Chastened Yoochun Heads to Work as Sexual Assault Allegations Get Dropped After Likely Settlement

Scandals in South Korean entertainment run the gamut from most serious involving felony crimes to the so inconsequential it shouldn’t even be labeled a scandal which involves stars dating. Yoochun’s problems this week actually went on a downgrade sliding scale, which could be good for him, except it still remains firmly on the scandal meter so in the end it’s not good at all for his professional and personal reputation even if he doesn’t have to worry about any police investigation forthcoming.

After being accused of sexual assault earlier this week, Yoochun’s accuser has dropped her charges, but with it more information has come out that puts Yoochun as a john who didn’t pay for services rendered and oh my lord is this just embarrassing to write about. Yoochun was at a high end bar salon that also dabbles in additional second floor services between consenting customers and bar hostesses, except the sexual activity in question occurred in the bathroom of the private salon, and reportedly Yoochun left without paying her which led to sexual assault allegations since if she didn’t get paid then she didn’t consent.

Yoochun has returned to work in the police station where he’s serving his public service military duty as he was exempt from active duty due to his asthma. He was swarmed by reporters and had to do the head lowered face covered walk of shame, but at least it wasn’t a perp walk so I guess yay for little upsides? Legal analysts in Korea are discussing how Yoochun’s agency likely paid off the accuser, or paid her if you ask me, whatever one calls payment for services rendered between consenting adults. I’m having a hard time believing that even the most diehard Yoochun fan is okay swallowing this shenanigan and chalking it up to oppa made a mistake. Other than getting into an analytical discourse on the legality or morality of prostitution, I just think it all seems so absurd for Yoochun to tank his hard built career on something so tawdry as this. Long sigh.


Chastened Yoochun Heads to Work as Sexual Assault Allegations Get Dropped After Likely Settlement — 77 Comments

  1. *sigh* I just…..I’m disappointed in him. I doubt he can recover his hard built career and if he did, it’ll take a miracle.

  2. No wonder these men doesn’t want to get married. They just pay someone. Also, if you have asthma, shoold you stop smoking too.

  3. Eww..
    If u got it, u got to pay for it boy.
    By the way, the hardcore fans are saying he’s in a wrong place at the wrong time.

    • I want to understand those fans, being a fangirl myself, but I’m glad not being into borderline delusional. Anyway, this what happens when you don’t allow your oppas to have girlfriends.

  4. it will take some time… his career path will not be the same… but I can still see him coming back as a villain or a psychopath(acting I hope). He is talented, regardless of what he does in his spare time.

  5. “if she didn’t get paid then she didn’t consent”

    Did she say this? Either way, it holds no water. If she didn’t give consent to sex then it’s rape. If she consented to sex but did not get paid, then it amounts to being ‘cheated’. Unless she demanded to get paid first, YC didn’t pay but went ahead with sex then it’s rape.

    Gosh, this sounds so terrible. If it is true, can he sink any lower? If she is lying then what a way to utterly destroy his image!

    • Yes! Never imagine him in that light. I just think buying sex is so cheap (my personal opinion so no need to jump on me anyone). I never really like his acting to begin with but he started to grow on me because I could see he was genuine, dorky, and worked hard. Now with this news coming out, it’s just shattered (his image, that is). sigh.

    • In US, if costumer didn’t pay prostitute with her/his service considered rape. But in Korea, prostitution itself is Illegal, so there’s no law that state his action is crime. Others stating that he is violating military service, go to room salon when active duty but as he is serving public service duty, he can go anywhere he can as long he abide the curfew to go home before curfew. So in the first case, he actually not doing anything illegal.
      Don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending. He still a trash, and I don’t understand people who defend him. He’s using his asthma so he can get special treatment, yet he still smoke then go to high end bar. He’s utterly trash. It’s just even though the DNA of the semen found in the girl proven to be his, he still not breaking any law. Just his image sink to the bottom of the world.
      The only thing that can throw him to the jail is the second accusation, if it is proven to be true. Because according to the girl statement, she is not giving any consent at all. Even though she is prostitute, she is not consent to the sex. This is rape. That’s why, the second accusation making him get investigated again, and that’s why CJes respond to this accusation more harshly than the first. They’re going to sue the girl for defamation if her statement proven to be false.

