Ghostly Kim So Hyun Helps Taecyeon Beat Up Evil Spirits in Let’s Fight Ghost


I think Let’s Fight Ghost has a fighting chance of being watchable, if not substantively gripping it might be mildly diverting as a summer offering. Seeing high school girl ghost Kim So Hyun with college student ghost hunter Taecyeon isn’t as jarring or disconcerting as I worried about. They seem to have a fun bright chemistry in the stills, the one above looks cute with her leaning in like she wants something from him while he’s got the don’t bother me glare going on. There’s also a new preview that takes a page from The Grudge playbook but then turns it into comedy, even if the ghostly apparition is rocking the requisite scary makeup very effectively. Even if this is a comedic take on ghost busting I think there will be plenty of jump scares so those not keen on horror may want to have your hand on the FF button.

Preview for Let’s Fight Ghost:


Ghostly Kim So Hyun Helps Taecyeon Beat Up Evil Spirits in Let’s Fight Ghost — 4 Comments

  1. A take on Ghostbusters i suppose…I like taecyeon so I’ll give it a chance.I’ve had low profile dramas surprise me with their entertainment factor a more than a few times…so.I hope this is one of those.

  2. I definitely would watch cos I like this kind of story and hope the ghosts wont continue to be that ugly. I like Taecyeon and Kim So Hyun.

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