Kim So Hyun Toggles High School Cute with Ghostly Scary in First Teaser and Stills of Let’s Fight Ghost

Though it looks like for upcoming tvN supernatural drama Let’s Fight Ghost Taecyeon doesn’t have the reddish tinted hair he sported in Who Are You, which made him look considerably younger, the buzz cut and young man clothing choices still work to bring him closer to 20 than to his real age of nearer to 30. It was Kim So Hyun‘s birthday on June 4th, where she turned 17 years old in Western age (and 18 years old in Korean age), and Taec celebrated with his leading lady on set with a birthday cake.

She’s been playing high school students for successive roles and this time her high school student barely finishes schooling when she dies an unexpected death and becomes a ghost who later bickers and sparks with Taecyeon’s ghostbuster college student. I like how all her various drama high school student uniforms are different, this one with a red theme, which helps to distinguish which drama she’s in. I’m in no rush for her to grow up as soon she’ll outgrow these roles, for now she rocks at doing the combination of high school idealism with backbone.


Teaser for Let’s Fight Ghost:


Kim So Hyun Toggles High School Cute with Ghostly Scary in First Teaser and Stills of Let’s Fight Ghost — 17 Comments

  1. Still nope. He looks like one of those guys finishing college who’s already been to the army, while she looks like a high school girl.

    Seriously were the casting directors of this drama drunk or on drugs?

  2. All the styling in the world won’t help his face, that is not the face of even a mature high school student.

    She looks more age appropriate with Nam Joo Hyuk/Ji Soo/Yook Sungjae/Park Bo Gum types, Taecyeon is just stretching it too far.

    • They better hope the lighting/post-production directors on this drama are REALLY good, if they want to even try to minimise that age gap.

      I still don’t understand this casting, is Taecyeon some hidden acting genius or something? Because his previous dramas were flops and so was his drama as lead.

      • JYP my dear JYP…

        Taec here is the Michelle Chen of this drama. I mean the miscast is sooo legit !

  3. They look so uncomfortable together I’m cackling. This is worse than those promotional photos of her with Kim Woo Bin for that pizza CF.

  4. KSH is pretty & beautiful… I like her acting very natural.
    For me I don’t want to judge or look their age gap but I want to
    see how the story goes and their acting. Looking forward to see
    this new drama.

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