Second Teaser for Doctors Plays Up the OTP Romance Potential, Then and Now

The second teaser is out for the next SBS Mon-Tues drama Doctors, and so far the drama hasn’t actually shown any doctoring in either of the teasers unless you count pretty people wearing white doctor coats. This new teaser switches the tone and perspective, from reformed former high school gangster Hye Jung to her mentor Dr. Hong Ji Hong. While the first aimed for female empowerment, who doesn’t like a story about turning one’s life around and becoming a neurosurgeon, the second piles on the first crush romance.

Kim Rae Won does a walk down memory lane when he sees a snoozing Park Shin Hye, and it turns out he encountered her back when she was a high school student so theirs might be one of those formerly inappropriate crushes that have turned just fine with the passage of time. I’ll reserve judgment on the backstory but definitely love their present day adult chemistry and interactions, Kim Rae Won’s piercing intensity matching well to Park Shin Hye’s now grown up sophistication.

Second trailer for Doctors:


Second Teaser for Doctors Plays Up the OTP Romance Potential, Then and Now — 27 Comments

  1. Thanks Koala, you are the best! I agree with your comments about reserving judgment on the backstory and love their current chemistry. They will make a beautiful OTP.

  2. I’m not sure whether to watch this drama or not, from the teaser it kinda looks good but the writer has me worrying, her previous dramas has always been shite lol

    • I think the writer won’t add too much to the winning script Female Gangster Hye Jang so wait and watch 🙂

      • Did this script get selected out of a contest or something?Hope it’s gonna be good then.I wasn’t a fan of high society either.

  3. There is a conspiracy to keep Park Shin Hye in high school uniform no matter what drama she does. She will be 50 and still in a uniform in a high school flash back. XD

    • as long as she looks good on them right?
      But I’m sure she will have child actors playing her parts in 10 years

    • Hahahaha! this comment had me laughing so hard! Whatta theory!Your sense of humor is just kinda authentic! Anyways, good that you’re on-board #Doctors, that much is greatly appreciated LOL

  4. KRW really owns this teaser.
    I like both teasers with different perspectives. Will we get 2nd leads ones too?

    And I saw a lot of talk about the inappropriate romance but they didn’t start dating 13 years later didn’t they? It’s just a harmless crush that most people couldn’t help…

    PS: PSH is really getting more and more beautiful. Her boyfriend is lucky whoever he is.

    • Just like Koala said we don’t know what happened between them when Yoo Hye-Jung was 18-21 years old. Both the teasers don’t show that part and it’s probably done on purpose. It’s definitely peaked my interest though.

  5. I loved the teaser and I don’t understand some people got mad on something I found the ji hong has realized his feeling after he met her again not before during teaching period so what is wrong if he has that feeling for her .

  6. The 2nd teaser did what they intend to, that is to create controversy. Meeting 13 years ago , they both influence each other in changes and decisions that took them where they are today.

  7. I think Shin Hye looks more pretty without a bangs. Her beautiful eyes is her best feature and because of the bangs it emphasize more her cheekbone. Cant wait for the drama.

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