s not just Heirs’s role that makes her hate shinhye for sure. Because I remember she blaming her to ruin HS too when she was basically the one that carried that drama and the BTS was a huge mess. And she forgot some of those guys were nobody before acting with her… haha

        People usually confused about the bad-written roles and bad acting sadly especially when it comes to actresses. With the guys they would defend at least he is hot etc… But when it comes to actresses there is no mercy.

        Actually as far as I know LMH and PSH fans getting along. There are some bad ones like her and others but majority of their fans supporting each other especially Kfans. In fact I was surprised how much cheer shinhye got at his movie compared to other actresses.

      • @tulip omg calm down , did I ever trash her omggg where exactly my comments made you think I trashed her , no wonder there was comment saying about lunatic fans !!
        I just said I dislike her and did not feel connection with her characters
        So by saying that I’m associated with trashing about her performance !! Hello !! Pls don’t be so sensitive

      • Hey Yo kiddos! Cool seeing you again! That’s exactly what I expected so that I made a disclaimer first in my commet…LMAO LMAO LMAO LMAO…hahahahahaha….You rabid fangirls would never sit quietly without tackling anyone who’s being honest about your bias’ flawed acting skills. BTW, LMH is not my bias. KRW is not my bias either. I just happened to like some of their dramas and like them as actors in those dramas. Should I reiterate again and again and over again? My one and the only one bias has been Song Joong Ki since years ago, staying the same, and has never changed.

        BTW, Heart String is 99% a wasteful crap in drama land. And I won’t give a dang b*llsh*t to Jung Yong Hwa’s lousy acting in HS even His CNBlue is among my favorite Kpop groups. So, when did I ever blame HS’ flop on PSH alone? LOL…In your face I’m telling you emotionally wrecked lunatic fans. I’m being fair when it comes to acting. Acting is acting. If it’s not good, then it’s not good. Period! I won’t just dumbass flatter someone like JYH whom I like and respect as a musician. Get the facts straight! Same goes to your bias PSH. If she delivers, then I applaud. If she continues with the same dull and monotone acting streak as many of her prior dramas, then expect blunt criticism to keep coming out of me.

        This just proved how ridiculous and nonsensical and how many unfounded speculations about me in your long ass responses. LOL…It’s all because I, along with many other K drama fans, don’t give a sh*t to crappy acting.

    • Hello again seriously I see the same from you when your bias got offended I don’t care if about your feelings toward her acting but of course we are so rapid on who offend her continuously .

      • @Drama 2016
        I hope you remember me with my opinion of SHK’s delivery in Descendants. You were so opposed to my saying she did not deliver, remember? So ironic that you are now preaching what you refused to practice. People, including you and me, have differing opinions about these topics, and it is as natural as the acting of your bias (in your opinion, if you get my gist) so why do you think your opinion matters and is right over others? Now tell me why I shold not call you hypocrite. If you tell me you are an authority on this industry, I will concede. But if you tell me again that you are a regular here and happens to just write more comments that most, then I rest my case.

    • Thank you for your literal compliment. The mere fact that you acknowledges #ParkShinHye’s potencial is enough, thank you. Your overall support to #Doctors is greatly appreciated.

      Fan of Miss Park Shinhye
      Definitely not rabid and not lunatic πŸ™‚

      • Thanks for your nice words and your rational attitude is so different from average PSH fans I came across at this blog site, to be honest. Ppl can’t read the plain English when others are simply critical of their biases’ acting without taking it personally. SAD! I’ve been critical of PSH’s acting for the reasons she is more popular than many talented actresses but indeed she’s still got A LOT of space to improve. But fangirls get all worked up because not everyone agrees with them about her acting skills. That’s my opinion.

