Park Hae Jin Gets Smacked with the Fashion Fail at Taiwan Press Conference

Even the pretty and successful can get side swiped by the run away fashion fail, and this one is especially hideous without even the so crazy it’s fun corollary. K-actor Park Hae Jin is in Taiwan this week for his upcoming sold out fan meeting, having surged in popularity in Chinese-speaking regions in recent years thanks to You From Another Star, Dr. Stranger, and now Cheese in the Trap.

I’ve always found him quite handsome though not personally my cup of tea, but his visuals at the press conference in Taiwan confirm that merely being preternaturally handsome does not preclude looking fugly on bad everything days. His middle parted hair, the wet mud colored button down shirt, and the ripped dad jeans on top crossed with skinny jeans on bottom is just awful, awful, awful. Who styled him like this doesn’t even matter, he should know better not to leave his hotel room and just change into a normal pair of his daily jeans and a black t-shirt and call it a day.


Park Hae Jin Gets Smacked with the Fashion Fail at Taiwan Press Conference — 26 Comments

  1. the 50:50 hair and shirt isn’t that bad if you crop/ignore the jeans and shoes; in some shots he even looks dashing from the waist up.

    but MY GOD that jean-shoes combo. my eyes melted into blood. the
    the lower half of his body = what happens when a crazy aunt buys clothes from a second-hand flea market. He literally looks ajumma-ish from the waist down.

    • Agree, the top part doesn’t constitute a fashion fail in itself, it’s the jeans which are hideous, especially together with the shoes.

      • To me, it’s practically criminal what they did to his beautiful head by putting that hairstyle on it. I can’t stand middle-part curtain bangs. It doesn’t matter how handsome a man is- no man can pull that strange hairstyle off

  2. He looks great! Edgy chic and not even taking an extreme risk. I fail to see the fashion fail here. The shirt the denim the shoes are perfect. Only thing I may pick at would be his hairstyle.

  3. i… don’t think it’s bad at all. it doesn’t look outdated or shabby, but comfortable and different.

  4. Are ripped jeans still a “thing” in Korean. Noticed that Yoon Eun Hye was wearing them in the post from yesterday.

  5. I honestly just don’t think it looks good on him. There’s nothing “different” about this. He just looks greasy and idk why because he’s really good looking

  6. Is that the current summer fashion in Taiwan? It’s the dress shoes that is off.

    Change the hair and put him in boots and let him strut. He will be noticeable.

  7. As a fellow fashion terrorist myself, or rather despite being that, I will have to agree with you, Koala.

    That look is just a NO. He’s gorgeous! So why would he do that to himself/ someone do that to him?! The too short jeans with no socks and dress shoes kill me.

  8. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…,

    Also…, as long as he feels comfortable with what he wears, that is what matters. Why we should judge him?, people have different taste…,saying a on what he wears seems like we think we are having a better taste…we are not we just like something different.

  9. It’s more about the dress shoes and the color of the jeans. It doesn’t complement with the outfit. He should have worn a pair of sneakers or espadrilles! Regardless he’s still so handsome even with that awful bangs.

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