      • ” But in Korea, prostitution itself is Illegal, so there’s no law that state his action is crime.”

        I didn’t know prostitution is illegal in Korea. If she consented to sex and got furious afterwards because he failed to pay then that’s really the best scenario, isn’t it? However, it doesn’t change the fact that she was cheated and he’s a scumbag.

        You are right about the second accusation being worse since she was clear that she didn’t give consent. I just wonder how she’s going to prove her case since it’s been more than half a year.

  6. Sigh.I am not a rabid fan so don’t get me wrong when I write this.

    But seriously- if the 2nd one is a rape then wow there is a pattern. If it wasn’t it is still the same sort of establishment.

    Are celebrities nuts in indulging in these risky behaviours? I presume a ordinary citizen wouldn’t be outed.

    But that’s another clean cut image down. Surely dating a female and then being caught by Despatch staying over at his/her place is less scandalous then paying/ or not-paying for sex? In which case it’s rape when it’s non consensual.

    • Does he have a bathroom fetish?

      I admit my first thought is that the 2nd case might be an opportunist who saw the chance to cash in on his scandal. If this is the case, she’s taking a lot of risks. Either she is very desperate with nothing to lose or she is telling the truth.

      I don’t think he was nuts nor those who were caught in similar situations. No one is totally oblivious of the risk. It is like gambling. They just figure they would take the pleasure at the moment over the ‘tiny’ risk involved. Too bad, they lucked out. Some might be so unlucky to be caught in their first foray while some get caught after many. If I were to speculate further, most never get caught at all which probably embolden these people to take the risk.

      I keep reading that idols must not have bf/gf or keep a very pristine image. I think it’s just an excuse especially in YC’s case. Surely, he is different from those very young kpop idols who are just starting out and living under strict controls by their agencies. What is wrong with him dating?

    • He wasn’t nuts nor those before him. They simply decided that the risk was worth taking given the pleasure of the moment.

      I don’t buy the excuse that being a celebrity or kpop star means one is so suppressed that he has to find such outlet for his desires. YC is not a young kpop idol living under a tyrannical agency or one who’s just starting out. So what if he dates? The paparazzi and fans might be a nuisance to his privacy but it is not as if his career would tank. Some couples even enjoy bigger popularity than when each was single.

  7. Feel bad for him. Should he made the payment to the hostess in the first place, he wouldn’t have gotten himself in trouble and be publicly shamed.

    I think the very problem with most celebrities is that they think that all women want to bed them just because they are adored by so many and popular. That was the same case with Park Shi Hoo, he thought that girl wouldn’t mind him bedding her when she passed out when the fact is that, everyone has their choice and preference.

    I wouldn’t mind to kiss and make out with Lee Jun Ki but I definitely would run away even if Lee Min Ho offer me the opportunity (Okay, I know this is impossible but I am just quoting an example here). Bottom line is, everything need to be consensual. Yoo Chun thought that it’s okay for him to walk away without paying thinking that the hostess had won a jackpot by having *** with him or may be he forgot to pay?

    Too bad, I guess he’s better getting ready to flush his once promising career into the toilet and I am sad that him, being a promising actor tarnishing what he worked for just like that. I really have no idea how he could recover from here. Just wishing him well.

    • I do think they prob think since they are celebrities or hot guys – women will want to bed them?
      But if she’s a hostess, I guess not getting paid sucks! Who cares if you are park too chun or what not. Either way, it sucks for him. I mean – first u do sex in a bathroom at an adult establishment (I hear all the hearts breaking) and then u don’t pay?! Woah

    • He forgot to pay twice? Or more? The worse thing is that the second accusation came from the same entertainment bar. And also happened in the toilet…. Geez! He likes doing it in the toilet or he just wants to escape paying for services rendered. He’s such a disgusting human being! Having XXX in the public toilet and refusing to pay!!!! He’s a SCUM.

      • Your comment made me laugh (really honestly and not meant at being sarcastic) when you said he likes doing it in toilet.

        Well, he may have his fetish side which none would have expected. Yoo Chun always look like a good serious guy to me so this fetishness of his really surprised me but I am not supposed to judge him.