    • @Drama2016: LMH isn’t talented compared to many actors at his age but he is much more popular too. It’s because his dramas sell. Same with PSH.
      We don’t mind you criticize her if you can be fair and square but you aren’t.
      You act like all your biases are acting gods when they aren’t while bashing other actresses.
      Anyway, I hope you enjoy this drama. But you liking her or not doesn’t really matter.
      We don’t talk shit about LMH or or bias. I hope you can do the same

      • Hey yo! If you’re ever patient enough to read through all my comments and get my logic of reasoning. Again, let me remind ppl of my one and the only one bias – SONG JOONG KI, the deep rooted king, the nice guy, the werewolf boy,and the big boss. No other biases. Period!

        My criticism is based on my own observations and views about acting. Like many drama fans including you and fans of PSH, we all have our own preference. We can be critical of whoever based on our own preference since performing art by nature is and must be subject to criticism and public scrutiny. What’s so wrong with me and other ppl doing that to your bias but not when you guys also examine other actors/actresses under macroscope? Don’t hold double standards!

    • I respect your views and even read each of them! You totally have rights over them.
      My only objections is the accompanying name calling and sweeping statement about whole Shinhye fandom of which I am very much a part. Those definitely do not apply to the majority who are neither rabid nor lunatics. ( name callings/sweeping statements are my pet peeves irrespective of where they are coming from within or outside the fandom)

      Today’s view about the teaser actually has my hopes raised that you may actually start liking Shinhye as an actress too. Compliments coming from you specially were like music to my ears. πŸ™‚

      I will look forward to that event and the hope to continue reading your comments and……..hopefully without the unnecessary bit??? Maybe… can actually write it down to let out your steam on certain individuals but then edit those parts? Thanks! πŸ™‚

      • I respect whoever respect me but may return eye for eye depending on how responses keep aggravating me. The name calling are intended for those who dished me first just because I used to honestly spell out my bare thinking about PSH’s acting that’s mostly not up my alley so far. I did constantly praised her for her huge improvement in Pinocchio. But a HUGE cohort of PSH fans simply overlook my positive comments and reside their resentment on my criticism. The responses of these nut girls (specifically some school teens) fit exactly the pervasive syndromes of lunatic or so-called rabid fandoms (popular in Kpop). That’s why. I never labeled fans of other K actors/actresses such an infamous characteristic even when we disagree with each other, but only for PSH’s crazy fans. And I believe many K drama fans also don’t have qualms about my opinions about PSH’s fandom. Your fandom is indeed notorious. If your fandom has more rational fans as you claim (and I believe there’re many out there watching quietly), just step out to tame down your fandom’s rabid fellows. Unfortunately most of the time, these banana monkeys are much more vocal than others. LOL

      • @Drama 2016 :Your disrespecting tone to the fandom one of reason I won’t respect your opinions … banana monkey really you want to criticize but according to your rules (insulting others one of them )

      • @Drama2016 – I think you repeatedly keep referring to me as one of the “school teens” who somehow in your mind disrespect you when you are called out on mean talk/writing. I have never been disrespectful and never will be but I don’t like the way you are so mean and hateful toward PSH. That comment does not a rabid fan make. You have used language toward me in comments from other articles that borders on actionable language toward a minor. If I have at any time disrespected you, then you have my apology. I will no longer respond to anything you write because it is a repeat each time although you state how you are just being honest. I don’t find it helpful to constantly criticize actors/actresses on a personal level as you do while blaming anyone and everyone who responds by telling you how they feel. I write this time only to clear the air for me and to tell you that you really should tone it back a bit. No one takes you seriously anymore. Ever wonder if should you one day be in a law suit where you have to prove you don’t talk smack about people that all the crap you have said toward others on here that disagreed with you might come back to prove you do hold grudges and talk badly about others?
        And to clear one statement I didnot diss you first you called me many things and none nice. If you are a responsible adult as you say then you wouldn’t carry on as you do in a public forum. Enough said.

      • Nilechocolate and Class2018 are in my blacklist of rabid fans. When you fangirls see speck in others’ eyes, why don’t you see log in your own eyes? And this is not the first time a minor like you using law to blackmail me. Do your homework first and get your knowledge straight! I clearly recall how you lunatic girls dissed me up by defaming my education and my characters simply bcos I don’t fall in love with you bias PSH. BTW, better stop responding to me bcos I’m extremely fed up with you kiddos and don’t have interest in playing word games with a bunch of school kids.

