Yoochun’s Four Accusers Give Police Statements and Yoochun’s Side Sues the First Accuser for Extortion

The Park Yoochun allegations of rape and ensuing police investigation continues to heat up and with makes it harder and harder to believe that his entertainment career will ever recover. As of today there are now four accusers who have filed a sexual assault charge against Yoochun and the police are investigating all of it. The accusers have all given preliminary statements and interviews and the media is reporting the allegations share distinct similarities. The accusers all claim that each was raped by Yoochun in a bathroom (whether at a bar or at his house), and each time Yoochun held the door shut and wouldn’t let them out. He also forced them to sit or kneel by using his hands to push down their shoulders.

Yoochun’s camp has taken the offensive against the first accuser and this week filed an extortion lawsuit against her, claiming that she first tried to blackmail Yoochun for 1 billion won prior to filing her police report. Savvy folks will notice that Yoochun’s lawsuit was not for defamation, which means there was sexual intercourse in the bathroom and the issue is now whether it was consensual or forced. At this point it’s hard to deny that Yoochun sleeps with sex workers in bathrooms, and even if it was all consensual then his fans will have to be okay with the repeatedly sleeping with sex workers in bathrooms bit of tawdry kinkiness to continue to support him. That’s devotion for ya if he does still have true believers in his camp.


Yoochun’s Four Accusers Give Police Statements and Yoochun’s Side Sues the First Accuser for Extortion — 60 Comments

  1. koala did you hear about Kim Min Hee dfating director Hong Sang Soo (married!)… an affair for a year , poor Jo In Sung

    • Jo Insung broke up with her almost 2 years ago, so I wouldn’t pity him. Instead I’d be glad he broke up with someone as classless and bitchy as KMH. He deserves so much better and then some.

    • How are both incidents even comparable? Lol she is dating someone,again not exploiting him or made him divorce his wife or something.Or even if she did,that’s not the level of crime that Yoochun did.I would not even say she committed a crime,when both the party hold equal share of responsibility here.Why her name is being mentioned only? Such sexist regards everywhere lol.Also,how Jo in sung is pitiable here or even deemed so I wonder.

      • yeah, how is an action between two consenting adults even comparable to the monstrosities Yoochun’s been accused of…..Kim Min Hee didn’t have that affair alone.

      • I’m not comparing YC and KMH, I’m only commenting in the most recent post about it, because I found out and I’m shocked. Both pd and KMH are to blame for this.

        You reached a lot lol.

  2. The more I hear about this case, the worse it gets. He’s a disgusting bastard and I hope the women are safe

  3. Its odd to me that specific details about the alledge crime is out in the open…is it common practice in Korea to release statements to the public pending investigation or was it leaked information ? If so is it reliable information or fabricated– for bias/non bias reactions from the fan as well as the anti fan??Hmmm just an observation.

    • Some “exclusive” news got found out it was from a long time fan reporter. People confirmed it by searching her by her email on twitter.

      Some info is released just by one source is also fishy and can be fabricated.

      And the details being show/posted in the media, sometimes, the star company do it, to make public/fans confused, making them not follow the many articles about it, and having doubts about he being guilty or the victims being innocent.

      PSH did so much dirty media play, that many believe he didn’t rape the girl and she was after his money, same with KHJ’s news, so many articles, shaming the girl or giving extra/fake info, making many fans believe there wasn’t a baby!

      Sometimes, the powerless victims also use media to gain streght and focus, this way the police/stars can not bury it without it getting the real investigation they need. By going to media, they force police to investigate it right and the victim have more chances to win their cases.

      • Hmmm…so much power play …so much dirty play…this is for sure though, you reap what you sow…scary thing Karma it’s a b!#ch:(

      • I’m really interested to know if S. Korea has FOIA (Freedom of Information Act). Reason being, I’ve heard, in S. Korea you have to log into the internet by using your Social Security Number or the equivalent. If that’s so, how does the Country protect one’s privacy from media sources?

  4. i was not a fan of him before and never got the hype why he was so popular. But he seemed like a nice guy from the outside but i guess never judge a book by its cover.

    • OMG lol same. I was never drawn to him, and did wonder why he was so popular. But if there was one thing I liked about him, it was that I *thought* he gave off a comfortable, friendly-guy-next-door vibe. Like he might not be that attractive, but he’ll help a dog cross the street or something.

      LOLOLOL how wrong we all were. Just goes to show people are super complicated creatures, and identity exists in multiple layers. In real life I’ve met guys that exuded an aura of honesty or kindness … only to find out later that they’re secretly mega creeps.

