Suzy Stares Intensely at Rock Star Kim Woo Bin in Third Teaser for Uncontrollably Fond

My excitement keeps building for Uncontrollably Fond, the drama that is taking way to longer to arrive and will need to wait for more servings of Master: God of Noodles to wrap up. So far the teasers and stills have varied greatly in setting and tone, from bickering college days to intense emo adult tension, and now the third teaser takes audiences into the star studded life of Kim Woo Bin‘s male lead.

I thought he was a top star actor but looks like he’s a rock star, and Suzy stands in the media pen at his concert filming him but can’t help but stare intensely at this famous man who crossed paths with her during his pre-fame days. Lee Kyung Hee already tackled the famous person in love with a non-celebrity with A Love to Kill but UF is a different beast in that I don’t see a lot of guilt and resentment between the two leads, just pent up frustration and steady arguing. It’s basically textbook Kim Woo Bin romance style but from the teasers it’s been Suzy’s improvement that’s most striking to note.

Third teaser for Uncontrollably Fond:


Suzy Stares Intensely at Rock Star Kim Woo Bin in Third Teaser for Uncontrollably Fond — 44 Comments

  1. To be fair, it’s a very short clip but still, more could have been achieved. Woo Bin did not act any bit of a rock star or whatever he was supposed to be. Was Suzy’s stare supposed to be intense? I don’t see it or maybe it’s not meant to be intense but smitten? Not hitting that note either.

    KBS seems to be promoting this drama heavily but at this point, I’d rather slurp up more noodles than gaze at some insipid dish.

      • Is he seriously a rock-star in this drama? I though his character is an actor-singer (well, atleast that was written at the drama synopsis)

        But than, rather than looking like a rock-star, he seem more like a kpop idol singer, like CNBlue-ish..

      • CNBlue? Hahaha…No comparison! CNBlue rocks in live performance. It’s impossible to keep so tepid looking when playing an instrument and singing rock in real life.

    • Honestly I’m sure that this is a “part” hes suppose to be acting since hes a celebrity in the drama. But he looked a bit awkward

  2. I didn’t get any feeling of this drama yet. Waiting for more teasers come out to convince me. They’ll against W of Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo. Wonder which one people will enjoy most.

    • I don’t plan on watching both. Not because I am a rabid anti-fan. Both the stories and cast are not my must- see.

    • Definitely will check out W for the cast are A-list. Will also give a shot for the first few episodes of UF thanks to my curiosity about pre production.

  3. I bet so many people will like it in Korea. I don’t know about KWB but Suzy’s star power on small screen is no joke, no need to mention the writer and her strength . I can bet my money on high rating for this one.

    • Are you kidding? you talking about Gu Family Book or her flop big bomb movie??? GFB is an ensemble credit, and it has Lee Seung Gi in it, a household name In Korea. yah she better do well here, or her idol status is in danger with band mates leaving the group!

  4. this drama will be lucky to get 10% rating. suzy acting sux. KWB will have to carry the acting. all suzy good for is looking pretty for the camra.

      • Based on the teasers, Woo Bin’s acting is not above Suzy’s. If I haven’t watched him in White Christmas or Heirs, I would have thought worse of him. He is definitely better than Suzy but I guess it just wasn’t obvious in these teasers.

      • In these teasers, yes. In his previous projects, no – he was actually emoting quite well in Heirs.

    • It was surprising when I was reading the comments on naver most of them were like as Suzy is pretty, it was the first time I saw the actress is in more attention than the actor!!! I hardly read any comment about KWB in the top 100 comments.

  5. i hope this drama will hit daebak with this kind of big promotion… suzy and kim woo bin is a good couple..maybe the best after song2 couple… can’t wait for july.. but the rival is strong enough (w drama)..

  6. It’ll do well in China and Korea, the hype is strong and KBS will get a lot of ad money. I hope Lee Kyung Hee’ skills are reliable as always.

  7. I know that look is supposed to be ‘intense’ but all i keep wondering is why can’t she close her mouth, or is the mouth-open how she shows intensity? it looks unintentionally funny.

    it will be a hit because of the writer’s skills, but quality of acting? i don’t know. not really convinced by kim woo bin either.

  8. I don’t care others say, but the acting!!! Unless it is pretty bad, If the leads have crazy chemistry I’m in and that’s it :DD

  9. btw, I hate oppars fans that make seem the actor is god level at acting, and the lead girl is not worth. Ugh. Stop.

    • ….if anything he’s getting more criticism for being underwhelming in these teasers than her, so idk what this is about.

  10. I don’t feel anything from KWB as a rock star. I’ve been an avid rock fan for both Western and K rock. Top rock frontmen never looked so lukewarm on stage. Nonetheless, Suzy looked very different from her days in Family Gu Book and Dream High. So I’m intrigued to see her development. UF teasers did not give a similar melo vibe as LKH’s prior works either.