      • @Drama2016 : Black mailing you are you crazy I don’t have time for you ???
        Even accusation without evidence seriously you are living in your own drama and thinking the others attacking you……
        2nd if you have something show it and please stop that game you are playing

      • haha I’m talking about class2018’s b*llsh*ting law. LMAO. Read all the comments including your lunatic kiddo peer’s before getting back to me.

      • Sigh is all I can say… doesn’t matter what any of us say it will never be taken as such for those who wish to put down fans and actresses/actors will do so with a thin veil of self-righteousness. It always comes across as juvenile and demeaning. It’s a non-ending war of words with no winners.
        So…..As a fan and someone wishing to see PSH in another drama, I think this drama will be interesting and worth watching. And as for anti-fans and other such I will just ignore from now on.

  3. God, I’m so excited for this. The teaser make me want to watch this drama NOW. How can I wait till 20 June???
    Park Shin Hye and kim Rae Won look perfect together

  4. Nice teaser..They are cute the older man younger woman type of drama..Shinhye is very actress and no doubt with Kim Rae Won.I hope this drama will be succesful

  5. Wowwwww! I can’t wait for this drama!!! Been waiting for teasers since forever! They look amazing together. Kim Rae Won just keeps looking better and better with age! Gah, he’s a sexy man! PSH looks great in this badass role too. Very excited for this!

  6. OMG they are so freaking HOT together! I so cant wait for it to air! Kim Rae Won really looks good, I hope they will have lots of romantic scenes, cuz they have superb chemistry in this trailer.

  7. Bangs now latest trend? Song Hye Kyo, Suzy, Park Shin Hye and Han Hyo Joo all have same hairstyle in their resent dramas. Where is variety?

  8. Shin hye is slaying is all i can say.. I was already excited seeing fantaken photos and videos.. and now the teaser made me even more excited.. Super tough and beautiful shin hye and soft looking rae won(particularly seeing him in a romantic setup and also he is looking younger than ever) has gotten me so excited. The two look beautiful together. Sizzling chemistry. So looking forward.

  9. Don’t give a damn about the haters. The truth is Park Shin Hye looks totally different in this teaser. She ain’t no ‘candy teenage girl’ in this role. Why are ppl still talking about Heirs??? Salty that she has moved on to better co-star than your Oppa?

  10. Shin Hye does look good in that kicking action….seen that she is athletic by the way she throws a pitch but anyone knows if she practices martial arts? Being one makes it easier to believe of her gangster character. She is one actress who I can believe can really kick people’s butt when I saw her breaking those tiles on you tube! KRW gained some weight and looked the freshest I’ve seen him in a long time. These men keeping themselves too slim sometimes ages them, also loved the hairstyle….bangs for PSH but please no for the men, only 3 year olds boys should be allowed to wear them!

    • @Math

      Yes.. Shin hye knows various forms of martial arts. She knows fencing which she learnt for goong drama, taekwondo(learnt when she was way too young) and also learnt judo for her movie β€œHyung” which is to be released soon. The girl is atheletic and tomboyish in real life. She loves sports so much that she recently celebrated sports day with her fans. πŸ™‚

      • That’s awesome. Very few actors/actresses can be convincing in fight scenes. It’s great how you can clearly see these moves come natural to her

    • Ah, ah , ah lol @ Math, sooo love your comments. Shin Hye really look fabulous, and the chemistry with KRW is out of this world. Finally, teasers!!!! They match sooo well. Please June 20, come soon. Dying to see my Doctors.

  11. They look good together.I like older male lead for her.He is not too old for her anyway.Can’t wait for the drama.Koala I love you comments.Both of them are great.