        Like I said, these celebrities tend to be so caught up with them being celebrities that they enjoy free goodies and thinking they have the rights to everything, to have sex with or without consent and to think that all girls are privileged should they have sex with them. Celebrity-dom obviously have made them lose touch of the real world.

      • I don’t think OP is expressing pity for PSH. OP is saying they feel sorry for Yoochun for being dumb enough not to pay what he was supposed to and get into this mess. The PSH comment is about how celebrities seem to think they are above needing consent, which possibly leads to them committing despicable acts because they assume no one would say no to them.

    • Your reference of LJk and LMH is so out of blue. LOL…The analogy cracked me up. Sorry! I’m not supposed to laugh in the midst of someone else’ plight, regardless of him being a celebrity or not. Just feel sorry for him and his parents.

  8. Why cant he just find a girlfriend? Even it will blow as dating scandal, he will have a healty relationship. He has good image generally, and his fans are matured enough to accept him to have girlfriend…sighh

    • He doesn’t find a girlfriend because he enjoys the power he has over those prostitutes and fans. He isn’t into this only for sex.

  9. I do not know what is the right way for YC or his agency to deal with this if he is innocent. So far, it seems his agency made a statement admitting that he patronize the room salon but refute the allegations. Do we assume he is refuting the everything? This leaves a lot of room for doubt. Did he have sex without her consent? Did he have sex without paying for it? Did he have sex with the girl? Did he even meet her? Or is this how things are always refuted? As a layman, if I were to be accused of something like this, I would refute having rape her or that I did pay or she didn’t ask for payment or simply I didn’t even have sex with her.

    • If there is physical evidence like clothing stained with semen, it will be difficult to refute even having sex with her. It seems that that this is not even in doubt. What’s in doubt if whether consensual or not or whether payment is made. Such situation is I-say-You-say and only the two of them knows the truth.

  10. Obviously he has a bizarre sexual fetish like he get aroused with the smell of urine and feces. He may mental issue which require psychiatric evaluation. Thank god, I was never a fan of him otherwise I will be devastated.

  11. Apparently his agency has released the statement that Yoochun will retire from entertainment industry if he’s found guilty.

    I’m also glad that I’m not his fan. It’s a shocker to know the real person behind the public image. If only he wasn’t so cheapskate as to avoid payment, otherwise no one will know about his fetishes or his entitled behaviour. Now, the world knows !!!

  12. I am asking this out of curiosity: I remember reading a few years ago that there was a sex tape of PYC floating around. Did anyone hear about this, and was there any validity to it? I never saw it for myself, and I didn’t look for it either. This news just made me think about it.

  13. My image of him hasn’t changed. I’m not a die-hard fan but I loved Girl Who Can See Smells. He did not do anything wrong except for forgetting to pay the girl. Sexual activity and fetishes are nothing to be judgmental about as long as they are done in a respectable manner. This was clearly consensual. And I for one find having sex in the bathroom with a relative stranger quite sexy actually. The taboo effect adds a sense of danger and spikes up the adrenaline.

  14. How the mighty have fallen. The fact that a second accuser has come forth indicates a disturbing pattern of at best, a thief who refuses to pay for services rendered or at worst, a serial rapist. I hope both women are surrounded by supportive people

  15. this guy is just dirty. hope all the woman that didnt get pay come out. so he will lose even more money by paying them off.

  16. Wait! And he is serving at a police station and the police is investigating?! This seems…wrong! He is not a police officer but by serving his military service there shouldn’t he abide by the same rules? A potential rapist serving at a police station just doesn’t seem right…

    • No it’s not a police station, just an administrative government building that manages residential registration/marriage certificates/etc.

  17. How ironic – he return to work in “police station”!

    With the scandal, can he serve there?

    And the latest I read there is another similar case against him that just pop up!

  18. Man,you got seriously problem. Prank you friend birthday,hang out when you military service,getting drunk and take adult private entertain,and when you wake up somebody sue you. It remain me movie “hang over”.

    • Scum..huh? What about the hypocritical Korean society/mores that promote this type of behavior? Prostitution is legal but having sex is frowned upon and accusations against someone ruins careers whether the accusations are true or not. Please stop the BS.

