More Set Pictures from K-version of Bu Bu Jing Xin Highlight the Sprawling Cast

It’s the perfect time to check in with the K-drama adaptation of Bu Bu Jing Xin (Bobogyungsim: Ryeo or Scarlet Heart: Ryeo), with the drama confirmed to premiere on August 29th in the Mon-Tues time slot on SBS following the conclusion of medical romance Doctors with Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won. The drama is fully pre-produced and will air simultaneously in China and Korea, which means it needs to submit a completed cut to the Chinese authorities for approval, but filming hasn’t wrapped yet so there are still new goodies coming out from the set.

Male lead Lee Jun Ki has likely gone through an entire case of eyeliner by now and it’s a good thing his slightly androgynous good looks rocks the liner like no other. Below are the latest snaps of Jun Ki as well as other cast members, Baekhyun being dorky as 10th Prince, Nam Joo Hyuk impressively attractive as 13th Prince, Hong Jong Hyun‘s smirky 3rd Prince, Kang Hana as the warm princess to the various princes, and Jo Min Ki as the daddy King.



More Set Pictures from K-version of Bu Bu Jing Xin Highlight the Sprawling Cast — 28 Comments

  1. thank you so much for the article!! I was dying for news about the drama!! 😀 Lee Jun Ki looks awesome like always and the rest of the cast looks great too!! I hope that everything to be as great as it looks!! 😀

    • I hope you meant it in a good way cause Lee Jun Ki totally rocks. Despite how the 4th Prince being described as very low key in term of his appearance, I am confident that LJK embodies the cold, mysterious, dangerous aura of 4th Prince which is very enticing for the female lead to be attracted to him. I’m sure having 4th Prince looking all so hot and tempting because of LJK being so beautiful wouldn’t hurt. LJK is a charismatic actor who always give 100% commitment (even when some of his past dramas not doing well, he would always be the one dependable to carty the entire show)to his role, I have confident that he will own this role.

      • 100% agree with you, Del. I am confident LJK will own this role. He delivers, he always does.

  2. Lee Jun ki appeals to me ….I think he’s what this character needs…no offense I never did like the original sorry fans just my opinion. Ohh and there only a few out there that can rock a manliner and he’s one of them.

  3. I love love love Lee Jun Ki. He is totally smoking sizzling badass sexy and that only oozes from his appearance alone and we have yet to see him in motion which I’m sure will be even hotter and driving me insane ?. How can a man drapes in black with eye patch and look so damn sexy? Only LJK can pull that off.

    I have full confident that LJK will rock the role of 4th Prince and I really pray this drama will be a good one. I have watched the C-version and it did justice to the novel (the story is good but the casts less appealing to me) so I’m hoping that K-version if not even greater, will do justice to the novel as well.

    Doctors is great but I’m looking forward to August 29 already. I hope the lengthy shooting will mean this drama will be of high quality production. With Universal studio investing, hopefully it will be of equal from that much investment made.

    Dear drama, please be good and give my LJK his much deserved credits and fame as he’s been so taken for granted after MS when all along he has been too good an actor. I pray my LJK will be back on top and above all, I have faith in him.

  4. Oh Dear Lee Jun Ki, why are you so gorgeously hot when you know I can never have you?

    The drama looks promising. Never a fan of a remake but after the first trailer came out, I’m totally onboard and looking forward to watch this drama. I don’t think this is a remake, more like korean adaptation of the novel.

    LJK and the rest of the princes looking mighty fine. LJK really personifies this dangerous tempting Prince. Lucky IU got to romance him though I was hoping for Park Shin Hye or Kim Yoo Jung for the role of Hae Soo though I think from the trailer, IU seems to do well.

    Be good drama. Bring us to the K-drama wonderland once again. I have confident in this drama, much likes how I had confidence that Dots will do well even before airing.

    P/S: Please give me more shots npics of smexy LJK.

  5. LJK has something special and I love the way he looked awesome anyway I want to watch his role in resident evil ???

  6. Lee Jun Ki as the 4th Prince is the definition of sexy. My, I re-watched the whole trailer with bated breathe because he oozes too much hotness.

    Please come early August. With so much scrutiny and early bad impression on this K-adaptation, I somehow have the feeling that it will turn out just perfectly fine.

    With LJK onboard and regain his former glory.

  7. I really love the main cast : LJK, IU and KHN. The other princes are nice but the actors never really appeal to me, they’re handsome but not great actor or not really charismatic.

  8. LJK make my heart dugeun dugeun in the trailer. Lol, I couldn’t resist his hotness when I saw it and now i’m so glad to say tht i am a newly born fan of him!

    • I like how you described your feelings…”dugeun dugeun” sounds really cute.
      LJK is a heart stealer. Too handsome to be true, he can appear more beautiful than his female lead too. On top of that he is such an amazing actor. I love him to pieces.

    • Bacon is popular thanks to the fame of trendy Kpop idol groups EXO and he’s one of the main vocalists. I’m not a fan though.

    • BTW, just go check out any EXO MVs and you’ll get what I just said. I bet he’s more famous and more popular worldwide than any of the cast of K version of BBJX. He may fail this role (way to see). But he IS indeed very popular.

      • Let’s put it this way. Baekhyun is riding the trend and now EXO is on top of their game, so of course he is popular. Having said that, I beg to differ that he is the most popular one among all of them.

        Alas, I think longevity is even a more important criteria and LJK has proven that. And do remember that a lot of idols turn to acting because of the longevity rate of actors are higher. So we are yet to see Baekhyun proving himself as an actor and if he is here to stay. Still, I feel he will make a cute 10th Prince and may be does having the right acting chop after all.

      • I mean he’s a nobody in Korea outside of his fanbase. Most Koreans can’t pick out an EXO member by name, though they may know that there’s a group called EXO that is very ‘in’ right now.

        Like EXO’s Xiumin probably has more fans internationally and overall than Yoo Seung Ho, but what does that even mean? That Xiumin is more respected as an actor or will have more longevity than Yoo Seung Ho? Look at Super Junior – eventually boy groups stop being the trend and get shipped off over seas. The only ones with legitimate careers after that will be those that are able to prove themelves to the people who aren’t part of their brainwashed fandom.

    • So true, I mean he’s okay not particularly ugly. But yeah, don’t understand where his popularity in terms of looks come from?

    • he is popular because he is one of the best vocalists and dancers in kpop and most well rounded idols looks are subjective

      your personality is ugly too

    • he is popular outside of exo fanbase
      Gallup Korea Poll 2015 Idol (korean public is required to write down name for this pool)
      1. IU – 21.5%
      2. G-Dragon – 15.8%
      3. Taeyeon – 11.7%
      4. Taeyang – 7.7%
      5. Hyorin – 6.9%
      6. Eunji – 5.7%
      7. Hani – 5.5%
      8. Yoona – 5.2%
      9. Chanyeol – 5.1%
      10. Suzy – 4.7% (Tied w/ Seolhyun)
      10. Seolhyun – 4.7%
      12. T.O.P. – 4.5%
      13. Baekhyun – 4.0%

      July issue of W Korea recorded the highest number of sales as a fashion magazine exo members had individual cover
      1. Baekhyun 193,460 copies
      2. Sehun 189,960 copies
      3. Xiumin 128,770 copies
      4. Chen 95,930 copies
      5. Chanyeol 91,650 copies
      6. DO 91,110 copies
      7. Suho 74,920 copies
      8. Kai 65,750 copies
      9. Lay 51,290 copies

      you obviously have problem with exo

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