Song Joong Ki’s China Fan Meeting Lights Up Descendants of the Sun Fans with Song Hye Kyo Joint Appearance

The sold out in minutes Song Joong Ki fan meeting in China turned into the Song-Song affair, but somehow I don’t think his Chinese fans minded much since many may be shipping him with his Descendants of the Sun costar. Song Hye Kyo made a surprise appearance at Song Joong Ki’s June 17th fan meeting in China, way more than a fly by considering how busy she is, instead staying for quite a stretch and did interviews, games, and more with Song Joong Ki for his ecstatic fans. They also piled on the shipping fan service big time, still not selling me on a real life romance but remaining so visually gorgeous together and flashing continued effortless camaraderie. The fan meeting pictures are way too cute and I applaud the good nature and professionalism of these two for making DotS fans so happy.


Song Joong Ki’s China Fan Meeting Lights Up Descendants of the Sun Fans with Song Hye Kyo Joint Appearance — 62 Comments

  1. God. I don’t ship them in real life but they are absolutely gorgeous together. Like luminous. How can they just glow?

  2. I want to be the fan who can separate drama and real life and respects the actors’ personal lives…

    …but I can’t help but ship them so hard.

  3. The look gorgeous !! I don’t ship them together and I do not think they date either but Considering how busy Song Hye Kyo is and for more than 20 years of her career she never does Fan meeting for herself and only appeared in two Fan meeting , one was for Cha Tae Huyn and this one for Song Jong Ki that means either Song Jong Ki has become a great friend of her or Dots is her tribute to the fans . Either way She is happy and that does matter

  4. Songsong couple is the best! We can see that they are very comfortable to each other now. They dont mind about being in a rumored relationship status and just enjoy each other company! Love them 🙂

  5. Won’t be suprised if she dates him afterall she has dated every actor she has acted with ….what’s one other man even if she is 10 years older than he is .

    • Do your homework and find out the facts before you make such comment.
      She has only dated 2 co-stars out of the many many more that she had worked with in her 20 years career.

      • That was obviously an immature troll. Sometimes it’s better to ignore them. They don’t have the maturity to be proper fans of any of their bias anyway. With their snide dumb comments.

    • Jealousy is such an evil thought. I feel sad when a woman bash another woman. You only criticise one side and no mentioned of the man involve especially the first man who has a flirtatious reputation. As a woman, don’t clamour for respect if you cannot respect your fellow women. We are talking about dating not about murder.

  6. That being said their body language does not look like they are dating .song hye kyo is absolutely gorgeous …the most beautiful Korean actress in my opinion and a good actress unlike that hollow eye talentless Kim tae hee and absymasl park shin hye .

    • But to the shipper, it is real, it is real.

      When both actors are playing this, the more I think they are not real.

    • Your love to Psh is unlimited. There isn’t a moment you can forget her haha.
      I guess you life must be so great to be this hateful

  7. I too think they are good friends and they are acting professionally offscreen for fan service. But both look so visually appealing. I dont ship them. For me the give off friendly vibes, the non romantic type so far

  8. They are more than just good friend for sure.

    Learning from her 2 failed relationship, SHK always avoids scandals with her co-stars. She denied strongly when there is nothing romantically involved. Don’t you guys know how she reacted about her rumors with JIS and KDW?

    This time, she never flatly or directly denies the rumor. Even if they are really close, normally she would have avoided being close to SJK to let the rumor die. Instead, she is not afraid of showing up with him. And for SJK, being with his rumored girlfriend often does not do anything good to his career. Lots of fan girls want to claim him for themselves.

    DOTS is over. There is nothing to “sell to the fan and media” anymore. SHK and SJK are both too rich and famous to rely on DOTS’s fame. To repay fans’love for the drama, must SHK go all the way to China, to a supposed SJK fan-only meeting? Something she never did before.

    And lots don’t know….that SHK’s manager went with SJK one or two times before. The day after they returned from Chengdu, SJK’s manager came with SHK to a wedding of a UAA staff and acted like a bodyguard; note that SHK’s manager also came with her. Are they close to the point of sharing their managers? Same stylist, same photographer friends.

    Really, just name me any nuna-dongseng relationship in K-biz that can be that close?

    • Personally do not give a rat’s ass whether they are together or not. Do not live in Korea and do not believe in or understand the “fan/ship” concept. Just wanted to address “there is nothing to sell to the fan and media anymore” statement. I respectfully disagree. Power and money are addicting. No matter how much one has, the nature of human beings is to want more. Example: Jay-Z and Beyonce – together they are worth very near 1 Billion USD or 113,000,000,000 won (so many zero’s hope I counted them correctly.) Even with that net worth, they continue to write, sing, produce, give concerts, etc. For many of us we say we would retire; why not them. They are addicted to money and the power it brings. SJK and SHK are also human beings. Check out the price of the DVD of DOTS-craziness. You could say they give a lot to charity, that is merely a tax write-off.