      • I don’t think Korean society promotes rape and using mobsters to threatened victims. He’s scum.

  19. I find it funny that CJes said that YC will retire forever from the entertainment industry if he’s proven guilty of any charges and crime. The only crime here is rape, isn’t it? Since prostitution is illegal in Korea, can he be charged for not paying? If he is guilty of rape, why are they talking about retirement? They should say he will have to be punished according to law.

  20. I’m not his fan, actually I haven’t watched any of his dramas, plus I’m a religious person & It’s taboo for myself to have pre-marital sex, let alone the case of assault and so on!!! but I deeply feel sorry for him that everyone knows his disgusting action because he is celebrity… This is really embarrassing… I’m really grateful to God for shielding me every moment in my life even though none of my wrong doings were about sex or such other embarrassing things…

  21. This is supposed to be every man’s motto:
    Use your upper body more than your lower part.

    But I think by human nature it’s hard for a lot of ppl to have better sense than sex.

    He’s done a foolish act to start with by visiting the bar. That’s a bad seed to plant in a wrong soil and now he’s reaping the bug-infested fruits.

  22. LOL, thanks for the update Koala. Wasn’t really following the story because not his fan but did someone say he grew up overseas??? Maybe the hostess showed enough interest in him to make him think it was consensual so don’t need to pay for the ‘service’. Bless this poor star, he just wanted some nookie like a normal male. I don’t see much of a problem (maybe it’s a different perception in his own country) but he is well stingy with his money.

  23. This is a freaking hot mess … and his fan girls better not play the “oppa, made a mistake” card again cause there’s no way around this one. Forget about the fact that he did this to one woman, now another person has come forward, lord knows how many more he’s done this too. The sickening part of this that his company comes out to say that he will leave the industry if he’s found guilty? How about putting his butt in jail instead?

    It’s a damn shame, these idols work their asses off for years and years to achieve their success. And then what, only a few moments to ruin it … damn shame …

  24. What!?! A second case against him????? Then, this guy really has a problem with sex. He wants it but doesn’t want to love a woman. Not good.

  25. First of all, the police does not even call to question him yet. This is all a one sided story. They are still investigating the report made by the accuser/victim. All of the news are from media sites only, there are no official statements from the police, they are still saying they are investigating this case. How could you some people judge him already? I’m not saying that he is truly innocent but what I am saying is we should hear both sides of the story and the official statements/investigation results. Why are you afraid that he paid the victim to keep quiet? If he really paid money to the victim to silent her, you know he won’t survive that long as karma will get back to him and I do believe in that. His career is already doomed with this news whether he is guilty or not and you do not even give him a chance to stand up for himself. By law, even a solid criminal deserve a right to defend himself, but why are you some people, when this person who is not even called to the police yet, already received the punishment from you? We don’t know the whole story and you are saying a lot of bad things about him. Cursing him and all. But remember guys, the one who say bad things about people is not a good person either because words come from a person’s heart and bad words came from a bad heart. So, just wait and see the result. He should be punished by law if he is proven guilty but we definitely do not have the right to punish him although we can hate his action. I’m sorry for rambling but I think the freedom of speech given to us in this age has given us a false thought that we can be God. So, please do not be offended by what I say but think carefully about it first. Thank you.

  26. Whether he is guilty or not, the fact is he did patronize the room saloon. Let’s talk about hygiene please..if I were the co-stars. I wouldn’t kiss the same mouth that kisses the public toilet too. Eeww…

  27. Was he drunk? If not, he should know well that those kind of services aren’t free… I don’t wanna side with whoever but this kind of scandal are really bad!! Even if i admire his acting, i cannot accept this kind of behaviour if that’s true..

