Energy and Intensity Ratchets Up Between Suzy and Kim Woo Bin in Third Preview of Uncontrollably Fond

Well that went south really fast, and by that I’m referring solely to the tone and not the narrative quality. The third preview is out for Uncontrollably Fond, which used to seem so far away but is now only three weeks out from its premiere date on July 6th on KBS Wed-Thurs taking over for Master: God of Noodles. The Wed-Thurs ratings have fallen back to earth after the outlier hit that was Descendants of the Sun, and I don’t expect UF to be able to deliver the same buzz and viewer eyeballs. All I want is for the drama to hook me good and proper so that I am all in from the beginning to feel the rush from week-to-week.

This third teaser keeps up the momentum for me, delivering a lot of Suzy acting all over the place so I can’t tell exactly what her character is like beyond very dramatic and is at least emoting. Kim Woo Bin continues to be smirky and cool, and this teaser brings the first look at second leads Im Joo Eun and Im Joo Hwan being a very welcome additional to the Suzy-Woo Bin focused melodrama party. Don’t let the first 30 seconds of this preview fool you, writer Lee Kyung Hee‘s truck of doom makes a guest appearance and turns the peppy tone upside down in a nanosecond along with blood and a yelling Kim Woo Bin.

Third teaser for Uncontrollably Fond:


Energy and Intensity Ratchets Up Between Suzy and Kim Woo Bin in Third Preview of Uncontrollably Fond — 53 Comments

  1. There are people on this planet that are going to watch that drunk scene and think that’s good acting. Just let that sink in.

  2. I have low expectation but I’m here to be proven otherwise. I believe the writer is less childish than DOTS so I can take all the makjang.

  3. WTF is Suzys acting? This is embarrassing even for her own low standards. I am srsly trying to get into these promos put she is putting me off so much ugh.

  4. I think Suzy is very pretty but her acting was extroardinarily bad here. KDrama acting is usually kind of cringey in these types of dramas but this is really pretty bad. She is gorgeous in that Korean way but other than that I’m a bit worried this isn’t going to boost her career the way they’re obviously hoping it will.

    • Are you the same mary who’s the song jae rim fan from db??

      I don’t think the standard of her acting will matter as long as this gets high ratings – she was bad in GFB but it got high ratings so it benefited her anyway. And KBS is promoting it really hard plus the writer’s dramas are always popular in Korea so this will probably be a boost to her.

    • I also recently saw the preview for Taecyeon’s Let’s Fight Ghost. He’s just as bad. JYP should have invested in a good acting coach by now.

  5. I honestly think in my humble opinion and my years of drama watching experience that these two actors don’t have on screen chemistry…whyyyy???

  6. The first few teasers look ethereal and enticing but this latest teaser totally sway my interest. Agree that Suzy’s acting is all over the place and how I can’t tolerate too much aegyo-ness flaunting here. I thought her acting has become more matured in UC.

    And I have always find that Kim Woo Bin is an intense actor with good look but now I found him repeating the same role that he played in Heirs. Sigh, I should have known that he is nowhere near the charismatic actor that is Lee Jun Ki who diversified his role despite his good look.

    I was anticipating this drama more than W : Two Worlds after the underwhelming teaser but now I think W has more meaty plot and storyline.

  7. I so wished it was Park Shin Hye being his co-star. They had sizzling chemistry in Heirs. But then Park Shin Hye has found her BEST leading man in Kim Rae Won. Boy they’re smoking hot on screen.

    • You don’t have to mention park shin hye here seriously you want to make fan wars then running away
      As park shin he fan I think Suzy and woo bin will have good chemistry so stop being childish to bring fan wars here.

    • Yes… she does especially when they do magazine pictorial I almost always do a double take on their pictures…both are beautiful women.

  8. Here comes haters. “Will bring this drama and leads to the ground, even if it’s not bad but good, ’cause I’m stubborn ahole. I will be even worse, if it’s aired at the same time as drama with my unite and oppa, all idiot fans do so and I’m one of them”. Well, what’s new.
    Her or his acting in teasers where as good as acting of other actors acting in their teasers. But, of course, it’s negative opinion, that’s true one. Enjoy your superior taste lmfao.

      • @teacake looooove your hypocrisy lol
        @Vanilla I would, if people were objective too. But that’s not the case. I can’t shut haters, you and all that offended haters can’t shut me. This is how it all works. You can’t call only negative as “objective criticism”, but dismiss good comments, without asknowleging them as “objective support and satisfaction”. But that what haters and overrall people in blogs like this and dramabeans trend to do. Hypocrisy their main bream and butter. Along with being bitter about everything that’s popular. Opinion about UF and it’s lead not gonna change in heart of this haters, even if drama objectively good, because they already set their minds to hate it.
        Also, you can’t lable everyone, who supports Suzy or KWB as their fan and dismiss their opinion “you’re just fan, so shut up”, if I can’t dismiss hateful comments like “you just hater, so shut up”. Not all supporters their fan, some just annoyed by people’s stupidity and hypocrisy, like me. But of course, I’m obsessed over overpaid actors, while you’re all not blind haters lol

    • enjoy thinking that the only reason why people dont like the teaser or their acting is because theyre “haters” or “jealous” it just wasn’t that good to some of us. some of the acting or scenes were just a bit cringe. and i really hope that she doesnt “transform” or is considered ugly in the drama cause who are they kidding. its a teaser so its not much to judge the whole drama on.

