Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung’s Adoring Smile Melt Hearts in First Still from Moonlight Drawn by Clouds


Looking good cutie pies! The first official still is out from upcoming KBS Mon-Tues romance sageuk drama Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, showcasing young leads Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung dressed in lovely period garb with even lovelier smiles reserved for each other. It’s basically the cross-dressing bit of Sungkyunkwan Scandal crossed with the royal in love with unsuitable commoner piece from The Moon Embraces the Sun, and couldn’t come at a better time since the former is likely unwatchable now due to the scandal of the male lead while the latter is not aging well since it was carried on momentum of the charisma of the childhood actors alone. It’s a bit unfair that fellow child actress grown up Kim So Hyun gets saddled with wooden goofy big kid Taecyeon as her male lead while Kim Yoo Jung hits the costar lottery with Park Bo Gum, but since she’s lucked out I sure hope the romance story line does these two justice because I see the sparks flying every which way already.




Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung’s Adoring Smile Melt Hearts in First Still from Moonlight Drawn by Clouds — 14 Comments

  1. I was rooting for Kim Yoo Jung to play Hae Soo in K-version of Scarlet Heart but she won’t appear compatible with the much older Lee Jun Ki. I even think that it’s maybe illegal since she is only 16.

    She would have made the perfect Hae Soo, I’m sure. Funny thing is her drama will go up against Scarlet Heart once it starts airing in August. Moonlight may have the upperhead due to its earlier start but SH’s predecessor, Doctors is doing so well with the ratings that may give SH the advantage as well.

    I love KYJ, she grew up to be so loveable and pretty but I love Lee Jun Ki more, so I will definitely choose to watch SH.

  2. Ahaha..super excited for this show! I really miss park bo gum and very happy that kim yoo jung is here too 🙂

    • not just that… but there’s a difference in presence. she’s a lovely actress but she’s still so itty bitty that it makes her look even younger than her years, which is already young. i hate to use physical appearance in this but its part of the job and unlike kim so hyun who has a more curvy and mature body that gives her the look to be compatible next to taecyeon, kim yoo jung is still an adolescent who needs more time in puberty. so yea… she looks a dongsaeng/puppy next to park bo gum. is it too late to get yeo jin goo up in here?

      • I actually think otherwise. Kim Yoojung actually has a more curvy and womanly body shape than Kim Sohyun. Have you seen her? She’s literally body goals at such a young age. She’s got curves. I guess the only thing that make Sohyun look slightly more ‘mature’ than Yoojung is that she has a height advantage. Yoojung is shorter standing at 1.6m tall against Sohyun’s 1.65(?)m tall. The only reason Yoojung is looking really tiny here is because although she is considered average height(atleast in Asian standards), Bogum is a giant in comparison. Standing at 1.82m which is considered really tall in Asian standards. She also looks really tiny because of her loose clothing and there’s chest binding here. I mean ofcourse she has to hide her curves since she’s supposed to be a ‘boy’. Though the only thing is that her face still looks young. But so does Bogum, i believe.

      • But Kim Yoo Jung has more curvy body. About height difference, yes she and Bogum have 18cm (164-182) difference but if you’ve seen the illustration of the novel, their height difference is exactly like the Crown Prince and Hong Ra On. That’s why people who have read the novel said that both came from the novel itself and continue to praise the casting director because the synchronization is undeniable.

  3. I honestly don’t get this ho hum about her being underage being paired with an adult blah blah blah. I mean if we could accept Dream High with Soohyun and Suzy(also 6 years gap and also was 22 and 16 respectively at the time) so why not this one? This is called a ‘youth’ sageuk romance for a reason. Just this of this as Dream High sageuk version without the singing and dancing. Lol. Also Kim Yoojung is perfectly casted. The character is supposed to be 17 years old. So its totally age appropriate. The crown prince on the other hand is 20 years old which Bogum is not far off from.

    And i cant stand the hypocrisy from some people. They are against this and yet they ship Yoojung with Jisoo or Lee Minho(93er) or even Yoo Seungho and Lee Hyunwoo… forgetting the fact that they are all the same age as Bogum and very much an adult as well. LOL

  4. They’re both very cute and adorable. Plus, I doubt people here would even notice the age gap (a mere 6 years) unless they were made aware of it beforehand.

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