Three New Accusers File Rape Charges Against Yoochun as the JYJ Fan Club Refuses to Support Him

Things haven’t just gone from bad to worse for idol group JYJ member and actor Park Yoochun, it’s gone from bad to five alarm inferno in the span of less than one week since he was accused of rape by the alleged victim inside an adult bar. As a factual update since my last post – while the first and original accuser has dropped her charges, but since then second, then a third, and now a fourth accuser has filed rape chargers against Yoochun. The three new allegations are for alleged rapes that occurred at varying dates during the last two years, with one common element which is that the alleged rape occurred inside a bathroom, just like what the first accuser claimed happened to her.

The Yoochun loves bathroom jokes are currently out of control and I won’t pile on other than this is turning into a serious case as the Korean police have expanded their police investigation task force from 6 to 9 members. As this is going on, Yoochun continues to go to work as a civilian police officer as his military service, and his agency released a statement that Yoochun will retire from the industry if the allegations are true, but the agency will sue the accusers for defamation if it’s proven false. At this point it’s hard to discount so many allegations sharing many similarities, so it’s going to be hard for Yoochun to ever come back even if his name is cleared.

In addition, the official JYJ fan club has released a statement that it will no longer support Yoochun and is very disappointed in him, and henceforth will only support Jaejoong and Junsu.


Three New Accusers File Rape Charges Against Yoochun as the JYJ Fan Club Refuses to Support Him — 72 Comments

  1. I just want to clear my doubts (I’m not supporting Yoochun..just asking)…can it be possible that his antifans might be falsely accusing him…as anything is possible for crazy fans or antifans in SK.
    It’s just a theory and I’m not a JYJ or Yoochun fan .
    I hope everyone gets justice.

    • I don’t think the chances of that are very high at all. Filing a rape suit, having to declare in front of the police, that’s serious stuff. False accusations can exist, but four at the same time? You may find one crazy enough person to do it, but four is just extremely unlikely. Specially because false accusations also have consequences and you’d be facing expensive lawsuits or jail time or something. Antifans can be crazy, but their activity is mostly in internet posting angry comments. Going to the police and making up a rape charge against a celebrity you don’t like goes way beyond that.

      Still, I don’t think it’s impossible, because very few things are actually impossible. But all in all, it’s way more common for a rape suit to be filed, and after word of that gets around, other victims find courage to come forward as well. That’s usually what happens in a lot of cases.

      • Thank you. It reminds me actually of what happened to Bill Cosby. A few accusers, and they’re said to be lying or just looking for money or publicity. A couple more came out and that’s when the public started taking it seriously.

      • what if these people are extortionists, its possible he might have one night stand with them, just maybe and knowing he is a big celebrity will use it against him to blackmail him for money. that can be possible when they know that he’s got more to loose as a famous celeb than a nobody like them! think freely people, this world is full of scams too!

    • Most people didn’t follow, but the second victim actually pressed the rape charges after 4 hours, but she was too afraid of going against a top star, so she never gave police the name, it was in 2014. But after she saw the news about the other woman raped in the bathroom, she decided to go to police again, and they have her info/charges pressed from 2 years ago, so it isn’t just something she copied from 1º victim, but she charged years ago! So there is no way she is in this for money and lying.

      • Well there you have it folks it a pattern for him and he’s been getting away with it…the heck with this bathroom fetish smh bury him!

    • Rape in Korea is a pretty big deal ….no woman would step out and declare she was raped if she wasn’t really raped.

  2. Huuu i wonder what his co stars thinking aboutit…eunhye,sekyung, hanjimin if imnot mistaken..they have kiss scene

  3. As a celebrity, he’s well and truly finished. The only question is whether this ends up tainting Jaejoong and Junsu too in the eyes of the public because they were so close. That DC gallery did the right thing by dissociating from him.

    • It will probably taint jaejoong more than junsu because jaejoong is known to be close to yoochun and is best friends with hyunjoong. Even though jaejoong hasn’t done anything to warrant suspicion , having two of your closest friends accused of such horrendous crimes will make people question your morality as well.

      • Well Jaejoong was caught hitting and saying mean things to a saesang fan in 2009.

