Jeon Do Yeon is Fierce and Fabulous in Drama Poster and Teaser for tvN’s The Good Wife

Leave it to seasoned A-list Korean stars to make such an impact with such limited screen time as the Korean adaptation of The Good Wife reveals the first one-two punch with an official poster and teaser. Cable network tvN is straddling two audience pool extremes with it’s Mon-Tues versus Fri-Sat dramas, in the beginning of the week there is lighter fare as Another Oh Hae Young will be followed by Let’s Fight Ghost, while the end of the week turns serious and adult with the currently airing Dear My Friends which will transition to The Good Wife come late July.

I was merely curious about TGW remake until I saw the first teaser and was smacked in the face by the fierce poster focusing on the good wife herself Jeon Do Yeon, making her first drama return in over a decade since Lovers in Prague. Girlfriend is fierce and take no prisoners, coupled with her smexy costars in errant husband Yoo Ji Tae and law firm colleague and potential boy toy Yoon Kye Sang, I think this drama just cemented itself as must check out. A long suffering political wife who returns to the practice of law sounds about as interesting as listening to NPR, but with Jeon Do Yeon firing up the screen I think there is plenty waiting to sizzle.

Teaser for The Good Wife:


Jeon Do Yeon is Fierce and Fabulous in Drama Poster and Teaser for tvN’s The Good Wife — 21 Comments

  1. One word ! Overated …haven’t liked anything she has been on since lovers in Paris and even that one was cringe worthy .
    Kim so hyeon will act circles around her for sure .

  2. I don’t see anything impressive from this teaser other than JDY reenacting d impressive acting skills of Julianna Marguilles whats with the slap on the face. See, I am a big fan of CBS’The Good Wife and Julianna was so fabulous. She didny have to act powerful to look powerful unlike this sub-par version by JDY which i thk she tried to hard to look like a cuthroat tough lawyer. It’s silly in d first place of trying to remake a drama that is so crtically acclaimed as THE GOID WIFE.

    • I watched the first season of The Good Wife before this remake was announced, and I agree. JM seemed vulnerable and strong at the same time, an observation I got from her facial expressions. JDY here seems more of a show off. But this is just a teaser that doesn’t even show her children, the younger ones in the office, etc.

  3. OMG, lol. Couldn’t disagree more with some of the comments. Has anyone even watched Secret Sunshine…you know, the film that got her nominated at Cannes for best actress. Absolutely, superb performance.

    • She may be great in that movie where she won the Cannes’ Best Actress but her performance here is nowhere near the amazing performance by Julianna Marguiles and this drama is a total rip-off of CBS’ Good Wife which is not good as I think at least, they need to be creative and make their version more refreshing. Alicia slapped Peter in the first teaser of The Good Wife and JDY did the same here with YJT but the impact is totally different and JDY really has that “showing off” vibe in the promo….the way she walked seems like sending the signal “Look, I am hot. I am powerful and I am equal to Julianna Marguilles.” ….Please

      • Del, my only suggestion just don’t watch. You are being so judgmental even with short teaser, and you are a BIG FAN of the original version. I have no problem with you be a big fan , but you are start comparing with short teaser is the problem.

    • Shhhh the Cannes committee might be reading the valuable opinions here and withdraw that Best Actress win for Secret Sunshine;-)

      I didn’t expect an actress who works mainly in film and is a bit of an arthouse darling to have antis. Ah well maybe too much drama watching makes you lose perspective 🙂

      • The comment above strictly made based on her performance in the teaser of The Good Wife. I guess you need to look back into the definition of “antis”….there’s no malice here, just an opinion where her performance is truly sub-par caused Julianna really owned that role which is close to impossible for other actress to pull off. Like i said, she mayb great in her award winning movie but definitely not here. Much like how Ha Ji Won is great in Damo but not great in The Time I Loved You. Too much analyzing other’s comment and obsessing your own opinion made u lose the understanding on true definition if a simple english word.

      • Del,
        Its amazing how you can make such definitive opinion of JDY’s performance based on a very brief teaser by comparing with Juliana’s performance which you have watched over many hours, I presume. Unfair comparison to start with.
        And no… I’m not overanalysing your opinion (which you are entitled to) and not obsessing over my own opinion such that I do not understand the true difinition of the simple word “opinion”. Just expressing my opinion of your opinion.

        And I believe you understand the not-so-soimple word “condescending” which aptly describes the last sentence of your reply comment to Annie’s comment.

      • @Mad Queen
        Oh yeah. I watched the first teaser of the original The Good Wife as well and so now i can draw d comparison that JM’s portrayal of a humiliated good wife is so superior compare to JDY’s with ver vulnerability n strength at d same time instead of flaunting her inner long hidden alpha vibe. I think it’s fair tht teaser comparing with teaser. JDY mayb a good actress but in her own rights but in no way can match JM’s performance here.

        And ya…i still think she needs to check on d definition of “antis” before even using it.

      • @Annie, although I disagree with the criticism on JDY simply based on a short teaser, I found it’s overreacting to call someone antis just becos of different opinions than yours. You should be more tolerant of unfavorable comments about what or whom you like. Negative opinions =/= Contempt. Be civilized!

      • @Drama2016 I have to confess I only ever thought of antis as a term like haters which is quite common. I was aiming for some mild sarcasm as I was surprised by the strong opinions on JDY given the bulk of her work rarely features on drama sites like this.

        Not much of a drama watcher myself – didn’t even finish Lovers of Prague – but when I do watch and browse through reviews I have found far far worse on this site as people fight over their favourite actors. So I find your admonition to be “civilized” a bit out of line.

        I find the American version of The Good Wife to be flawed so I actually don’t think this is going to be crazy good. As I said I don’t even think JM was the best in it, the ensemble cast were good and I expect much the same in the K-version. Apart from a mild interest in how they are going to transplant a very American show, even with JDY I am not hugely invested in the K-version. This doesn’t change my opinion that JDY is an exceptional actress.

        And folk who really really liked the American version should steer clear of this. It is never going to measure up. And it is for a small local market so its never going to overshadow the original version either (unlike a K-film being remade in America). So chill.

    • It’s a teaser as compared to 7 seasons, chill. Wait till the series is aired before providing such certain opinions.

      The best actors in The Good Wife were Archie Panjabi and Christine Baranski anyway.

  4. Oh my god, why cant they choose a better Korean title? The Good Wipe! Other than that, the teaser looks very promising… Cant wait!

  5. LOL @ the reference of NPR. That’s my favorite channel. Lovers in Prague is hella boring. But JDY has been such a great actress on big screen that she deserves all kinds of acting awards. I hope the screenplay is interesting and the directing won’t jinx the drama.

      • I can’t help but laught when I read what people post here. The drama only has a teaser. I’m not a fan of the US version of this show hope the kdrama version graps my attention. I generally give a show about 3 chances and try to form an opinion after viewing several episodes.

  6. JDY may not everyone’s favourite but to judge based on teaser alone seems wrong. She is well known chungmuro actress and A-lister, who can deny it? She is not definitely candy type like some actresses. Even many young actresses made her as their idol.

    I am looking forward to this. Because JDY had been hiatus from dramaland for such a long time, I am curious why she agreed to do this. So will check out. Plus it will also has Yoo Ji Tae who was so underused in Healer. Two movie actors in one drama? Definitely in a watch-list 😉

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