Kim Woo Bin and Suzy in Snowy Melo Scene to Chase Away the Summer Heat in Latest Uncontrollably Fond Stills

I don’t know if Uncontrollably Fond is being intentionally so spoiler-ish in its recent promos, or the story is so dense in narrative that these early reveals are merely the tip of the melodrama iceberg. I do have to thank the drama for visually cooling me down, releasing dead of winter new stills showing great coat laden leads Kim Woo Bin and Suzy in the middle of a desolate snowy stare fest.

I felt a nice anticipatory shiver go down my spine, wondering what exactly in makjang heaven is happening that would lead the OTP to a countryside wintry powwow that ends with Suzy on the ground and Kim Woo Bin cradling her. I’ve also seen a car accident scene in the latest preview that has bloodied Suzy in Kim Woo Bin’s arms, so at this point I’m assuming she an disaster magnet. A very pretty disaster magnet, of course, and one that might not even mind it if Kim Woo Bin is always around the catch her.


Kim Woo Bin and Suzy in Snowy Melo Scene to Chase Away the Summer Heat in Latest Uncontrollably Fond Stills — 35 Comments

  1. Absolutely no idea of the direction of this drama. Don’t know what to expect. Seems like all over the place. And I really hate the damsel in distress heroine, disaster laden that always need to be rescued. I hope I will be proven wrong and maybe there’s more goodies that the drama is yet to reveal.

  2. I hate A love to kill last episodes and ending.

    The drama played so much with the love and hate relationship, that I wished Rain’s character to kill her for real, and then go die. It would be more shocking than dying in the snow, just because.

    Also this scene must be, Suzy character wants to avoid him, goes to her/their hometown, is with a cold, falls on the ground, Won bin takes care of her …….

    or she is with uncurable disease.

  3. Another melodrama…hmm…..I did not like a love to kill and knowing its from the same director makes it even harder to consider watching….nonetheless, I think they look great together…iffy on the story

    • yes but its better to have low expectations because you can be surprised. Its better than having high expectations.

  4. so many stills have been released… the more I see them, the more I don’t want to watch this drama… looks boring… zzzzzzz

  5. car accident –> brain trauma —> amnesia????

    Oh C’mon, don’t tell me the same Kpop cliche repeated again…Ms. Writer, find something new even it’s the melo bible PLEASE.

  6. I love the OST and the MV that recently released. The chemistry of Suzy and WooBin is really good. I’ll surely watch this..Good luck #UncontrollablyFond!

  7. Not a fan of both but I’m starting to like their chemistry. And seems that the two really improved in acting. I’ll definitely add it on my “must-watch” list.

  8. people already jump to conclusion, in fact they doesn’t read the synopsis. Chill she is fainted because waiting shin joon young all night long outside his home. not because amnesia or anything makjang ??. Preview for china and Taiwan already out, ost alrwady, anyone interesting you can watch it before you make your own story.

    Good luck uncontrollably fond!!

      • It is nothing to do about Bf/gf but because he refused to do documentary, and Suzy’s company told her to get Sjy (talk about $$$)since she is crazy about money.

      • lol she is risking her life for money to get sympathy form her BF.
        lame lame. gezzz

    • Hmmm…if not makjang then writer has frostbite in his brain. Why would one risk hypothermia in such harsh conditions? This is probably another case of writer who thiight the snowy mountainous backdrop as romantic and how fans would swoon over Woo Bin cradling an unconscious Suzy right after giving her his signature cold steely stare just minutes ago. Forget about story, characters and logic.

      • It’s called determination mate. It’s not just in dramas but iut in the real world too. The lenght people will go to achieve their dream.

      • Yeah, I also agree about determination and I also think it justified the description of Suzy’s character in drama… A PD who will do anything for money, so waiting outside the cold weather is nothing as long as she got what she wants. $$$$

      • Determination? Then why was she walking away from him? He was obviously rooted to the ground while she started walking away. She should have sunk to her knees and beg him. If she could have waited for him all night, surely she should have tried harder to persuade him, whatever that may be? Or did she pretend to faint? That’d be a clever ruse except she should have just pretended to be there all night instead of being actually there.

        Anyway, I got That Winter The Wind Blows vibes from these stills.

      • The story is mainly about Drunk driving and injustice system and politic, since it is kinda sensitive issue at k-enter.

        Well if you dont like the drama, character and story, then move on simple and easy. It is funny when you doesn’t read anything even the drama is next week, but you keep asking character and logic. Judge it when there is no Logic when the drama airing!!!

      • That’s why blogs like this come in useful. I skimmed through articles here to get a quick look at what might interest me. I am not that interested in UF to the extent of searching information on drama everywhere. I have not even pick on the part that Suzy was misunderstood as a disaster magnet. Correct me if I am wrong, stills and trailers are supposed to draw interest and not confuse potential viewers on the drama genre. Well, I might have to eat my words if this drama turns out good because the run up has been anything but.

  9. Anyway…it looks a bit cheesy but I hope it’s good. I’m not really a fan of either leads but I am getting swept by the hype. Maybe it’s good to keep expectations low so I can be pleasantly surprised. Really looking forward to the recaps and discussion.

  10. Lee kyung hee writer seems cast them just sake for money, they are indeed famouse, but still need improvement for the roles. I used to like lee kyung hee works in drama gomapseumnida, but this i think just like makjang drama or something like that, ¬¬¬

  11. LOL. Koala, you’re actually doing free promotion for UF and adding to the hype. I wasn’t so interested in the drama when the cast was announced. But now, I’ll definitely watch, at least the first one or two episodes, given all the debates about the drama. This reminds me a bit pre DotS airing. So many naysayers and also defense about SHK. I wasn’t familiar with SHK’s prior dramas. But I ended up liking SHK in DotS. I only watched Suzy in FGB and she was bland to me. Perhaps she will change that impression in UF. I’m looking forward to the premiere. When is it?

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