  5. All that comes to my mind is
    “Bathrooms again?!”
    Man, I would have thought he could get a room somewhere, anywhere!

    I think sex with all 4 women are not in argument now – so oppa did sleep with all 4 and possibly many others. I’m not one to judge his personal life but yeah – who’s gonna believe him acting so innocent never been kissed devoted for life male lead ever again!

    • he is an actor, being so innocent on screen is all a professional act. He is an award winning celebrity. Reality is often so different from what we see on TV…. I guess this may apply to all other artists in the trade? hmmmm….

  6. Observations from he said/she said = the dude’s pretty damned either way.

    1) If this is some pay-back for the DBSK breakup and JYJ formation – sad for Yoo Chun. Boils down to how powerful his agency is against the forces out there that is out for pay back time.

    2) Yes Micky does seem to enjoy sex in the bathroom, and with sex workers but if that’s his thing … well, no comment. Fans also have to realize that dols fart, have booger in their noses and well … do stuff. Idols outside of their roles … aren’t lily white virgins waiting to indulge romantic fan notions of dating one of them fans one day either.

    3) If it was indeed rape – I hope justice will be served for the women

    4) What stands out are these women involved are also sex workers – not just clueless girls off the street. Being in the industry as professionals, they’re can’t be innocent babes in the woods, in fact pretty streetwise. How does he coerce them all into bathrooms, and what were they expecting by following him in there – handing ot toilet paper? (many moons ago in the 90s? bf and i as international students popped into what we thought was just a Korean pub for drinks in Korea – got dinked so hard for one drink each. bill came up to something like over US$120 (for 2 drinks total) by the ‘ladies’ who weren’t harmless pretty aunties – got discount after we argued, and mentioned we were students with no money on us.

    • I agree with your statement.I’m glad that there are still logical opinions out there– versus the bias nonsensical comments.

      • Yes. And while I’m here I’d like to object to the euphemism “sleeping with”. Let’s respect each other by referring to it by its proper term, “having sex with” or “having sexual relations with”. Clients do not go to these kinds of clubs nor are sex workers employed there for the purpose of catching up on sleep.

    • lol you trying to be neutral but is so biased.

      And you also tried to victim blame the women because they are sex workers.

      This is why YC picked sex workers, because people like you would judge them for it, and say they can’t be raped. Or they aren’t innocent ~

      And SM didn’t force him to go to room salons and have sex with prostitutes. He was regular, he is an adult, he did it himself, no SM cospiracy please.

      “How does he coerce them all into bathrooms”

      Hm, how about using streght? They are sex workers not super strong women.

      and what “were they expecting by following him in there ” well maybe they expected him to go to second floor, where is how they pay and have sex.

      How they would know YC would lock them in the bathroom and doesn’t pay for sex. do b

      • what what what… did I read it correctly that you said someone has to walk through the bathroom to go to the second floor to get paid? LOL… hahaha… I am not saying who is right or wrong here… but just so funny reading this just does not make any sense!! As a woman, going into a bathroom with a man is just NOT right… stop arguing please

    • Actually it’s not right to say just that they are sex workers perhaps they should know better

      Even if they went to the bathroom intending to have some hinky, well heck even if they showed some flesh to make him think he’s gonna get laid.. At any point in time when the woman says no, the gentleman should stop. thats non consent.
      anything beyond that, it’s rape yo

    • telling that your number one is yu trying to blame this entire affair on his previous company. jyj fans remain deluded and i guess their old habit of victimiing their oppas and never letting them take the blame is hard to suppress. park yoochun was always scummy with beating up his fans and people who followed them back then knew that he was always involved in tawdry stuff they just protected his reputation well. if his previous company wanted to play dirty they could’ve done it years ago.

      what a way to undermine the actual victims here and turning them into some part of a coonspiracy theory. fans can be awful but everytime things like this happen you see it in full force.

  7. This just keeps getting worse and worse.

    There’s no way he’s going to be able to continue in entertainment now, the only question is whether this is going to taint the rest of JYJ too.

  8. Jusash, you are the first person to say what’s on my mind.
    People should really be careful judging others. He may be unconventional on where he chooses to indulge himself and with whom, that’s not a crime, just disillusioning die-hard fans. Unless he is forcing these women into the bathroom and into his home, even if they are sex workers, then I will say, to hell with him else, I refuse to jump to conclusions unless I am very close to the parties involved and know the untented version of the story.
    I am a woman too,but I know not to follow guys into compromising areas that will land me in a difficult situation and don’t even depend on say no later because not all guys are gentleman. My first question to the ladies if they followed him into the bathroom or his home(if they are not normal friends), would be, why and what where you expecting would happen.
    Again I don’t know if these charges are rape or just like the first case, he didn’t reimburse appropriately for services rendered! !