      • I don’t condone those actions but I also don’t condone how saesang fans act either. It’s hard for me to feel bad for how he treated a saesang considering how bad jyj/saesang fans act. I’m not a violent person in the least but if someone continuously invaded my privacy and badgered me like saesangs treat their idols, there would be a point I would break too. I’m sorry if the police aren’t doing anything about these stalkers, because that is what saesangs are, then a celebrity should have a right to defend themselves. Also mix obsessive stalkers and lawsuit against SM that was fresh in 2009, I’m not surprised that he acted that way.

  4. well with picture of him bring gangter to harass the woman. also picture of him enjoy watching woman stuffing stuff for his enjoyment. who would still support this guy. unless they dont care what he do. he best option is china or japan after army. if he want to do movie drama again.

  5. It is good that the police is taking these allegations seriously, and allocating the man power necessary to look into these cases. I sincerely hope that the truth will come out, for everyone involved.

    Whether a celebrity or not is involved, no one should be sexually assaulted or molested. I don’t want to form an opinion until more comes out, and I understand the decision of the JYJ fan club. They probably invest a lot of their time and resources to support the famous people they believe in, and I understand their desire to take a stand, and send a message. I’m patiently waiting for the outcome in these stories. PYC’s family (especially his mother), might feel like they want to hide, these days.

    My heart goes out to the accusers, if these allegations are true. The sad thing for me, is that during the TGWSS days, I had these online exchanges with some of PYC’s fans, who mentioned stories of PYC being humble, friendly (like with the older male cleaning hotel staff when they would travel), and kind. I guess we don’t always know who people are, or what they can become. This is sad, really sad…

  6. There is a part of me that’s angry if the accusations turn out to be the truth …but there is also a part of me that feels sorry for the accused if the accusers are just after money or fame as the end result of their actions. It is hard for me to fathom that an attractive,famous,wealthy individual can do such unforgivable crime. But no one can really ascertain the real character of an individual. For the sake of giving him the benefit of the doubt…for the people and adore him…I hope that the truth will be realized.

    • there is no way they gain fame, they would be destroyed by public, police and their family, no woman gains fame for lying about rape.

      • Agree! Some women get famous on sex scandals like Paris Hilton but no one get famous because she or he got rape.

    • I think that people get confused when a celebrity get accused of a crime (whether its rape, robbery, or a murderer) these people are HUMAN BEINGS. They aren’t any different from you and I and we don’t know them. We only see the image, the mask, the character they paint on the outside and feed to us for our pleasure in dramas, movies, and even in music. So when things like this happen its no surprise no one ever believes the woman (women) when this happened. And no rape victim get famous….they become infamous by the way the public harass, pry, and demonize the women (or women and men as well) actions, morale, and background. They don’t become any better off, instead their life is a timebomb as crazy ass fans are ready to stalk and harass them for alleging their oppa for a crime they didn’t commit.

      At this point i believe he has assaulted women in the past and present, more than these four women but its up to the police to see if justice will actually come forth or will it be swept under the rug once again like in all cases.

  7. The allegations are so serious that I don’t have the interest on making jokes. Has he really done all of this?? If he has then not retirement, jail is what he needs. And if he hasn’t than well his career is over in the industry so he should make sure to sue the ladies. I am not a fan but witch-hunt is not something I am particularly fond of which may just be a likely scenario, here’s hoping the truth and the truth can prevail in his case.

  8. I seriously do not get why fan girls support their idols unconditionally. I’m reading that they are going to be believing in him no matter what, and everything is a conspiracy to divert attention away from the corruption scandal. Why can’t fans have the “wait and see” attitude instead? They can hope that this isn’t true, but they should be thinking that this guy is not worth any effort if the allegations are true. But instead most of them don’t care about the judgement. They insist on his innocence and are going to support him regardless. Why? I just don’t get it.

    • This is a weird comment to make given that the fan club has officially stopped supporting him, meaning that most prior fans aren’t supporting PYC unconditionally. Unlike the reaction PSH’s case inspired…

      • There are still fan girls out there like this. A lot of them, as someone mentioned above, only want to believe in the “truth” that he is innocent. I’m not saying that there aren’t rational fans out there but I’m genuinely curious as to why some go all the way to shield their favorites. It’s not specific to this case.

