K-netizens Dig Up Evidence of Yoochun’s Love of Bathrooms While His Chinese Fans Rally to Support Him

There’s a two pronged aspect to the huge legal investigation currently enveloping singer-actor Park Yoochun. The material issue is that he is accused of raping four different women, and the sidebar issue is the tittering salacious detail that each allegation took place in a bathroom so Yoochun may have a bathroom fetish. The former, if proven, will put him in jail much less destroy his career, but the latter may be enough to bury his entertainment future even if the former rape allegations are not substantiated.

K-netizens have found two confirming details that show Yoochun really loves bathrooms – one is a picture he drew years ago of three things he considered beautiful and one item was a toilet, and the second is pictures from a real estate posting that shows Yoochun’s current expensive luxury residence in Seoul has more bathrooms (4) than rooms (3). I personally don’t care if Yoochun loves bathrooms, whether in a kinky or simply reassuring way, but I do care if he’s raping women in said bathrooms. I’ll wait to hear more but it’s not looking good for him.

Yoochun may be taking solace in his Chinese fans contingent which last week posted massive support gathering pictures from all the major cities in China, rallying about the “Stand By Yoochun” slogan in supporting Yoochun. I don’t even have words for such devotion…..


K-netizens Dig Up Evidence of Yoochun’s Love of Bathrooms While His Chinese Fans Rally to Support Him — 24 Comments

  1. I agree with you koala,I don’t care if he love to bathroom,may be he used to hide in bathroom while his fans and paparazi chasing and hunting him,and getting comfort with that place,lol but yeah it okay that love from them. Still for me Rape case,prostitution case or defamation case become,the law should be
    implemented and enforced
    without distinguishing or discrimination.

    • LOL! Good point.

      Maybe the bathroom is the only sanctuary where he can SEE for sure, that NO sasaengs are hiding (like under the bed one time, in their hotel room? think this was Jae Joong).

  2. Don’t get me wrong. I really hate his and Kim Hyun Joong’s guts but damn, they’re really good singers and it’s such a shame we won’t likely get to hear them sing ever again.

  3. http://onehallyu.com/topic/352995-update-dispatch-exclusive-a-5th-woman-accuses-park-yoo-chun/

    If you look the drawning, it is really disturbing! It has a boy and girl in the bathroom, then there is something like a couple doing the dog style… and there’s the woman’s screamming “aahhh” it all shows what’s he was thinking about.

    There is another creepy picture: https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-fwJLSPDPEXE/V2Sy3sIqTRI/AAAAAAAAXGE/9nJQ1QcTGVkUi4Mf9U_fF6M0Of7cmZdQgCLcB/s640/tumblr_o8wpzwtqid1upl2oqo2_1280.jpg

    He drawn it like he is a wolf pretending to be a sheep eeek!

  4. For the sake of these fans I truly hope that he be proven innocent…it will be a crying shame if all of this is in vain. I’m sure he feels like he’s in hell right now, so this kind gesture from his Chinese fans gives him a reason to prove what he’s claiming truly happenned, and hopefully learn to safeguard his private life. At any rate I guess regardless of the bad publicity and his dwindling fans in Korea there’s a tinge of hope in these loyal fans.

  5. what happened in Kpop news : Jung YongHwa under investigations for stock manipulation seriously …..!
    I wonder what is happening right now in south Korea .

    • Yeah.. It’s so weird! I’ve never believed in conspiracy theories but this really sounds like a coverup from something political or whatever.
      Jung Yong Hwa – Stock manipulation
      Kim Min Hee – Adultery
      Kim Hyun Joong – Suing his Ex again
      Park Yoo Chun – Rape
      Super Junior Kangin – Drunk driving

      Seems too much of a coincidence.. Or I guess Pinocchio drama is still effecting me LOL!

  6. Knetizens are saying that China is quickly becoming a place where their rapists and murderers go to have a new life. I don’t think China wants the distinction of being Korea’s entertainment industry’s trash can. They should at least have some standards.

    • China is full of all kind of dirt and human trashes. Add to that imperialistic, commie megalomaniacism and we gan get the full picture.

      • How lovely of you to judge a whole country based on actions of a few individuals. Every country has bad seeds, but when your total population is over 1.2 billion those bad seeds are harder to hide.

  7. His drawing says it all as you interpret it. Psychologically speaking, he has some fetish…. HE needs counselling and therapy.

  8. PYC is a rapist period. if some guy rape those crazy fangirl. will they still singing the same tune?

    well we know what PYC next drama will be china. till rape chinese woman.
    then off he go to japan.

  9. Ew. This is just disgusting. He deserves to be in jail and the girls deserve justice. No to people who still cling to his innocence smh ???

  10. *Just Kidding* those fans should sit in a ‘toilet bowl’ formation of support.

    – honestly, I cldn’t care less if ANYONE has a bathroom fetish. whatever floats their boat. if fans were going to EEWWWw anyone for having weird hangups in their own private time, these fans should see shrinks too. people are well, just human with flaws (even what flaws are can be subjective), but certainly NOT perfect beings.

    – it’s a matter who gets OUTED.

    – BUT if that fetish includes RAPING or FORCING someone else into that situation … well then that’s a totally different situation.

  11. What a shame, he had a good thing going and made bad choices. His previous behavior with Jae, should have shown he had personal issues. Being an idol star isn’t always fun and hard work, but then who doesn’t work hard. The big difference here, are the big bucks being made. Didn’t he hire some lawyers?

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