  9. If you put two and two together they are obviously dating. I think SJK never behaved this way before and He is the one who is smitten the most. He doesnt care if he is risking his carrier now. But the way I see it songsong couple is accepted already and many have shipped them. June is the love month for noona-doesang relationship.

  10. I don’t think that they are dating at all. And I sincerely find that Song Hye Kyo appears to be very graceful except for one thing that I can’t tolerate that is that she’s too beauty conscious with her constantly adjusting her hair. I am yet to see one Korean actress whom is not so caring over how they look onstage and come off naturally.

      • @Sganarel
        Its stupid to feel jealous over a star and well-known beauty like Song Hye Kyo. What OMG meant was that korean actresses tend to be extra conscious of their beauty. You don’t get to see that with Hollywood actresses like Charlize Theron. What she meant tht sometimes such gesture came off to make them look unnatural. You obviously draw your conclusion because you find that any comment not in favour as being critical instead of constructive or just one’s personal opinion.

    • lol she’s not at ALL beauty conscious. She’s probably super nervous because she does not do events like this ever (well once years ago) and she’s in front of his crazy fans who think they are his wife.

    • I don’t see SHK nor other K actresses being beauty conscious. Idk what has led you to interpret K actresses that way. It’s the Asian upbringing that defines what’re supposed to be good manners in public, specifically facing such a huge audience. Similarly, many Asian parents in the US disapprove of mannerism of Hollywood celebrities; they think many American girls lack self respect with all the brazen behavior.

      • I am Asian too and I too do not approve of the extreme mannerism of Hollywood actresses but there are of course some that are classy like Natalie Portman and Carey Mulligan (and of course beauty is subjective and you may not view them as beautiful the same way that I do).

        What I was saying is that she and most Korean actresses are a bit too attentive of their beauty in public. You don’t get to see Natalie or Carey being all too self-conscious like that, trying to look pretty all the time.

        Having said that, I didn’t mean it in a negative way. It’s just that in my opinion and to my personal preference of actresses that are already naturally beautiful to just be less conscious of their beauty and be natural.

        I don’t understand why my opinion being translated as sounding jealous or negative when it’s just my personal opinion based on my preference and observation.

    • Don’t even get why Korean actresses are so beauty conscious apart from song hye kyo and Lee min ho none of them can compare with Hollywood or Bollywood actresses beauty wise……Kim tae hee might be a raving beauty here but in the eyes of foreigners she is just a normal Korean woman.
      How many times has any of them made maxim or voted peoples most beautiful woman?
      Even in Asia can any k drama actor stand next to gong like or aishwaya rai or priyanka chopra?

      • @hye jin…..thank you, well said. Have lived in both New York and California. So many women there are truly beautiful, many with a type of natural beauty that will cause you to gasp (are they real). The rumors about the DOTS pair moving to Hollywood are interesting. Not to be mean, but SHK is too old @ age 35 to break into the business as a star. Producers/Director/audiences are looking for younger women and the roles for older women are minimal even for established “stars”. Korea might serve itself well to get over this obsession with “beauty”…..for the definition of beauty in the movie industry (US) does not derive from the definition of beauty in Korea. PS- I am older than 35 (by a bit) and age to many of us is a state of mind but to the movie industry industry, one is over the hill.

      • LOL obviously we have different aesthetic standards of beauty. No offense. These two India ladies you mentioned are not beauties in my definition, not even up to par with average beauty in my eyes. LOL. Their complexions are looking too wild/sharp. I can easily spot women with similar looks walking down the street here in the US. They are everywhere in my town. LOL… Nothing special or impressive.

        So speak modestly when you are being critical of anyone’s appearance. In my eyes, K actresses are beautiful in average, more attractive than Westerners or Indians. BTW, Westerners usually look older than they are. Asians never aging. LMAO.

      • One question k drama 2016 can you compare Kim tae hee with women like shakira rihanna Angelina jolie or Beyonce?