    • “I refuse to jump to conclusions unless I am very close to the parties involved and know the untented version of the story.”

      No, you refuse to believe the victims and believe YC side, worse yet 4 women pressed charges and yet you guys are on his side, and say you are “neutral”

      “I am a woman too,but I know not to follow guys into compromising areas that will land me in a difficult situation and don’t even depend on say no later because not all guys are gentleman”

      STOP this victim blaming and rape culture!! The women are not at fault, the guy who rapes is the one at fault! Why you guys always try to blame the victim, ugh, so gross, hope you guys are young because… those comments are really gross.

      Nobody asks to be raped, and everybody expect to others well, you know, respect them, and not rape.

      • Nobody in their right mind in this forum is condoning rape or any type of violence against any living creature more so on humanity. I believe anybody is innocent until proven guilty..the same courtesy should be given to both parties. We are all on the outside trying to peek inside a very sensitive subject.it is so easy pass judgement …but then who are we to do that…all I can say right now is I hope justice will prevail and an honest and fair investigation will hopefully lead all the involved to that resolution.

      • @liz.. The story is more complicated… There may be gang involvement, blackmailing etc… Why did these women follow him to the bathroom is a valid question, not a matter of believing which parties should be respected

      • I said I won’t judge! But you will be naive to believe that everyone that says they are a victim is truly a victim. I was not on anyone’s side but just saying what I wouldn’t do as a woman, as in situation I wouldn’t put myself in.
        Stop crying the woman victim! ! You are a bystander who knows nothing! !

      • 1) Is it a ladies bathroom or men or unisex?
        20 Did the ladies follow him to the bathroom or he hand grab dragging the ladies to the bathroom?

      • @liz, wtf is wrong with you, I have observed you to be the most judgemental commenter here, like Yoochun is already proven guilty and gives you the right to sentenced him! you are acting like extremist Feminist, fyi not all the time in rape charges the victims are always women, the men can also be victims, and not because there are four charges against him it already means its all true, so let the rule of the law previal, not the barbaric unjust unfair public trial. let me tell you something about uncovering Truths based on Bible facts to get your brain straightened out, during the ancient times there was Elijah the only one true prophet versus the 450 false prophets of Baal, all the 450 false prophets were ordered killed by the King for lying to him; you see, even ancient times its possibke a group of people can conspire to a crime, so in seeking the Truth this is not a numbers game or getting the most victims, you have to consider if they are true victims telling the Truth or just a bunch of liars prepared and ready to commit crime. Ok, just some pointers to you, may you not be a victim of false witnesses and liars in your lifetime!

    • further to others analysis, reports yesterday say he has been proved to have been on China on the dates of at least two alleged incidents, which does make me wonder again about both the intense similaritirs in the allegations and the extortion of claimant one, could this be an elaborate fit-up for money? Or have I watched too many dramas?

  9. Some comments cracked me up. PYC is all messed up. Nothing else to say except feel sorry for the male lead in this real life drama.

  10. One accuser’s story apparently is falling apart because he was away when the incident allegedly happened. Regardless his k-drama career is over for a huge chunk of time.

  11. I only ask because I really don’t know. Sexual worker, is it legal? Then it’s not the same as bar hostess, right?

  12. Doesn’t this remind you of Yong Pal episode 4 where Idol actor sexually assaulted the girl?

    There was slight rumor that it was real story.Audience has a big arguement about it to blame the victim or not.Because apparently YP blamed both the actor(common sense) AND victim for being so easy/ knowingly enter into this trap to get money.

    For this YC matter…I doubt YC is innocent at all.But are victims totally innocent? A question to ponder.

  13. PYC have no one to blame. he should not have sex with a hooker.
    his career in kdrama is over. people will never look him the same way.
    just like that rapist PSH.

  14. I think there is no question he had sex in the toilets, with staff working in the entertainment bar. Whether they are sex workers or not is another story. The one clear point is that YC didn’t sue for defamation so that itself is telling.

    Whether he has bathroom fetish is irrelevant. He could have done it in the toilet as there are no CCTV and he can clean up easily. I don’t really care his sexual pervasions but if he thinks he can force sex workers into having sex without paying, that is the big issue. It is tantamount to rape. He feels entitled cos he’s an idol? That is just disgusting and he needs to be punished.

  15. i guess both party deserves the benefit of the doubt, don’t they?

    can’t seem to try watching jyj’s mv for some time….

