Dispatch Snaps Good Friends Trio Song Joong Ki, Yoo Ah In, and Song Hye Kyo Out for Grungy Late Night Drinks

The K-ent besties brigade and the general entertainment six degrees of separation took a star-studded turn this past week. First came the Baeksang Awards back stage selfie of Park Bo Gum hanging out with his sunbaes and huge Hallyu stars Song Joong Ki, Yoo Ah In, and Song Hye Kyo. Talk about palling around with the uber famous, though Park Bo Gum’s meteoric rise is no joke either in the past year. It’s widely known that Song Hye Kyo and Yoo Ah In are really good friends, and also widely known that Song Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In are really good friends, so seeing them all hanging out at the Baeksangs is to be expected.

Clearly it was low hanging fruit for tabloid Dispatch to follow one or more of this trio and catch them going out for late night dinner and drinks this week. It was as low key as it gets, with all three looking like they just rolled out of bed or just finished a marathon video gaming session. Song Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In are even wearing Birkenstocks! I don’t think this Dispatch exclusive means anything other than good friends get together for drinks, and I certainly hope the Song-Song shipping folks don’t get too worked up because of this. I love it for how normal even top stars look when out and about.


Dispatch Snaps Good Friends Trio Song Joong Ki, Yoo Ah In, and Song Hye Kyo Out for Grungy Late Night Drinks — 49 Comments

  1. I never understood what was so fascinating about seeing pics of celebs hanging out. Song Hye Kyo seems like a really chill lady. YAI and SJK seem to have cool, outgoing personalities too so it makes sense they are friends.

  2. I wonder if that chicken feet restaurant will be seeing a meteoric rise in customers, seeing how it’s sign is so obvious. /*Hey! The hottest celebrities in Korea ate at my stall!*/

    • Possibly they called dispatch when the celebs came and asked that their joint gets due publicity? Just a thought since you say the sign is prominently displayed.

  3. Stop invading their privately life absurdly dispatch ! Can’t they just have a normal life like us? They are celebrities but they still need time with their friends , they still need to eat, drink ,,

  4. Dispatch even named Song-Song the best couple of the year on their cover. LOL….I see the paparazzi doing all this just to instigate shippers curiosity and boost up the magazine sale. This Dispatch “findings” are really lame. If they are really dating and get caught, Dispatch won’t wait one minute to disclose evidence.

  5. When celebrities go out in public…they know the consequences …their privacy is no longer their own–so that being said i think them being out on public they were aware of this risk and were probably not surprised to see their boring outing in print the following day. When the paparazzo gets to doing their so called job and snaps away the outcome depends on how popular they are…the small public audience around them at that moment…gets shared to the whole net like this forum for all of us to see…just sayin’

  6. I hope Song Song shipper not going to get hurt in the end. SHK is already 35 years old. If SJK really dating her now, he should propose within next year or 2 the most. If he wants to ferment her like best Kimchi in Korea then another 4-5 years more, by that time SHK already near 40s. To get a child at that age is a bit stressful for a woman.

    • They will get marry one day..someday…and that time u all haters will get hurt!…dont worry for SHK….she’s living well tho…tons of money..hse in n outside SK, frenz that truly loyal…travel around the world…why dont u asking urself, what do you have?..what are u?….

    • I hope your saying that based on your experience because mine was totally different. I had a child at 42 and it is the best decision I have ever made. I travelled the world experienced the best and to share it with my daughter is the best joy a woman can ever have. I have no regrets having a child this late because more than ever ‘I am ready for Motherhood”.

  7. I personally think they are dating. The U.S trip coincidence alone i think they are but besides that i dont think SJK will ever go public with a relationship. Thats like KSH admitting to have a gf. Also SHK just escaped a tarnished image. I dont see her risking to go public with a relationship either. Besides that things will last longer if they remaine private.

  8. Song the kyo is easily the most beautiful woman in Korea ….but this her dating all her co stars syndrome is really rubbing me off the wrong way .she must really be easy !!!!

    • check your facts before judging people. she was in a relationship with two out of the many leading men she had, and they are undestandably nice men even you would consider husband material. it doesnt mean she is being shipped with others or are good friends with her costars, they already dated. cleanse your mind once in a while, im sure you are mature enough to filter whats true and whats not. dont perpetuate rumors just to satisfy your quench to put her in a bad light.