      • @hye jin – LOL…do you like the color red or the color blue? I like blue, then you ask why not liking red? I like red, then you ask why not liking blue?… I like Kim Tae Hee, I do not like shakira Rihanna Angelina jolie, beyonce. You do not need to know the reason… because you are just a troll! LOL…

      • @hye jin, Those two Indian ladies are absolutely not pretty nor attractive in my eyes; comparing them to Korean beauties is hors de question. Beyonce? LOL..Nope! She totally looks like a tart most of the time. Sorry not sorry for my taste that just doesn’t appreciate her tawdry style. Angelina Jolie’s stunning beauty only lasted for a few years. Now look at her skin and you get she’s no exception to defy age. Well enough being said. We differ in our taste about beauty. Just don’t shove yours down others’ throats. Peace!

  11. The more they spend time with each other like this as public and open as they are now, the more it confirms my belief that they are just good friends who are getting to know each other. If something was romantically happening they would be way more secretive and lowkey. This just proves they dont care about the “rumors” because they just see each other as mutual friends. Of course alot of friendships turn into relationships but at this point you could see they’re squarely in the friendship zone. Good for them, this is costar goals and I love them more as friends than lovers. Never shipped them.

  12. Song Hye Kyo has everything: beauty, talent, fame, money… She doesn’t need to do anything just to please the fans. Therefore, I wouldn’t say that it is “fan service”.

  13. Why are my being called a troll…song hye kyo is one actress that has my respect …..she is the most successful k drama actress with over 4 k drama that has crossed 40 percent ratings in Seoul….yes I don’t agree with her dating co stars does that make me a hater ?
    DT said she is gorgeous a good actress and seems like a humble person .

  14. They sure look good together. Dating or very close friends, it’s a win win situation. It looked like they had so much fun and both are known to genuinely love their fans!

  15. Shipper or not, everyone who had seen the said FM must have agreed now that:

    1. They like and enjoy being with the presence of each other, even months after the filming ceased and the drama stopped airing.

    2. They don’t mind the rumors. They don’t care about haters. And they do not even care to ever blatantly deny anything romantic between them. Not before this FM, not in this FM.

    3. SHK treasures and supports SJK so much, that she stepped out of her comfort zone and flew to China just to attend his FM and returned in less than a day. Speaks volume,how he meant to her.

    4. SJK adores SHK and visibly nervous around her, as well as happy with her being around, proven by his smiles and laughter.

    They are happy and glowing, and gorgeous together.

    Well, if anything, is there even any need to “act professionally off screen” to please the fans?. Drama is over, popularity secured, fans are amassing. Who on earth need such “off screen acting” with the magnitude of fame they have? If they still need those things, then the lesser famous actors are those who need it the most. Curiously, none of them,ever doing it.

    Well,,just my two cents.

  16. @ hye Jin and lede 3957 Beauty is in the eyes of beholder, different person has different taste , do not generalize your taste to everyone

    Also pls check the fact , shk broke into star when she was 20 ,not at age 35 Lolzz

    • @ta somehow you misinterpreted what I wrote. I stated regarding the Hollywood rumors that shk is 35 and it would be difficult for her to break into the US movie industry. Sorry, but no way does the majority of Korean idols, actresses begin to compare with world beauty standards- eye of the beholder or not- the total package just is not there to view.

      • There is no such thing of the world beauty standard Lolz , asian beauty is different from western beauty ,
        Whether or not she can act in Hollywood movies depends on the roles , or whether she could convince the director she could fit into that role Lolzz

  17. @Ta….. Korean is the plastic capitol of the world. Double eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty lead the list. Those surgeries assist in making Koreans look more “western”. Young girls are getting plastic surgery. Who/what is real in Korea? Teeth are visibly not real in dramas. Yes, there are different standards of beauty between Korean and the West. Koreans win for the less than attractive prototype-sorry. No more comments from me, just not interested in your short-sighted opinion.

  18. You think Julia Roberts , or Jennifer Anniston , Meryl Streep are considered western beauty ??? Lolz they are good actress but not beauty
    Or are you talking about Megan fox , , Olivia Wilde ? Scarlet johansson
    They are hot but not because of they are hot it’s considered the world beauty standard hahaha
    Each culture has their own beauty standards Pls get that fact
    Western think tan skin is hot while asian loves fair complexion . Asian cares more about natural beauty ( look at makeup trending or skincare routine from korea) when western Focus of heavy makeup Lolz
    I’m also speaking of the fact that korean beauty industry also starts migraring to western culture (go to senhora to see it yourself)

    • Then why are Korean beauty not recognised worldwide ….aishwaya rai an Indian was once voted the most beatiful woman in the world …lupita nyong o an african was voted too….how come no korean has ever been voted ….let’s not deceive ourselves pls .