      • I mean we can’t used a flower boy for that role so I can’t understand about the complaints about his age

  12. Yes.. Shin hye knows various forms of martial arts. She knows fencing which she learnt for goong drama, taekwondo(learnt when she was way too young) and also learnt judo for her movie “Hyung” which is to be released soon. The girl is atheletic and tomboyish in real life. She loves sports so much that she recently celebrated sports day with her fans. πŸ™‚

  13. I don’t understand some comments who are offending the shin hye or the drama if you don’t like it just ignore it or you can’t resist so what about offending you guys are a group of pathetic you have your bias and coming her so your bias will be sweet

    • Haters gonna hate..hate..hate.. It’s funny indeed, when one considers herself critical but keep saying the bad thing without stopping, keep spreading the hate in the name of being critical. Even she defends if it isn’t hate, her words obviously reflecting that hate. Anyway, I wish PSH very good luck as she deserves more recognition.

  14. Man, this looks pretty cool πŸ™‚ Loving the fact that PSH finally picked a badass role that allows her to showcase her physical skills. I hope it’s not just in flashbacks, and her character remains consistent – it would suck if she starts out badass, only to turn into a typical Candy type. Can’t wait to see these two spark πŸ™‚

    • Actually she has wanted and even begged for action project for good 3 years now but it’s not easy as we say, even with her popularity

  15. Some Oppa fans are salty and immature. They are still stuck in the ‘Heirs’ age because their favourite Oppa doesn’t have the acting chops to change his image. He is either City Hunter or BOF, even in his new film he is back to City Hunter. He hasn’t acted in another drama role after ‘Heirs’ so they blame PSH for everything. Typical lunatic fans. PSH has acted in Pinocchio and now Doctors. The teaser is so awesome! Love it! Can’t wait to see this drama.

  16. No wonder I felt someone was obsessively after poor LMH ever since dating Suzy.

    I sense some vegenance in some PSH fans who wish harm upon our boy. Now I finally see who was after him all this time and look not a single bad comment was dropped on this article but they are busy following around LMH and dropping bad comments everywhere there is his name. Get off his back geez

    • Are you hurting?You! Here..busy following around shinhye article to dropping bad comments,shinhye no relate again with your handsome oppa,ignore.. that past must be forget

      • Never generalize negative comment given by a very few of PSH fan. Em her fan, and aiv met very supportive Minoz toward her. I can see the critics to LMH isn’t due to him dating Suzy (hello, it’s his personal life,though), rather it’s because some Minoz didn’t respect LMH previous leading ladies, including PSH, stating only him took the burden while the others rode only his fame. That’s what his fans should reflect. Just support and respect each other.

    • lol minoz aren’t bad in general but a few make a whole fandom look bad like here.
      It’s LMH’s leading ladies that make his name look bad? haha What kind of logic?
      Then he should act alone

      • MinoZ are BAD in general.. just admit it.
        so what are you doing… this article is not about you beloved bias… get the hell out!!

    • “Harm upon our boy” because he’s dating with Suzy?
      Your boy? LMH???
      you must be kidding rihgt? WHO CARE ABOUT YOUR BOY OR HIS GIRLFRIEND?
      Dont try to rise your boy’s price or any kind of his relatioship here.
      Infact, almost Starlight feel lucky when heard Suzy name is his girlfriend.

  17. The teaser just raised the anticipation of watching this drama to a new height. But , at the same time has made the waiting period worse! πŸ™
    KRW and Shinhye in one frame have been exceptional irrespective of a picture of a video…..
    20th June ……please come soon! πŸ™‚

  18. Wasn’t a fan of PSH as she just did nothing for me, but this time from the teaser alone I’m seeing some potential. I’m liking the badass character and they actually look like they’ll have chemistry together.

  19. just watch after this drama KRW will be a big star in china or japan. PSH last two drama make the lead guy big in china. PSH just have that power that make her co-star shine in china&japan.

    • The drama isn’t reproduction and not hallyu focused but he will definitely gain some attention since a lot doesn’t know who he is

    • Yes, I can definitely see that. Say what you will about Park Shin Hye but she DID brought hallyu status to a lot of her former co-actors…’s like Michael Jordan during his heydays….bringing out the best in his teammates. She is talked about, good or bad, but definitely to the other co-actors a good Name to be associated with. Why else would some random article about actor or actress mention her?? To get those clicks!! JMHO. I like her because of that image she projects, seems like a nice person. I followed The Heirs, because part of it was filmed in my hometown and because I knew LMH from his drama, but ended up in like with Park Shin Hye from knowing her real self after the drama . ?

