Kim Rae Won Exemplifies the Charming Handsome Aura in New Stills from SBS Drama Doctors

Oh what a healthy diet and a perfectly suitable summer haircut can do for elevating even already top visuals. K-actor Kim Rae Won was last seen on SBS in the dark critically acclaimed drama Punch looking like he literally got punched in the soul by life, all wan, emaciated, and battered. It wasn’t as extreme as Christian Bale in Machinest type character acting but definitely changed audience perception of him just in time for a career resurgence.

Now he’s back on SBS with upcoming drama Doctors, playing not just a doctor but a happy, healthy, warm and friendly one, basically the antithesis of his Punch character. I can’t get enough of how awesome he looks, and paired with that disarming smile which has been one of his trademarks, it’s like Park Shin Hye hit the costar jackpot once again. He can still stand to put on another 5 to 10 lbs but otherwise this is the best I’ve seen of Kim Rae Won in a long time.

Not to be outdone in the least, Park Shin Hye is also looking her top notch best in all the character stills and previews for Doctors. The hairstyle is a 10 and her tough girl aura is nicely conveyed.


Kim Rae Won Exemplifies the Charming Handsome Aura in New Stills from SBS Drama Doctors — 43 Comments

  1. Daebak…Agreed…Visually perfect match…KRW looking fresh and very charming..PSH is awesome..Doctors Fighting…^^

  2. Park Shin Hye phenomenon . She shines and makes people around her shinning even brighter. It is all for good. KRW is sooooo manly handsome and very lovely and caring, can not stop falling for him. Wish much success to all cast in Doctors. Fighting.
    Do not mind the distractors, stay focus.

  3. Not only he looks best in the recent years but he also look so happy around her.
    The BTS videos make my heart flutter.
    Shinhye is so beautiful in those stills.

  4. Koala did you see their videos behind the scenes you will be explode from their lovely and cute interactions
    I AM WAITING ALSO Ji Soo with park shin hye I will ship both in another drama hot and sexy πŸ˜πŸ˜šπŸ˜˜πŸ˜™

      • Yess.. agree,

        Maris.. may i have question? What happen about park shin hye dc gallery, I cannot access that forum PSHIC? So sad 😒😒

      • @Firdazl…..ikr….last I know they were still trying to fix the problem…I miss it and everyone too!
        So much to share about Doctors ….all good stuff! Everything looks very promising about it!

      • Firdazl….keep checking! Anytime today onwards site should be up…..Meanwhile the excitement is uniformly exciting all over on different forums….that’s great to see!

      • Maris miss you & the website so much. Feel that half of my soul gone coz canott acess the website. 😭😭

      • Thanks maris.. that make me relief, I also check on different forums.
        Like @miss_sunichi said that half of mysoul gone.. empty
        Please god.. hurry fix the problem, we need to share all excitement shinhye comeback to dramaland

      • The website is ready guys! Can’t wait for the new update. Hehehe ☺☺☺

      • Nistymaj, Nilechocolate ….:) …….great ! You both here!
        Yes….trailers, BTS, pictures and KRW-Shinhye chemistry beyond everything imagined! Makes waiting difficult….actually doing countdown….5 days to Press Conference and 10 days to Premiere…:)

      • Miss you both too nilechocolate and Maris. I’m always on the go so it’s hard for me to reply and post. Played wife first to politician hubby as election time was just over in my country. Good thing he won though. Miss you both and the site too where we gather as well as fellow fans of Shin Hye. Now I can concentrate with spazzing with you guys!!! Gahhh… I’m on pins and needles waiting for this. Kim Rae won is extra hot in Doctors as well as our girl. I agree with scar99 that she makes her partner shines. Their chemistry is sizzling

      • Congratulations on your husband’s win! πŸ™‚
        As long as I your absence was all due to good things!
        Site should be up as soon as even today…keep checking! Yes…..counting days, keep searching for more news, Each BTS, pics etc makes the anticipating that much more…..waiting for Press Conference! Their chemistry live……it will be fun occasion!

      • Congratulations to your husband but please come back to the forum I and Maris will be more Happy πŸ™‚

  5. hey!Did you see their second bts vidieo that long 2more minute.There has many many lovely and cute moment and also include hey jung father,her rival ,her highschool lover and ofcourse her future lovely dovey sence with her senior.haha go and check.I can’t stop smiling.haha.daeback doctors team.fighting.

  6. Gosh I watch Kim Rae Won in Attic Cat and Love Story in Harvard, and I don’t remember him look this handsome, and he looks older in Punch, maybe the hair, here he looks so young and charming and handsome in just casual outfit. And his smile, his voice..sigh..PSH is a must watch for me, but adding Kim Rae Won make me really can’t wait for 20 June

  7. Always heard ppl said Shin Hye is lucky to have great co stars but do u think the other way round that she has the aura to let her co star shines more brighter..
    They match really well and so them so much

    • I agree with you and most of them became hit in China and Japan….she is the queen of chemistry hahhaha……oppsss gotta run before the haters attack me

      • Thanks starfire playing it on repeat mode. That Kim Rae won gaze though….

    • Yes because they are girls and love the men so they said shinhye is lucky.
      I do agree that she has a ability to make her costars shine.
      Here we can see KRW looking better than ever already hehe

  8. I agree with Koala.They are both awesome and have great chemistry.I have not seen Kim Rae Won in any dramas bec. I only watch PSH’s dramas and movies. I like a mature man for her.Can’t wait.I am really counting the days.

  9. I think some comments made comes from the envy that she is influential in making her co actors attain their peak or go to a higher level. I can’t name another actor that has that in their resume…..It’s just a natural reaction , PSH fans should take that as a compliment to her.

    Can not wait for the start of this drama, the previews are intriguing.

  10. Why is it not 20th June already??? PSH and KRW match exceptionally well visually, more than I ever expected. They are both the Queen and King of chemistry. Love this couple already.

  11. Oh we all love watching KIM RAE WON’s on a romantic drama after LOVE STORY AT HARVARD. He is just a charming and a good actor! One important event and valuable to this drama is they’re teaming up with a simple and innocent beautiful young actress in person of PARK SHIN HYE! This must be something worth watching!

  12. I know they would work well together but to be honest I didn’t expect them to have that much chemistry.
    This will be great

  13. Thank you for the article Koala. Very much looking forward to this drama. Kim Rae-Won is an amazing actor, and I super look forward to seeing the chemistry between our leads. I also anticipate Park Shin-Hye’s layered character!

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