      • One of the men was Lee Byung Hun and he is widely known as not a good husband material. Sex maniac is more likely.

    • Why would you even care? Is she your aunt, sister, daughter, niece, or grand kid so that you feel whom she dated or is dating rubbing your off the wrong way? You must either love or hate her so much to feel that her dating life offends you.

    • Why? Acting is her job, where else she most likely meet her soulmate? She spends most of her time at the set.. Just like us who are still studying would be likely to date other students.. Or us in the office having office romance.

    • She’s not easy, just that her relationship’s end up in the open, i only know of two actors she dated and that’s not a lot to lable her easy.

    • She dated only two, she’s friendly and honest, some dated more secretly. For her age that number isn’t too much to earn her the lable easy.

    • Where else is she supposed to meet potential boyfriends when she’s an actress herself and is therefore normally around people in the same industry? And that’s just two co-stars out of the many she’s had. If that’s easy then I don’t know what you’d call some Hollywood celebs who have a different boyfriend every season. Haha!

  9. Sjk I don’t know his appeal ..he is not as handsome as Kim so hyun or lee min ho….doesn’t even possess the acting talent of gong hoo or lBH …why is he so popular?
    Wasn’t yoo hyn caught at a gay bar or something?

  10. Poor SHK , because you dated Lbh and hb in the past , people spread rumors you dating “all” your costar just because you have extremely good chemistry with your male leads in every drama you were in
    You were labeled as “easy” when it takes two hands to clap
    Sighh prejudice and ignorance can blind people that much
    Next time SHK , pls be cold to your costar both on screen and off screen , so you won’t get rumors , don’t meet them to have drink as a casual good friend as your image will be ruined
    But at the same time , if you do not have good chemistry with ur lead then they criticize you are not a good actress ,
    I guess you are aware all of that aren’t you

  11. Idk why ppl care so much about celebrities’ private life. That’s none of your business. This kinda paparazzi culture is so prevalent among Kpop and Kdrama fans. As long as nobody commits offensive crimes, that’s their life whom they want to date. Then why is your language so pathetic and obnoxious against one particular actress’ dating history?

  12. I don’t really get the caution not to get worked up. Most shippers, especially drama shippers, get worked up over a whole hell of a less. They aren’t even trying not to get people worked up. Anyway, they remain pretty and awesome. So yeah.

    • The caution is for shippers and not to Song Song themselves? perhaps, she did that due to some crazy acts by the so called shippers.

  13. I like that SJK didn’t care about hiding his face. His hat was worn backwards. I would be happy if both SJK and SHK actually are dating. She deserves a good man and SJK looks like he’s a gentleman.

  14. I hope the people who leaves negative comments here are not women themselves. We are suppose to support and empower each as women. It is a shame that we degrade one of our own. The reason we know she dated two of her co-stars is because she is honest enough to admit it. I bet it happens a lot but most of them hides it. If a man dated heaps of women, he is called a “stud” but if a woman dated a couple she is labelled we know what. I can’t even say the word because no woman should ever utter it much more used it to one of its’ own. As women, we clamour for equal rights and yet we degrade one of our own and put men/actors into a pedestal of admiration.

  15. Has Dispatch run out of couples to expose? Nah, I think they are smart to cash in on the hottest ‘couple’ in Korea now. Pretty much like how SS dressed up for Baeksang as if it was their wedding ceremony. Showbiz is like a well oiled machine to milk the most from die hard fans.

  16. LOL that lady in striped shirt in the background switched seats with her date ^^ I’d pick her seat too. Perfect for ogling without being caught by too many cameras.

    • I think he’s a light smoker. He smoked back then in college (occasionally he said), then trying to stop because it’s bad for his skin and body. But i guess he still smokes from time to time. Idk for sure tho.

    • He used to be a casual smoker during college as he said in an interview. He maybe still is. But at one point in an interview, he said he no longer smokes and has low alcohol tolerance bcos that does no good to his skin. Why would you care? Could that be you saw some pics of him smoking circulated online? Online pics could be easily photoshopped. I would take those pics with a pinch of salt, specifically those pics coming from some malicious antis who said all kinds of bad things to diss him. But even he does smoke, that won’t change the fact that he’s a good/talented actor. So it doesn’t bother me.

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