    • Equally, ppl should also give PYC the benefit of the doubt before he is convicted. Everything without legal evidence is all speculation. Only the accused and the accusers know the truth. But as I read online, most netizens including his fans actually gravitate toward believing he’s guilty.

      Disclaimer: I’m not his fan.

      • I am gravitating toward believing he’s guilty. I think people can make their own judgement based on the details of the case, because what are the chances that he is convicted even if he did sexually assault those girls? There’s virtually no way to prove that it wasn’t done under mutual consent. They’ll just be insisting on their own stand.

        What I mean is, I can accept fans choosing to believe in his innocence if he is not convicted. But they are not even accepting the possibility that he may be guilty, and I cannot understand that.

    • Im a fan of JYJ, by the matter of fact DBSK. This is really very heartbreaking news for me, I have been a fan for almost 10 years. I’m actually waiting for more clarification on the investigation from the police. It could be a conspiracy, or it could be true what these girls were testifying, if it is, that’s devastating news for any fans. Or we may never know, if it’s rape or consensual sex.

  9. I am still in shock stage seriously how in one day everything turned to be mess I am really shocked how disgusting and awful if his mind like that ……

    • I’m disgusted by PSH and now YC, this is no competition about who’s worse. it isn’t a game, it is people lifes! girls being raped!

      • Sorry @liz my comment below was meant as a reply to you. You’re right it’s not a competition, we should take this seriously.

    • Ia about people who are still ‘neutral’ or ‘not forming an opinion yet’ even after a FOURTH VICTIM has already come forth. Like hello people open your damn eyes!

    • Still, this is not considered EVIDENCE without going through legal investigation. I’m not defending him. But I would rater hold a neutral position before verdict is out. Online photos can be photoshopped and legally need photoshop and digital graphic experts to examine the authenticity of the pics. Online she-says-he-says can be nothing but rumors spreading like wildfires that need to be inspected by crime experts to evaluate the sources of information. I’m saying these not bcos I’m his fan (since I’m not) but just to be cautious not to wrong innocent ppl for something they didn’t do.

      Guilty or not, his life style has brought him this fiasco that’s very possible to totally ruin his career. That’s just a foolish life choice to begin with.

      • @ax, Idk how you ended up with such a conclusion unless you’ve already have your own verdict of the case in mind. I’m just being neutral without access to any credible evidence or insider information to judge right or wrong. You can take sides but that only proves how ignorant you are of legal system in a democratic society.

  10. This is so upsetting because DBSK was the band that introduced me to K-ent.. and now I am scared for Jaejoong (there was Hyun Joong last year too).

    I thought it was all over with “did not pay for services” fiasco, which was bad enough.. But it turned very serious very quickly. I really don’t know what to say… If he’s guilty, he should be punished.

    • The same birds flock together. Very likely Jaejoong knows what is going on too. Just take a look at Jaycee Chan and Kai Ko that always hang out together. What a shame that these young man did to their own life. Same case happened to Edison Chen too. They are hardly can make a comeback.

      • These kinds of comments are gross. There have been many cases where people have done horrendous things and their loved ones didn’t know- and if you were/are actually a JYJ fan you would know that they have all stated repeatedly in interviews for years that they only see each other when they promote – the only exception would have probably been right before JJ enlisted. They all have separate groups of friends these days as well.

        it’s really not a good look to just through comments like that out there about anyone- the Internet is a scary thing- it only takes a few people to say something before people start taking it as fact.

  11. Exactly, this isn’t a scandal, it’s a crime and four women have been affected.

    Rape is not a joking matter, I think we can all be united on that point.

  12. it will be like park shi hoon with nothing.
    everypne was said at the time that park will going to jail but
    it went smothlly without charge.
    and today? he on the screen with drama and movie upcoming.
    just wait people and dont conclued for the worst, i will
    wait, but for now, for me he i ok.

  13. Well, innocent or not, I don’t think his career can recover from this. I should have watched “The Girl who ..” before, as I always intended to. But I just didn’t come around to it. Now, I don’t think I could enjoy it.

  14. I feel so grossed out after I saw the drawings he made of toilets. When asked at a radio show years ago what he finds beautiful, his answer was toilet. Now that all these allegations against him are coming out, just seeing his face makes me feel like puking.

