Lee Jong Seok Turns into an Olympic Sharpshooter in New Stills from W: Two Worlds

Sharpshooters aren’t my thing but Lee Jong Seok certainly is. His character in upcoming MBC drama W: Two Worlds has multiple talents and achievements and one of it is being an Olympic gold medal winning target shooter. The drama just released stills of Lee Jong Seok competing at the Olympics with a long barrel pistol and one eye covered. I swear anytime he plays a genius level type character I do get the same vibes from him, for example switch out the pistol with a scalpel and suddenly he’s Park Hoon again. I do love the styling for him in this drama, he can look more flower boy than most due to his lanky looks but the drama has managed to make him look believably dangerous.


Lee Jong Seok Turns into an Olympic Sharpshooter in New Stills from W: Two Worlds — 20 Comments

  1. He is my sis’ favourite so I adore him as well, plus he has good eyes in picking up good dramas. But no can pull on the one eye covered look and looking all smoking badass sexy other than Lee Jun Ki. *Spazzing*

    Lee Jong Suk looks dashing with one eye covered but Lee Jun Ki with an eye patch is super smexy that left me all swoony and bated breathed. This drama looks interesting and going to check it out.

  2. The surgery messed up his face but I still love him….one thing about his dramas ….they are so insightful and meaningful…. Teaches morality ,value for humanity and respect for life.

  3. Because of all what’s going on with guns and weapons of the sort …negative reactions are inevitable. The drama I assume is about this discipline–and the more trained and knowledgeable you are in weaponry the less likely to take the repercussions lightly.I’m hoping this drama will be mindful of that since I’m pretty sure this will reach audiences from all walks of life…

    • im not sure but this is just a small part of his past, i don’t think its centered around this. and guns are banned in korea,(but since where he’s from its a fictional world it could be possible that in his universe civilians are allowed to have guns) but its just a sport that hes really good and im not sure but i think he becomes a detective of some sort later on literally don’t quote me and take w/ a grain of salt its just rumors i have heard so. but i dont think its going to revolve much around guns like that tbh

  4. Till know his character in Doctor Stranger is my favorite one from his other characters, a carefree, good nature & big hearted doctor who is serious just when he wants to do surgery! But his persona in this one seems damn cool & charismatic which can come to first for me after its premier.

  5. He has great acting talent. But I agree with Koala, I always get the same vibes from him when he plays this level of genius, from I Hear Your Voice tp Dr. Stranger to Pinocchio, now by looking at the stills. I hope LJS will take more versatile roles with certain vulnerability in the characters. It’s like watching wealthy chaebols all getting boring eventually.

    • Completely disagree. I can easily distinguish the differences between Hoon and Dal Po. Nam Soon was played with a different vulnerability than Soo Ha. If you found all those characters emitting the same vibe, then maybe you don’t have the keen eye to notice the differences. And how much more versatile can you get after playing the part of Park Hoon. The character was like a rollercoaster ride. Also your comment about chaebols don’t apply here and for him. This is his first time playing one.

    • It was pretty shocking for me that Koala commented like this because I completely remember she said in one of her posts that she got LJS’s appeal & it is getting different vibes from his characters, she believed none of them are alike, I’m not sure why she said it now!!!
      For me it was exactly the same, I couldn’t believe at first that Goo Nam Soon & Park Hoon were played by the same actor.

    • my first LJS drama was pinocchio and when then I watched school 2013, I could not believe nam-soom was played by the same actor. I have not watch dr stranger cuz I can’t stand the lead actress I read many rave reviews about his acting in the drama.

    • The chaebol reference is just analogy. What I was saying was that LJS always played certain kinds of genius regardless of the roles.

      • I think you may haven’t watched School 2013, No Breathing, Hot Young Blood & Face reader. These are his project since 2013 in which he gained popularity let alone his other roles he had played before that.
        Then again his genius character in Doctor Stranger was compeletly different from Pinocchio, but I’m kind of agree that his roles in IHYV & Pinocchio had the same vibe which was a little predictable with same writer,director & production team.
        Let’s not forget he has Jade Lover & W to broadcast which their teasers make me think that both of them are different from his previous works.
        Anyway I respect to your opinion.
        Sorry for long explanation 😀

    • It’s different.
      Dr.Stranger and Pinocchio in the same year but i don’t feel Hoon and Dalpo are played by same actor.

  6. Parkhoon was totally different than everything he played same goes for Namsoon
    and his role in HBY .
    and this is the first time he ever plays a role of a chaebol

  7. “Sharpshooters aren’t my thing but Lee Jong Seok certainly is.” hhhhhhhhh deffenetly agree!! 😀 the stills looks great and Lee Jong Seok pulls off perfectly the look of a charming-playful-charismatic-dangerous man which makes me want to see more and more of him and of the drama!! 😀 I’m so excited for this drama and “Scarlet Heart: Ryeo” to start airing!! 😀

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