SNSD’s Seohyun is a Beautiful Dancer Princess in Upcoming K-Bu Bu Jing Xin

The male cast of Bu Bu Jing Xin, whether the C-drama version or now the K-drama adaptation, understandably gets the most buzz since it’s a particularly extravagant female fantasy to have so many flower boy princes buzzing around the female lead. The Korean version Bobogyungsim: Ryeo (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo) is prepping the post-production touches for an end of August premiere and nearly all the main leads have been unveiled in costume to varying degrees of approval.

Male lead Lee Jun Ki‘s guyliner eye patch 4th Prince is polarizing (I love it!) whereas IU‘s fresh-faced court lady is uniformly seen to fit the role. With all the princes trotted out for show it’s time to meet another princess character – SNSD‘s Seohyun is playing the last Baekjae kingdom princess who will have her own tormented romance with one of the younger princes. She looks lovely in costume and is selling the dancing warrior princess piercing gaze.


SNSD’s Seohyun is a Beautiful Dancer Princess in Upcoming K-Bu Bu Jing Xin — 19 Comments

  1. As a fan of SNSD (including Jessica), I am really enjoying this year with many of them in solo projects. Now this is how you plan a post-idol career. Younger girl group members should really take note.

    • How a Kpop idol plans post-idol future is not in the hands of the idol but it’s by power of the agency they are affiliated with. SM is one of the most powerful Kpop label companies and this agency has teeth to negotiate with showbiz about what their artists are gonna get from a piece of pie. SNSD girls enjoy active schedules not bcos they are smart at planning their future career but SM did all that for them.

      • This person is a bit ridiculous acting as if SNSD is getting these roles and opportunities on their own. SM is also known to bully casting directors to stick their shitty idols in dramas.

      • @mary, hahahaha.. I heard about that too since I’m an avid kpopper. There’s a reason why in the famed writer KES’s old drama, On Air, the notorious agency was called SW. Think about that. hahaha just flip the alphabet. LOL

  2. Yes, definitely the Mongolian princess character from the original. It’s a good role for someone to start out in. I liked how female centric the C-drama was and hope we don’t lose that in the K-drama. I will cross fingers that IU is up to the challenge. People seemed happy with her in Producers but I skipped that one.

    • I have really enjoyed IU in both roles I’ve seen her in: Producers and Pretty Boy (or whatever you want to call it, which was not as bad a drama as people think and her character was charming as was she). I think she will pull this off well. I really do.

      • Thanks for the input about IU; she definitely has the right look for it and I am very hopeful. You are right that some dramas get a bad rap that actually end up being pretty good. Not everything is going to be a masterpiece.

  3. Hmm… i dont know why lee jun ki have to be paired with iu??? I dont hate iu, but i think iu doesnt have leading role aura… , i dont even enjoy her character in producer as ice princess, not ice princess at all. Lee jun ki deserve good leading lady who can act well, pretty is second but the first is akting ability. Sorry lee jun ki oppa i have to pass this one. I just count on for next drama who have a list screen goddess like jeon do yeon (in tvn i forget the title), ghj (incarnation of envy), and jeon ji hyun (Legend of blue sea). I hope the next lee jun ki can act alongside a list actress tht i mention above or chungmuro goddess i.g son ye jin, soo ae, im so jung etc. Please dont angry with me iu fans, this just my opinion, you have right not to agree with me, just my personal opinion.

    • I think IU fits the role well, she is cute and very talented. Those actresses Suzie mentions are all good, but may not fit the role because they are older and more mature. LJK can bring the best out of all his leading ladies, I am sure IU will surprise you.

      • IU looks like a 12 year old. Her body is 12 year oldish too. When I watch her doing all those adult life things on screen it makes me uncomfortable. Better mature looking actresses doing mature people’s stuff than lolita-looking girl making people uncomfortable.

  4. Seohyun seems like a good actress, capable of transforming into the right aura for her character. She was Scarlett O’Hara and not only she looked glorious in her costume but the aura she exuded was 100% Scarlett spoiled, beautiful, rich girl.

  5. She is boring but at least she has more sex appeal than the rest of snsd girls lol I mean her things are not that flat

  6. Which role she’ll play? Princess min2 or lady luwu (13th’s gisaeng lover) I thought i read somewhere that she’ll play baekje princess disguising as gisaeng- so i thought she’ll be equivalent of lady luwu. Or is it a mixed u charachter from those two? Since both of them is related to 13th?

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