    What’s worse is that he acted as a detective in a rape themed drama Missing You. Now he’s accused as a rapist. Even if he will be proven innocent, i will always have my doubt, cause with his agencies power being connected with the mob, they could have threatened the victims.

  15. It’s hard to believe in his innocence after a fourth accuser has stepped up. I believe his career is well and truly finished. I am inclined to suspend my disbelief if it was only one accuser, then it falls under the ‘he said, she said’ category. But when 4 successive women gather courage to speak up, chances are high that he is guilty. If it walks like a duck, and shakes like a duck, then in all probability, it is a duck.

    I am neutral to him as a performer, so I have nothing at stake in saying this, but I feel very sorry for his bandmates. Anyway, it’s time for their solo careers to flourish, so it may not taint their careers too badly, guilt by association and all that.

  16. Feel so bad for his parents. This is snow balling down the hill for him.

    I just finished a fantastic drama of Ji Sung, Entertainer. Not to say PYC is wrongly accused. But I do hope he turns out to be the Entertainer boy rather than Bill Cosby.

    Disclaimer again: I’m not his fan. So don’t call me delulu.

  17. Again not to bias but just share he-said-she-said as others all have been doing to present two sides of arguments. Here’s just a copy-paste from somewhere online:

    “4 times of which: 1 withdraw one was asallted by him while he was in the studio recording with Gummy and one while he was in China! Seems to me he is kind of a Superman then! Before you judge at least read and think! If you can’t then wait while the police will come out with the results of their investigations!”

    We can chose what we want to believe but still prove nothing if all the allegations are true or not. So when you argue outside courts, don’t speak as if you were the jury. LOL

  18. OK another piece of he-said-she-said:

    “Yeah, well the 4th woman changed her story numerous times. She keeps changing the date she allegedly was assaulted, and it’s not just the day but also the month…and the time. She keeps changing it because fans keep finding proof that in those days he had schedules or wasn’t even in the country.”

    Rolling my eyes.

  19. Conspiracy theory- a wild one but since he declared that he will exit entertainment if proven guilty, would SM have a hand in this? This would take JYJ out for sure i supppse. And ultimately its down to her vs his words.

    Anyway, i feel so sad for the boys. They have come so far, and seems any hope of ot5 is gone

    • Not missing much. I was not impressed with his brother’s acting skills at all; it was obvious he got the gig because of PYC. I would be happy to see one less somewhat-tolerable-but-middling-talent filling out the casts.

  20. Well personally I find it a little hard to belive it.I’m not his fan and I have seen only one of his dramas but to me it seems absurd.
    I think only time will tell if he is really guilty,till then I’m holding my judgment. Inosent till proven guilty.

  21. Rape is an act of violence, no woman deserves to be raped. Conspiracy theory, is a bit much to believe. The girl who was raped two years ago didn’t think anyone would believe her either. This is how it works with stars who are idolized by immature fans who honestly believe that these stars can do no wrong. Pretty soon these idols, get to believing they can do no wrong too. One girl maybe but 4, that is a whole new can of worms.

    This is so sad, for the girls, their families, Micky’s family, and Junsu. Sometimes you are judged by the company you keep, fair or not. Didn’t Jaejoong have a few problems years ago?

    Only time will tell what happens.

  22. Idols put on a very pure, angelic, innocent, virgin image in front of the camera but who knows what they r really capable of doing in reality since they’re just another human being just like everyone else

    • The more reasons their fans needs to stop acting like they’re above everything else so their idols don’t feel like they are above the law.

  23. his career in KOREAN over. time for him to move to china to do drama&movie. till he rape one of their own people.
    noone in korean want to see him on tv. he rape not one not two not three but fourth woman in the bathroom. he worst then that rapist PSH.
    his company is run by gang to.

  24. I have no faith in the S Korean judicial system. For some reason, he’s going to walk away innocent and leaving those who accused him in a worst place then they were before. Disgusting.

  25. ah come on, idiot can deduce it…4 to 5 accusers in short time.. clearly a false charge and after the money.. the first one probaly has a relationship with him before and got dump. real rape victim wont come like flock. And almost got rape is not a rape, dumb-dumb. I wish people falsely accused other people rape them for money really gonna get raped afterward. oh i not a fan of this guy just disappointed with humanity.

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