  16. I don’t want to spit vitriol on YC but at the same time, I cannot be completely unaffected in making a judgement on his character. I say this assuming he is not guilty of rape. I can’t help but have a terrible opinion of a person who has a strange fetish, frequents sex clubs and have no respect for women.

    @Mini cast doubt on the innocence of the accusers. I won’t be surprised if there’s more than meets the eye. However, any woman including a sex worker, still has the right to say ‘No’. Whether they followed him home or to the toilet, they still have the right to refuse sex. We’d never know what took place inside the toilet.

    By virtue of their work, these girls expose themselves to dangers of rape and other assaults. By following him into the toilet or letting him follow them to the toilet, they are willingly or unwillingly putting themselves in a vulnerable position. But they cannot be guilty of being raped.

  17. guess what? i’m still a fan. i won’t be one of those who will left you hanging just when you need them most. Fighting Oppa!!!!

  18. WOW!! I can’t believe that almost everyone’s here are the witness, saying like they knew the actual story before the police. Go and help the police. You guys comes with opinion but said it like a facts. Some of you “have a faith” that the victim is the victim and the rapist is the suspect. You guys believe the victim, but said that someone who believe PYC is biased. Kidding me.

    • As fake rape reports are extremely rare and the victims are often blamed, I feel that it’s important to support the victims. If these four women came forward about a non-celebrity, would you believe them or the accused rapist? If you believe the women over this hypothetical accuser but not when PYC is accused, then yes, you are biased.

      • Will a victim extort money from the accused? There is no what-ifs in this case. It is not a simple case… If the accused is not a celebrity, this won’t happen. Those women who work in the adult trade are not that stupid to follow a non-celeb into the bathroom in their own workplace. Would you?

      • will a rape victim extort money from the accused? this case is evolving into a gangster extortion case rather than a rape case. If a non-celebrity is involved, this would probably not happen… imho

  19. As long there no confirmation from police about the pants with his dna,cctv record from that place(no matter we can’t see what he did inside the toilet. But we can see the motive before,like park shi ho evidence),and forensic (off course). I can’t speculation he right or wrong. Because if he guilty,that is incriminating evidence for him,And no need long time for police to bring him to the jail. By the way where the sasaeng? I thought they used to follow him. They can become the witness too.

    • @ asta: “By the way where the sasaeng? I thought they used to follow him. They can become the witness too” LOL! It was DBSK who used to have the weirdest sasaengs, right? Those who supposedly popped up from under hotel beds! Right, these folk would know.

  20. Are the police also investigating whether he paid money to have sex with any of these women? Is he also facing charges of prostitution as well as sexual assault since prostitution is not legal in South Korea?

  21. Thank god, I found jusash comment among other comments.

    All these while whenever there is an update of Yoochun’s case they seem to care more about Yoochun actually going to such place and having sex with sex workers rather than actually seeing what the case are about.

    These high expectation they all have on idols are creepy.

    3) If it was indeed rape – I hope justice will be served for the women
    ^^^^ Yes, this word. There haven’t been any official reports that said Yoochun actually rape them. There’s no black and white statement made yet and the whole people are already ‘assuming’ Yoochun rape those girl. On this matter, I’ll let justice judge him.

    4) What stands out are these women involved are also sex workers – not just clueless girls off the street. Being in the industry as professionals, they’re can’t be innocent babes in the woods, in fact pretty streetwise. How does he coerce them all into bathrooms, and what were they expecting by following him in there – handing ot toilet paper?
    ^^^ this comment of yours make me nod my head many time.

  22. Are the same people commenting on this page but just changing the names? Ugh so sick of hearing these comment. I have to admit I agree with Liz. Does that make me the one of the most biased person as well? ??? Anyway PYC’s career is long gone now (good riddance).

  23. Wow, some of these comments, proves once again, that woman are still treated like second class citizens.

    Time will tell if these ladies were raped or not. Rape is an act of violence, whether any one agrees or not. How many times have any one of us, done something stupid that we regretted later or thought we were dang lucky we got off easy. No ones thinks rape, when they see a celebrity, all they see are stars, and how lucky they were, to be, “the chosen one.”.

    Micky isn’t a nice guy and until he left TVQX, he wasn’t considered one of the top dogs of any group. I believe jae and Yunho’s popularity was very evident. Didn’t at one time, Jae and Yoochun reportedly hit some female fans? I know Sasaeng fans can and do exhibit unwell behavior, but is that an excuse to hit them? Stooping to that level, is that better? When you become a star, there will always be the way over the top, type of fans. Unfortunately, letting yourself open to the public, like they do, sometimes draw these types out. Stars are pretenders, that is what they do best, pretend.

    If rape is proven, I hope he gets a fitting punishment.

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