Official Poster for Beautiful Mind Captures the Emotional Connections of Hope and Love

It’s worth a reminder that upcoming K-drama Beautiful Mind had a long and arduous journey to becoming a reality, because I’m loving all the promos so far but don’t want to be too optimistic and discount the early warning signs. This drama was formerly Dr. Frankenstein, the multiple personality drama that courted Kim Soo Hyun in late 2016 and last year went through multiple other casting calls with Lee Je Hoon, Lee Jong Seok, and even Choi Jin Hyuk.

Jang Hyuk landed the role and I wonder if the script he signed up for was drastically different than the early iterations that other K-actors passed on, which happens all the time and could wash away the previous concerns on narrative quality. The first drama poster is out and shows Jang Hyuk side profile in the forefront gazing into the distance, with leading lady Park So Dam in the background looking warmly at him. The soft lighting continues to remind me of Jang Hyuk’s last doctor drama Thank You and assures me that he’s the right guy to play gruff closed off types that need human love and connection to blossom.


Official Poster for Beautiful Mind Captures the Emotional Connections of Hope and Love — 8 Comments

  1. Roh I like all the actors except Jang Hyuk, I don’t why I can’t watch him in a drama. But I’m going to try maybe I will be surprised 🙂

    • He looks better as the slave than the master.. IMO.. He looks like a sleaze bag when acting all poshly dressed.. But he looks like an wounded soul that is ready to pull our heart out as a poor man.. Sharp difference between Chuno and whatever fluff he put it out there recently .. or even bright girls success story..

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