Star Couples Nicky Wu-Liu Shi Shi and Wallace Huo-Ruby Lin Make Couples Appearances this Weekend

It’s double the love this weekend for two big name Chinese entertainment star couples out and about. First came TW-actor and singer Nicky Wu’s Shanghai fan meeting where his famous wife C-actress Liu Shi Shi made a surprise appearance to support her hubby. Nicky blurted out “I thought you were in Beijing!” when Shi Shi appeared onstage and the two shared a huge hug before Shi Shi entwined her fingers with her husband and beamed by his side as he wrapped up his fan meeting. It’s always wonderful to see this real life Bu Bu Jing Xin couple out and about, huge age difference and all the naysayers aside, they look comfortably and genuinely into each other.

Across the strait, newly outed star couple TW-actor Wallace Huo and TW-actress Ruby Lin were spotted in public for the first time since news broke of their relationship. The pair attended HK-songstress Sandy Lam’s concert in Taipei and were swarmed with media after being spotted despite dressing as incognito as possible. Wallace shielded Ruby as they tried to make an exit after the concert. I also love Wallace and Ruby and if their going public is an indication of how serious they are then I am super happy for them!


Star Couples Nicky Wu-Liu Shi Shi and Wallace Huo-Ruby Lin Make Couples Appearances this Weekend — 11 Comments

  1. So good to see Wallace and Ruby as a happy couple.They looked so relaxed and are obviously enjoying themselves at the concert. It is fantastic to see Wallace happy and putting on a bit of meat ( he did look so gaunt and downcast when he was filming in Qingdao). “Zu Fu, Zu Fu” to Wallace and Ruby!

  2. LongShi is just so sweeeeeeeeet.. he was singing this song “Big hands holding small hands” or something like that, they were just holding each other’s hands.. i think he teared up abit at the end..

    Ruby and Wallace look great too.. like how he kept asking the media to not rush while he walked her out.. though i think the media is really too much, not focusing on the concert but on the couple who would have liked to stay low profile.. =.=

  3. Both couples seem sweet in real life, but in terms of on-screen pairings I still love Wallace and Shi Shi. I hope they pair up again in the future.

  4. How can you not see Wallace though? He stands out so much to me. He’s so beautiful. Ruby too but Wallace looks so good though. I’m so happy for these two. They are just beaming and I hope I will hear good news soon. They are at that age to be wed soon, like really soon. Ruby is not going to be any younger and I want to see cute little Ruby and Wallace before it’s too late.

  5. I wish Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin happiness and long lasting relationship. Hope they are gonna married soon and have kids.

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