      • You brought in two ladies who was one miss world and the other one was Oscar award winner ( to be honest before she won that award , nobody was even aware of her existence )
        To compare with shk or kim Tae hee
        Lolzz they are just freaking darn actress , that are not fortune enough to be cast in holly wood movie because their acting is not good enough or their beauty do not match director eyes )
        Why don’t you mention honey lee , third runner up miss universe?
        Or Rio Mori , ( miss Japanese ) crowned miss universe
        Or miss Philippines , crowned miss universe last year ?
        They represented asian beauty ..
        Or miss Japanese

  19. Kim tae hee and song hye kyo are easily known as the most beautiful women in Korea but compare them to stars from other country and they are lost in the shuffle …no ass no boobs ..all under 5 feet tall with short legs ….in song bye kyo’s defence she has an extremely pretty face but Kim tae hee ,I don’t even know her charm.

    • Really (if I am to take your comment seriously), you’re fighting so hard here to defend your opinions and you don’t even seem to know what being beautiful actually means.

      • Beauty is a combination of things ….bottom line is no matter how u try to spin it …Korean Women are not internationally recognized as beauty icons .nuff said sorry if I hurt your feelings .

  20. Whether they are a couple or not, no one can say for sure. What we do know is that they have mutual friends and since the completion of DoTS, and run into each other quite frequently and have meals together that have nothing to do with production or even fans being around. So, people saying it’s for fanservice are stretching as much as any deluded shipper. I think the pendulum swings hard to both ends. I remember before all the BTS videos came out on the conclusion, when SJK & SHK were at the opening press conference, on the eng sub sites like MDL all the comments were like the 2 had absolutely no chemistry at all, were professional and kept a distance from each other… and then people say the 1st reading… and so, now I’m reading the above comments about how SHK acts “cold” to the guy she likes but now she’s acting “comfortable” with him so she must not like him. I have to laugh because it’s no different than shippers reading into the fact that SJK held her hand when she lost the Lead Actress award. It was comforting her, anyone could tell. If it was a her girlfriend next to her would you say she was in a lesbian relationship? Both sides of the spectrum on this relationship really in tryhard mode to push their side… I think it’s cute just watching these two unfold and go-at-it. lol… They aren’t acting anywhere near how they do normally after the completion of a show… he’s just out of the military and she’s at the age where her parents are gonna get worried if she’s not already dating someone else in silence. So, yeah, of course, the outcome of this thing is really fascinating. Their actions make it so… because, honestly, none of this post-production stuff is “required” of either of them. It’s requests and plans they’ve made within their own personal management of themselves. Maybe they are greedy and feel like milking the DoTS cow teets for every drop they can get… but I never saw either of them as the type to do that… CFs, yes. Push the SongSong couple where even YAI would bring it up to further fan the flames if they intended to deny it??? Sorry, it’s just so silly to me. I guess they really are that greedy.

    • Btw, I’m in the middle,so when I see all the recent activity I’m reminded that DoTS completed far before the airing since it was simulcast in Japan & China, and required the approval of Chinese censors. They had completed everything before even the 1st airing. SHK isn’t bond by DoTS to do anything further than give interviews previously setup. The topic reappears because of the interest in SongSong couple. So, I saw this post and, out of interest, watched a subbed version of it. They really pumping the “SongSong” couple, which of course, feels fake & forced & fanservice. Like she said at the fanmeet, SHK is doing what she normally does after a production, “rest at home, meet with friends…” however she added that she’s “watching over SJK events and supporting them..” It was such a strange thing to say… Out of character really for her.. but then somewhere in the middle of that, out of nowhere, SJK grabs a towel behind SHK to cover her up, and I was taken aback. It wasn’t just that he was considerate, but that it seemed to naturally be in the forefront of his mind. …Now, I’ve watched a few WGM episodes, and KDramas, and the one thing, as a person from the USA, that always fascinated me is the possessiveness of a Korean man to his woman. Not wanting others to see them in certain attire and such. They seem overly aware of it… where American men seem to enjoy their women barely dressed & a trophy on their arm. It’s a distinction that someone from the USA sees and it stands out because our men just don’t do things like that.. not ever… Even after marriage… Not happening… So, I sit back and wonder, is SJK ultra aware of SHK appearance because she’s giving his time and he doesn’t want any miscues over her giving an underwear shot… or something else entirely. lol…. This two… Pfft… They really like rocking everyone’s world… Partners In Crime, that’s how I see them… but yeah, unless DoTS is gonna come out with a Season 2… SongSong are just having a Field Day with all their fans and making greedy bank off it, for sure!!

  21. If you follow closely to the both of them you will conclude that they are dating. for Korean beauties . SHK was voted or included for top 100 beauties in the world. For Kim tae hee she is beautiful in Korean Standard.

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