Engaged Stars Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao Cuddle Sweetly for Vogue China Wedding Pictorial

I feel like life always has a way of smoothing things out in the long run in terms of equal share give and take. TW-actress Michelle Chen was probably thinking it was the worst decision in her life to accept the role of iconic ice princess leading lady Xiaolongnu in wuxia drama Return of the Condor Heroes after she was eviscerated in the press and fan blogs for being wholly visually unsuitable for the role. That she was awful playing that role was never about her being a bad person or actress but still it must’ve been hard to read such negative feedback.

Three years later and she’s gotten the last laugh as accepting that role has landed her real life love C-actor Chen Xiao, and the two are set to tie the knot next month in Beijing. There’s been a spate of high profile C-weddings in recent days, the most exciting for me being Liu Shi Shi and Nicky Wu as well as Yuan Hong and Zhang Xin Yi. It’s been a good year for star love so I’m super happy for the two Chens to walk down the aisle towards wedded bliss. Congrats to Michelle and Chen Xiao as the first pics have been released of their Vogue China wedding photo shoot. 



Engaged Stars Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao Cuddle Sweetly for Vogue China Wedding Pictorial — 6 Comments

  1. My grin is huge right now not because of their wedding but because how much Koala has being contaminated by sweet feelings after Michelle started dating Chen Xiao.
    Before the relationship was officially published, there were no good words coming from Koala towards Michelle. Only the most absolute derogatory.

    Hopefully their marriage will last more than seven years.

  2. Her acting as Xiaolongnu is really FINE. And I don’t see how her aura is much against the temperament of the iconic heroine in the original novel except for her physique that I agree doesn’t fit the typical imagery in our imagination. I like her acting in Hear Me and popular You Are the Apple of My Eye. So I’m happy for her good news with Chen Xiao. Chen Xiao looks so obviously in love with this lady in all their pics publicized so far. Congrats!

    • I agree, I thought that she didn’t really fit the character until like the end when she changed her hair but the one with the buns didn’t work out for the drama, like they could’ve done it better. But I’m happy that they’re getting married just a bit surprised that it’s so soon

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