      • She is the kind of person that getting more charming the more you know her behind the scene.

      • Actually I think that it’s the other way round. All the male characters she played with were already very popular and that is the reason why people know her. She is less than mediocre, in my opinion.

    • Sorry, ljs already big in china because ‘the mess’ doctor stranger.
      Stop being so so so proud to your bias.

  20. This first treaser is aweeesome! How can you being badass baby shinhye? I worried.. lol ??

    cant wait 20th june.. please come hurry, goodluck

  21. Honestly, I don’t understand why people make such a big deal about liking/not liking someone in entertainment. Personally, I don’t like PSH, LMH, JJH, KSH and many, many others for some reason or another, but I don’t hate them either. They just don’t interest me. But, I would still give their shows a chance; I think it’s wrong to automatically dismiss anyone. Who knows? Maybe an interesting character might pull you in. In regards to PSH, let me know when she takes on a grittier, meatier role, rather than the usual cute and sassy…or at least anything that doesn’t involve puppy eyes. Maybe, this might be it?

    • Nah, I agree. Even if u a not a fan of d actor, so long as it’s worth watching, why just don’t we enjoy it, instead of bashing the actors just because of the preference even before the show begins.

    • I have no problem with that attitude actually and I think it’s great.
      There are many I don’t care I’d never mention of them. I don’t hate them either.
      I do watch the projects if it’s good.
      But there are some people keep dragging other and their fans while they are doing the same thing or much worse…

      I think this is a good role for PSH if you want to check it out.

      • Just checked out the teaser. Not bad, not bad at all. Definitely peaked my interest. I think it’s great when actors/actresses take risks.

  22. I am looking forward to this drama. I really hope it turns out to be good as both KRW and PSH deserve a good storyline. I think PSH would do really well opposite KRW and is now playing much more mature characters. I think it’s a perfect match up.

  23. The first teaser looks promising. I’m on repeat mode. Finally my baby plays a badass role. Her punch, her defense and her stares are convincing enough for a female gangster role. KRW looks handsome and younger too. OMG can’t wait 20 days to go…

  24. The teaser video is blocked in some country, please change it to the official one from SBS please please, thank you


  26. Yeah..This is going to be a very good drama…The OTP really got me…Good work for the first teaser hope the whole drama as well..DOCTORS FIGHTING…^_^

  27. Teaser really look promising surly gonna watch it, it will be my 2nd PSh drama really looking forward to it. i really hope this drama will be well accepted by people. PSH unnie fighting!!

  28. The comment section is a mess lol,anyway this drama looks cool and i will totally check out,psh looks really badass and i love it.
    And to the person that said lmh’s fans are bad generally,i think you need to calm down lol i’m his fan and don’t have anything against park shin hye and their are lots of us who don’t hate or troll her(i mean why should we?)because few people made some rude comments against her does not make them his fans.
    Every actor and actresses is talented in his/her own way and it takes a lot of hardwork,talent and dedication to get to where lmh and psh are and not everybody can do it,instead of fighting and pointing fingers let’s just be peaceful and proud.
    Goodluck to psh and krw,hope doctors hit dabaek.

    • @Won on – you are absolutely right! I really hate all the remarks putting down actors or actresses. Most of us could care less to read those remarks. It seems to me that LMH and PSH are friends. They don’t seem to have any other type of feelings. I think most of the antis or trollers just like to get an argument started. They blather on about what makes acting great and why the actors they don’t like can’t be good or why only their biases are worth watching.
      I like to read comments about the named drama and actors/actresses in individual articles not about people they have acted with before or whether there is some sort of lingering affections because they worked together once upon a time. I liked your answer.
      I am a fan of LMH and I realize he is better in some roles than others but he just has something that makes you like to watch him.
      I like watching Shin Hye because she is more than an actress. I like her personality and how she lives her life. There are others I admire also. But I recognize that she has the potential to become a great actress. No actor or actress reaches a pinnacle that they can’t go beyond. I do think Doctors is going to be interesting and engaging.
      I don’t like the drama’s title but what can a fan do?