    And another scandal just came now that the first one settled :O
    That’s really disappointing :s

  28. Mikgoo, exactly!!! One, you don’t want him to have girlfriend, and visit bars. How is he supposed to get some??? I am not saying what he did was cool, but everyone just needs to take a chill and loosen the leash a little. I get really mad when fans get so emotionally involved with idols personal life. Like WTF???? I know the idols have to uphold a certain image, but are they so perfect they are not allowed to screw up once in a while? *rigorously rolling my eyes*

    Park Yoochun, #bleeeeh. I can’t even look at you now. You know you sorta messed up yeah? *whatever*

    *goes back to my own life/reality*

  29. ths guy make e sick. he should roit in jail. for having sex with a whore without paying them. his fan make me sick too. they bunch of ugly girl. who blind by there oppa. yto see the true.

    he going be like that rapist PSH.

  30. Ah! Come on Park Shi Hoo dot his career back after a rape allegation which went for a whiiiiiile…)
    Here we just aheve a bad customer….

  31. Oh dear the dispatch article was hard to read
    They officially nailed his coffin
    It’s terrible.
    Why yoonchun why! He was a fine actor and I did really enjoyed his dramas

  32. Although my personal value disapproves of his visiting the bar even he didn’t do anything other than just hanging out there, I do agree with one comment above; Ppl should not convict him outside courts as if you were God who knows every tidbit of his thinking/decisions/actions. Just wait until the investigation statements from police go public. It won’t be too late to judge then. All the name calling is unnecessary and just makes us appear nothing different from other gossipy netizens who are easily manipulated by paparazzi.

  33. Ugh. C’mon people. While I understand that there’s a need to judge, let’s wait until we get more facts about the cases.

    I’ll admit it doesn’t look good for him, but this is not like park shi hoo’s case where at worst he looks like a sleaze who’s willing to have sex with a girl who too drunk to really give consent.

    At best, he’s kind of scummy for not paying for the sex that, well, seems implied at this establishment.

    But that doesn’t make him a rapist. As for fetishes, I couldn’t care less. He’s allowed to do what he wants as long as there’s consent on both sides.

    And I’m speaking as someone who actually hasn’t seen him in any dramas or movies, nor have I felt the need to, so I think I’m pretty objective about all this.

    Now, if more details come out that he did rape these girls, by all makes, crucify him verbally.

  34. this guy career in korean is over. the koran people will not forgive him. atlease with PSH he only rape the woman. this guy rape woman then bring gangter to harass the rape woman.

  35. Im a pyc fan, although not hardcore, to say im shock is really putting it likely. I dont expext men live like monks but im severely disappointed in him for frequenting places like that. Clearly he couldn’t keep it in his pants in the proper manner. And if he really did sexually assault those girls, i feel sorry for the victim(s). Although we dont know the whole story i believe there wont be smell of theres no dung.

  36. I heard a third victim has now come forward with assault allegations, so this case is far from over and is instead quickly becoming quite the “Cosby-esque” scandal. Who knows how many other women will now come forward against Yoochun? With three allegations against him his reputation is now tarnished, guilty or not. I don’t think he will be back in the entertainment industry after this investigation (or even after he serves his military service), no one is going to look at him the same after this scandal. There is no coming back from a rape scandal.

  37. seem like a fourth woman have come forward. just how many woman did PYC rape. is he going to be the billy cosby of korean. why would he ruin his image for a cheap sex.

    • ??? I’ve seen all his dramas, ive always admired the way he kisses on tv, mickey boy you have dug your own grave on this one.

  38. Just a question I have been wondering about since I have never been to salon bar in SK.
    Do they have separate male/female bathrooms in those salons? Or are they all unisex bathrooms? If they have segregated bathrooms, then someone has to follow/drag the other person to said bathroom.

  39. Well, hiring a hooker is simple minded. Refusing to pay her off… is political suicide. The fact that there isn’t someone special in his life, begs to question his personality. If there was someone special and he still hired the hooker, then moral questions could be raised. I had given him credit for more intelligence. Oh well…..

  40. If he has asthma and still smokes why the special military treatment? Any doctor will tell you it is a deadly combo?

    Wonder what effect this will have on the rest of the group? Do you think this will all blow over? Wasn’t he the one who hit a female fan? Where were his body guards? He sounds like he has issues.

  41. Exempt from active duty because of his asthma, he could go on tours, sing, dance and meet heavy schedules demands but active duty wasn’t manageable? Guess what, he probably would have been a much more manageable schedule and been in better health than when he was a civilian.

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