Full Set of Character Posters for Uncontrollably Fond Provide Glimpse into Romance Complications

There’s finally a full set of of main lead character posters for KBS Wed-Thurs drama Uncontrollably Fond, finally bringing the two second leads to the forefront along with all the attention being lavished on the main leads. Kim Woo Bin, Suzy, Im Joo Hwan, and Im Joo Eun arrive on the small screen in two weeks on July 6th, and will also hit the even smaller screens simultaneously in China as it will stream live on video portal Youku. These character posters are from the Youku promotions and feature taglines that give a glimpse into the interpersonal connections of the four leads.

Suzy’s is my favorite visual because her has a glimpse of Kim Woo Bin in it as she’s filming him since her character is a PD, and her tagline says “If you really do like me, then what should I do?” Kim Woo Bin’s says “I’m trying so hard to run away, but you’re still here.” Im Joo Eun says “If you never intended to entice me, then why come and mess with my heart?” And finally Im Joo Hwan’s poster says “You will for sure meet someone who genuinely loves you.”


Full Set of Character Posters for Uncontrollably Fond Provide Glimpse into Romance Complications — 14 Comments

  1. Is it a preproduced show like DOTS? How can be shown in China at the same time as korea if it’s live?

    • Yup, Uncontrollably Fond is pre-produced and all filming has been completed, which is how it is able to air in both China and Korea at the same time.

  2. erm… this drama is definitely banking in their actor’s popularity or look. if unknown actors were cast I bet nobody’d bother to watch as the plot was overplayed to death

  3. Seeing the previous teaser, I can hardly believe it’s a pre-produced drama. I wish the trailer doesn’t show the actual drama it self. The story it self seems predictable. The male lead acts cold to the one he loves while the female heroine who disturbed by that cold act slowly feel the love. The female supporting lead fall for the male lead and try her best to win his heart while another male supporting lead fall for her. Well, wish the writer does her magic to make unpredictable plot twist as well as cover the actors’ acting flaws. Good luck UF.

  4. Suzy is always mesmerizing in stills. I was so anticipating this drama until I watched the recent teaser and all my interest dissipated from there.

    • yes she looks good on photos because it can be photoshopped and edited. but in live action drama, she goes back to her cheeky bones small teeth effing features, not really that pretty just saying.

      • Agree. I guess what OMG was saying is that shes mesmerizing in stills but not in live action as she is not great of an actress. I loss interest in this drama as well because of the latest teaser being all over the place.

  5. I keep seeing comments about this being a pre-produced drama. Pre-produced does not equate to good drama. Pre-produced does minimize problems though, like choppy direction, terrible editing and script changes.

    At first look, UF has a boring and very typical kdrama plot. Then, there’s Suzy and Woo Bin who are known more for their looks and charisma then acting talent. Being pre-produced is just to cater to the Chinese market and nothing else.How much can you do with a story that’s uninteresting and actors who can’t emote? I must say Suzy looks really nice in the poster, can’t comment on Woo Bin because I never got the raves about his looks. They would be perfect as models but in drama? Going by all the teasers so far, I think not.

  6. really curious about the detail story.. suzy and kim woo bin is good couple for this drama and im ju hwan and im ju eun too… from the last teaser is seem really excited drama and fun and sad too…still not know yet about the detail story so i have to watching this drama..can’t wait for july..lets see will this drama hit daebak or no… fighting UF!!!

  7. If this drama doesn’t premiere to at least 12-14 percent after all this hype, I will be shocked. Doctors just got that much for its first week and Lee Kyung Hee is s writer who knows what Korean audiences like.

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