      • seriously, the whining about ‘haters’ is so childish, some fans are incredibly immature.

      • Lmfao, person who wrote 3 separate comments to hate and rant on Suzy, KWB and this drama has no right to call someone childish or immature.
        Also deep inside you both know, that I’m right. Good luck with trying to mask your ahole nature.

      • @silverandgold- I think anyone who gets mad enough over some overpaid celebrity who doesn’t even know them, to be calling other posters names for stating an opinion/responding to attacks, should take a look in the mirror if they want to see a childish immature ahole.

    • maybe u should try looking @ this objectively because u are one or both of their fans u can’t see wat others r talking about. kwb didn’t have much parts in this teaser so idk.again itd be too much to judge the whole drama on this but this wats suppose to attract people in so…but most will still watch because its pre produced and a lot of hype. not everyone who doesnt worship suzy is an anti or a hater, this is a forum where people give their opinions. its just based on the teaser

  9. I watched the teaser. Suzy looks pretty but her acting is really bad here. I think she’s too overacted especially her voice tone.

  10. I thought suzy acting is already improved since she is already in this film industry for long of time, but I’m wrong … she hasn’t improved.

  11. lol suzy haters.

    Hating her on teasers.

    Of course the cute acting seems forced, because it was meant to be forced. I bet she hates doing aegyo to others PDs.

  12. Suzy is a beautiful and charming woman, but has zero talent in acting.
    She looked really bad in the last trailer. Unnatural overacting.

    • yeah, it’s like she literally cannot emote or has no understanding of emoting other than that exaggerated overacting and open mouth.

      I hope to god the trailer is just bad and she’s better in the drama, I would have actual respect if she pulled a Hyeri (whom koala hated on so hard when she got her Reply role, but turned out to be far better than any performance Suzy has produced)

  13. …this is how she does with a pre-produced drama and a writer who’s well known for being good at writing roles for rookie actors?

    And KWB is rinse repeating his Heirs role again, I see.

    • I wonder why Lee Kyung-hee didn’t say anything if KWB and Suzy are really miscast. Isn’t she as famous as KES and has teeth to agree or not agree with the cast?

      Or perhaps the editing of these teasers are just too off to showcase their acting.

      • The writer belongs to the same agency with KWB so it’s not surprised that she is tailoring this for him.
        It’s very obvious that both leads don’t fit her writing type. But she also has helped many rising stars with her writing before.
        I’ll wait until the 1st episode.
        Same with Doctors. People are too quick to judge

      • For once I agree with Drama2016. The edited teasers we are seeing my not give a real view or scope of the drama. That is why it is usually best to watch at least the first 2 episodes of a drama to know if you like it or not.
        KWB is usually intense in everything he does and Suzy tends to be hit or miss with people so I am waiting for the drama to air before deciding if I like it or not.

      • 1. LKH pleased with everything.
        2. She’s imprison, and KWB and Suzy pull her teeth out.

        It seems that UF effect on some people like Rat-Catcher of Hamelin. These people don’t want to, but like rats can’t resist the sound of pipe.

    • The writer belongs to the same agency with KWB and KWB agency is the one who produced this drama. So, it’s not surprised that they cast KWB tho ..

  14. I think its really unfair to harshly judge Suzy’s acting before the drama is even out. Plus, believe me, if you don’t like an actor, you wouldnt enjoy anything they do no matter how good it is. So if you are not a fan of KWB or Suzy then sorry, this is not for you.

  15. Bad acting aside…why does the blood look like she ate a on & J and forgot to wipe the jam off of her face???!! I hate it when idols get lead parts without working paying their dues. She may be cute but her acting is so cringe!!! having success with one film doesn’t mean you are lead worthy. Suzy, please wake up!!

  16. Bad acting aside…why does the blood look like she ate a pb & J and forgot to wipe the jam off of her face???!! I hate it when idols get lead parts without working paying their dues. She may be cute but her acting is so cringe!!! having success with one film doesn’t mean you are lead worthy. Suzy, please wake up!!

  17. if LMH go to the army. KWB will be the first in line to try to get suzy. he will be more then willing to leave a older woman for a younger woman.

    • Now that you mentioned it, why doesn’t anyone cast both together in one drama? It would be perfect for everyone. Their fans will be delighted and not who aren’t can avoid the drama without agonizing over the other co-star. Both are very famous and attract the same type of hallyu fans. No one will then accuse their co-star of riding on his/her fame or blame the other party for lack of chemistry. It will be a dream pair in the making.

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