    • Yeah there are some bad ones here as you can see but in general Minoz are nice to PSH and her fans. Just only a few bad worms that give people wrong impression.

  29. Was scared that the chemistry wil be forced… but hell yeah… it is so THERE!!! Shrieked with pleasure at the last scene of the preview ☺ looking forward to this pairing ???

    • It’s nice knowing u keep watching her though u don’t like her.just be open-minded as every actor will always have a room for improvement.

  30. Gosh,I can’t remember how many times I have watched this teaser,shinhye is so amazing in those teaser and Kim rae won voice I can’t get over it???

    • It’s not the type of Hype drama- medical and no trendy younger leading men. Heck most international fans have no idea who KRW is. but as long the drama is good, people will appreciate it.

    • Yes, it isn’t definitely hyped and well-liked drama regarding to the genre. However, up to these days, PSH dramas are “always” received well by international fans. 3 of her dramas are in the top 5 and top 10 in china streaming website (Yo&Tu). Hearstring, which got poor rating domestically, hit daebak in Japan. As her fan, seeing her grows as an actress, challenging her self in various roles, and improving her acting are the indication of her mature and success acting. Thus, being a hit is a bonus.

    • I care about her role I don’t care about hype bcz it will be hyped already but the story and the role are more important .

  31. @honey which right do you have to wrote that the drama won’t be an hit,we shinhye fans don’t necessarily need it to be an hit,is a drama that can show her real talents to hater,get out of here

  32. Too much drama too watch this summer,so happy,I just love this pairing and shinhye fans should know that people can express their opinions but if it is getting worse you guys can fight back

  33. Too many comments,Kim rae won voice is love,hoping this drama is a good one for him cause the writer is one of worst kdrama writers

      • Even she does nail it, they will keep looking for her flaws. But I’m happy to know many of us defend her. I wish the best for ShinHye and the Doctors crews:-)

  34. Uhn the teaser looks promising but I don’t trust the writer and the pd,hope this drama can change my own perspective of the writer,fighting doctors,and please this world is big enough for everyone to support their bias without dragging down other people bias,and I don’t think they are forcing people to watch drama that they admire the leads,you watch the one you likes and ignore some,so how do this hate begin then that people keep hating on celebrity just because of one bad character written wrongly by the writer?????

  35. Haters gonna hate no matter what you do,I just love my shinhye and I will always support her drama without bringing any other kcelebs down,fighting doctors, fighting Hye Jung ,I love you

  36. Love…love the trailer. But it makes me ache for it to start. It is well cast and the chemistry of Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye is already simmering. I think it will be hotter once the drama starts. Hope it will be action packed the end coz Shin Hye shows awesome moves. is it June 20th yet?

    • Finally found you…..about time! Was thinking we will have to wait for the drama to start…
      The teaser has its multiple benefits… πŸ™‚

      • ot, @ maris,do you know what happen with psh tread? I try to open it it’s not working πŸ™ because this morning I try to open it.

  37. Hahahahaha some comment are so cringe.hahaahah can’t help to comment also
    I’m big fan of PSH but pls stop saying krw will thank shinhye one he’s got popular… Lmao
    Shinhye make her costar..bla..bla
    Wish dis drama hit daebak

  38. They look so cute together! I’m dying to see KRW in a drama again where he smiles a majority of the time and doesn’t die. PSH is looking even more gorgeous.

  39. just come back from vacay n fyi as psh fans just graduate n have my international business degree n continue to get master ( psh fans not just a kid, okay) so sad to see the hate,bashing n troll comment toward psh. And I hope they leave psh alone. she is good person in and out, and good model for young generation( finish her school, good personality, good cooking n humble person). Good luck for your drama, fighting.

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