    Thanks Koala for doing a good job to keep piquing my interest in CF.

  11. No surprise that there’s such low expectations and the already strong critiques on the leads pre-showing. Better to be pleasantly surprised than disappointed, once again. Kdramas just arent as hot as they used to be. And if they start off hot, 98% of them fizzle out or make no sense in end.
    This writer tends to write weak or convoluted storylines midway-end so I will expect to be tuning in then dropping, as I do with all of the kdramas these days.

    • mm idk about that, I think that since it was announced since last year it got a lot of hype and attention w/ people praising it when nothing had been showed yet. I think people are just being that much harsher because of the hype it got/has. So these little teasers aren’t living up to what people expected. Honestly they should have made the teasers a bit more interesting. I mean it has suzy, which is huge, her dramas do well. and its KWB first drama and he has a big fanbase. and even more than that the majority of people who aren’t fans or either, including myself are only checking this out because it is pre produced. If anything I would say that there are big expectations I think everyone just thinks that the plot is a bit predictable. first love separated when kids and the guy is a jerk and they reunite but someone has a terminal illness.I mean I think because it will be pre produced this will be done beautifully and hopefully i get surprised and its not that predictable

      • I have little idea of how huge Suzy is but while I do get that she’s very popular and does tons of CFs, is it true that her dramas do well? Dream High was successful but Gu Family Book wasn’t exactly and definitely not Big.

        I am not being harsh because of the hype. Judged solely on merit, this must be one of the most unexciting teasers I have seen of late. Whoever who is charge of doing these teasers are either sleeping on the job or slacking because they are taking success for granted. Perhaps because I read so much of Suzy’s inadequacies as an actress, I expect more from Woo Bin and he’s been disappointing so far. He could be just suited to play a specific kind of role and not beyond.

      • @D
        GFB got higher viewer ratings than Dream High so I don’t know why you would considered the second one a success but not the first, I’m well aware it didn’t create the same amount of “fan mania” but I think it’d be a stretch to call GFB a flop o.O No argument about Big, it was a major failure for all people involved, it’s just that Suzy was an unimportant side character in that drama (but they put her up front and center in all their promo stuff due to her rising popularity thanks to A101) so people don’t really hold it against her as much as they do to the Hong sisters, Gong Yoo and Lee Min-jung. But back to what the OP was getting at, Suzy back in dramaland after three years is a big thing for the Korean audience, that’s true, but it won’t mean much if the public simply don’t like the drama, so her fame is no guarantee of success, I mean just look at her movie :/

      • @FerG
        You are right, GFB did get higher viewer ratings than Dream High although it was marginal. I should have checked first. I guess I had this impression because of the ‘fan mania’ created by Dream High.

        I have no idea what goes on in Korea but among international fans or at least the English blogs I read, Woo Bin is loved more than Suzy. She will probably bear the brunt of most criticisms if this show fails expectations.

    • @D
      Based on what I read in the comments of articles about this drama, I found out Suzy is really more popular than KWB, which I didn’t expect as u said.

  12. here kwb fan.. and his here in manila.. hope to see him before he go home.. hope this series a success.

  13. I have so much to say about KWB’s lack of charisma as a top rock star. Ppl compared KWB to CNBLUE. C’ joke! LOL…Here’s what CNBLUE looks on stage:

    And Lee Hong Ki’s rock band FT Island:

    When you sing live with passion, it’s just impossible to stay lame like a LOG. Even with Suzy’s mesmerized look, KWB is not convincing at all. I hope this teaser just captured the weakest moment of a stage performance.

    • We are all aware that the image of a rock star is conditional here. Even if Woo Bin smash a guitar on his or someone’s head for the credibility you still do not believe it. I very well know what rock music is and what direction there exist, and when Axl Rose shows love in his video , I don’t believe him, because he is a musician not an actor, but he is no less talented in music nevertheless. Here, we have a melo with love relationship in focus rather than a biopic about Korean rock star and the conditional image enough. If an actor is convincingly played a surgeon, I’m sure no one nevertheless does not lie under this actor’s scalpel.

      • Whether an actor possesses professional skills he tries to portray is one thing (and who the heck would take his real self to be the character he plays?), the image and aura exuded is another, particularly in performing art. Actors who play musicians, dancers, or entertainers at least have to showcase convincing posture and charisma on stage, even pretending. Similarly, whoever plays a professional in the field medicine should also bring the character alive on screen even nobody would ridiculously take the actor for a real doctor .

      • What do you mean by image is conditional? Luckily,this is probably just a short clip of him performing on stage, if it’s a biopic, it will be a major failure.

  14. Kim Woobin is rocking the stage ! Suzy staring is priceless ! All those delusional visitors comparing Woobin to groups , lol so salty !

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