Lee Seung Gi’s Agency Denies He Fathered Love Child and Readies Civil Defamation Lawsuit Against Person Who Started Rumor

There’s a Chinese idiom “getting shot while lying down” which perfectly sums up the WTF just happened so-called scandal that just waylayed singer-actor Lee Seung Gi last week. He’s been quietly and ably serving in the army for his mandatory military service when out of nowhere was hit with salacious rumors about his personal life. A fast spreading gossip alleged that Lee Seung Gi and Yoona’s relationship, which ended last year, was actually caused by Lee Seung Gi impregnating his makeup artist and fathering a love child with her. Lee Seung Gi’s agency hit back immediately with denials of this rumor, calling it completely fabricated and without basis and announcing that it would take swift legal action against the person who started it.

Turns out the makeup artist in question is currently on maternity leave raising a newborn so timing does seem plausible, but she is married and both her and her husband are distraught to be embroiled in this false rumor and have come out jointly to say that the husband is the father of the baby and not Lee Seung Gi. Now the originator of the rumor has reportedly been tracked down by police who are investigating, and Lee Seung Gi’s agency is preparing to file a defamation case against the person.


Lee Seung Gi’s Agency Denies He Fathered Love Child and Readies Civil Defamation Lawsuit Against Person Who Started Rumor — 17 Comments

  1. Wow.. If it had turned out true… It would’ve been quite a shock.

    But I don’t understand why they were so desperate to do this. It’s not like the k-went is quite and nothing is happening…

  2. Ok this I absolutely CANNOT believe. It’s absurd. The very thought is making me shake my head, drama-style. Lee Seung Gi is way too cool for this!

      • He’s a man, an adult too, getting his “y’know wut” in “y’know wut” won’t make him less than the good person he showed this far. But he is too cool for such nonsense as having a secret child. He seems like a family man who’s take responsibilities of his actions.

      • @Bobby yeah he can be anything and do anything, but since till now he showed only good manners and good character, I give him credit for it. It’s not fair to say he’s something he never showed a hint to. Paparrazzi followed him for years and always praised him as a boring two good shoes guy.

  3. The woman’s picture they used is also suing. Can’t figure out if it’s just bored people at work or something else. Such an absurd rumor. I’m glad he’s not going easy on them. People should be careful about what they say.

  4. Just to correct, but the rumor stated nothing about his ex. And the woman works for “L” mobile service company and so does the person who spread the rumor. So saying “Turns out the makeup artist in question is currently on maternity leave raising a newborn so timing does seem plausible” when the woman never encountered LSG make things less clear.
    Anyway, he’s making the news again for an appearance on a tv show, and he looks dashing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LegBVH09Eg

    I’m srsly more inlove with enlisted LSG, damn him, why does he look even better than his celebrity days?

    • Oh so the person who spread the rumor knew the woman which means that he/she might have wanted to ruin the woman’s reputation, and ended up getting involved in a huge mess by dragging a famous celeb into this? What a dumbass!

      • Yep, that’s what happened, that person is dumber for chosing LSG, in all portal sites that reported the rumor, comments said “leave him alone, he won’t do that”, I guess he really won over people’s trust. The boy totally deserves it tho.

  5. People are so sick to try and make false accusations against actors or actresses! The bad ones are trying to get attention for themselves.

  6. @Bobby, Where did u get that logic? its like saying there is 50/50 chance that my dad or your dad is a gay becoz we just not them. But I can tell that the possibilty that you had a gay daddy is far below 50. Because you definitely had a mom. thats what you call observation to get conclusion.

  7. Obvious false rumor, but my question is, why are the police investigating? Is defamation considered a crime, not just a tort, in Korea?

    • The police are investigating because it is a serious criminal offense in South Korea. It is called cyber defamation. It is and found in the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection (Article 70). It isn’t found in the Criminal Act legislation
      because lawmakers wanted to punish this type of defamation severely. This is because these sort of lies spread fast online and the damage cannot be undone.
      If the defamation is through the use of a false statement, the maximum punishment is either 50 million won or a 7 year prison sentence.
      The prison sentence is for those “egregious” cases where the defamatory statement is based on a lie and affects the public at large or
      harmed the victim’s business.
      I think his agency will insist that the law be upheld in this case.

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