Jang Dong Gun Films Modern Romance C-drama with Tang Yi Xin and Puff Guo


There’s a surprising new C-drama filming that starts off with landing a huge name in K-ent – A-list movie star Jang Dong Gun, one of the original flower boys, is in China filming an idol drama right now. Shocking, I know. Jang Dong Gun’s leading lady is C-actress Tang Yi Xin (Tina Tang), and he gets as second female lead TW-actress Puff Guo. The drama is iliterally called I Once Loved You, Thinking of You Makes My Heartache (我曾愛過你,想起就心酸), adapted from a C-novel of the same name.

It’s a modern drama and the age difference of 44 year old Jang Dong Gun and 26 year old Tang Yi Xin is apparently following the narrative as the love story is between an older successful businessman and a film student. I love Puff and don’t know much about Tang Yi Xin other than she looks a lot like my beloved Moon Geun Young, so with so little to go by I’m curiously interested in seeing what this drama turns into that it can lure Jang Dong Gun over, not to mention make his first drama in 4 years since A Gentleman’s Dignity.


Jang Dong Gun Films Modern Romance C-drama with Tang Yi Xin and Puff Guo — 16 Comments

  1. JANG DONG GUN WHAT?! This is a bit shocking given his status…..then again its always good to secure fanbases in as many places as you can

  2. Wow? Why would JDG…? I am always so perplexed when actors pick C-dramas over K-ones because the quality is almost always so much crappier. But money and fame is no small thing, so despite being such a big star, I suppose it shouldn’t be that shocking. I’m expecting SJK to take the leap next.

    (Come to think of it, only KSH out of all the major Hallyu stars hasn’t done a C-project, correct? Considering YFAS’s mad success, thats both gutsy and simply incredible that he has remained this relevant for almost 3 years (and much before that). Mad respect for picking projects where your voice is literally heard and you’re comfortable with the language.

    Also KWB to a smaller extent. He’s focused on Chungmuro mostly but he’s also not been lured yet. Good.)

    • I feel going to china isn’t a bad choice if they choose good projects, For example as I see from news & promotions LMH’s movie & LJS’s drama are big budget, wellmade & promising but I’ve heard PHJ’s drama wasn’t a good one or Joo Won isn’t the main lead in his chinese drama, or some actors like as JlW & ISW did or going to do web series which aren’t something satisfying.

      • LMH’s movie is definitely big budget. Not that sure about LJS’s drama. I think it’s just a normal production really. PHJ’s drama is pretty bad and JW isn’t even 2nd lead in the one he’s in. Anyway, regardless of how much money they are pouring into these productions, they never turn out well. The only successful drama I can think of off the top of my head is Bratty Princess, and ironically I’d consider it a pretty normal production as well. Long story short, in general these collaborations just suck. But hey, the money is good.

    • @kitai
      Somehow agree with what u said except I wish my biases work in more dramas even if they were chinese 🙂
      And add to your note, sometimes agencies force their celebrities to do these c-projects ( I don’t know but I read Joo Won ‘s agency has many things to do when it comes to selecting the project & also in comments about LJS’s drama I read he has chosen it because of his agency.)

      BTW I’ve just searched & read that LJS’s drama is a big budget with 400 billion wons which is enough for making 8 movies ( it was the the first in top ten list of dramas which garners buyers’ attention in shanghai tvf) but IMO the best thing for that drama is PD jin hyuk who is wellknown for his directing.

    • Nowdays chinese produced many good dramas, before I never watched c-drama,but after get bored with k-drama I switch to c-drama now. I think is not right to “labeled” chinese drama for it bad quality (not all kdrama are good either) when you never try to watch any of it ‘now’.

  3. Chinese pay 10x or even 100x of what their counterpart K ent pays to K celebrities for many activities in China. Celebrities have to make a living, feed their families,and finance their agency staff anyway. So what would you expect them to do? Starving stars? OK, never mind! I was a bit exaggerating. But 10x – 100sx is not bogus.

  4. The title sounds tacky and cheesy like many C idol dramas. Unless I get bored of K drama again, most likely I won’t be interested in even checking it out. C historical dramas have more substance to sell though, to me.

  5. Oh my goodness… Umm ok? But I get it. It pays a lot more!! And you can get much more widespread popularity. Win win for all.

    I am not sure I will watch but maybe? I tried watching Jjm’s and even with LXR – I just couldn’t watch it without a lot of ff-ing.

  6. Aw, I do love Puff so I was hoping she would return to TW dramas soon. Here’s hoping she does one as well. She always has fantastic chemistry with her co-stars

  7. …. Here is to not putting a limit to yourself, to not being afraid to explore and to not being afraid to fail. To taking risk!!!
    Ps. Imo Chinese production have come a LONG way in recent years, since I stated watching dramas I could say Chinese were my least favorite, I can’t say that anymore. <3

  8. Who is Tina Tang? I honestly would rather have Puff as the lead. I guess someone have some good connection…she better be an amazing actress or else this drama is trash.

    • I actually just looked her name up and it doesn’t seem like she was ever lead in any of her dramas except for one I think. Wonder why they chose her over Puff for lead….like I said she better be amazing to prove herself. But then again Chinese modern dramas are always horrible….so I don’t have high expectation for it.

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