The Leads of Uncontrollably Fond Dramatically Pretty In New Stills Prior to Drama Premiere Next Week

It’s T-minus five days to the premiere of Uncontrollably Fond on KBS July 6th, a good long year wait for me ever since screenwriter Lee Kyung Hee announced her next drama would be going back to her prime time melo roots after doing weekend family drama Wonderful Days. It’s clear that the casting of Kim Woo Bin and Suzy as the leads have been polarizing to say the least, individually and even as an onscreen couple. I like them enough to give them the benefit of the doubt and have them prove the naysayers right, the magic of Lee Kyung Hee’s character creations is the ability to really dig deep for the actor or the actress in subtle emoting.

Suzy isn’t styled attractively in this drama but that’s a pretty typical Lee Kyung Hee female lead, frumpy but the allure is from within, whereas Kim Woo Bin looks like he just wandered over from any of his previous roles, makes me wonder if it’s really hard to change up his look. The second leads are looking fabulous though, Im Joo Eun‘s short bob with waves and Im Joo Hwan‘s chaebol heir make each look suitably sophisticated as likely needed for their roles.


The Leads of Uncontrollably Fond Dramatically Pretty In New Stills Prior to Drama Premiere Next Week — 35 Comments

  1. My interest keeps decreasing with each still and trailer released. These new stills scream Kim Tan – Cha Eunsang and I hate that.

  2. Both second leads have stronger impression and aura. Wish the writer does her excellent job then to make the main leads stand out more.

    • How is that the writer’s job? A writer can make a character interesting and layered but it’s the actor’s charisma and acting which convey impression and aura.

      The second leads do look impressive but these are just stills. I have no problem with WB and Syzy’s stills. They make a fine looking couple, beautiful in some and cute in others. More on Suzy than WB. I only have problem when they start moving like in the trailers.

      • Ups sorry I forget it’s pre-produced. I mean i wish both main leads can show us their acting more beyond the trailers we’ve seen. But in that still, I still see Choi Young Do in KWB and I see no chemistry yet between the leads. Wish this drama meets its unstoppable hype. Just g’d luck.

      • @D – I think Diandra is referring to the fact that writers can write parts according to an actor’s strengths and also do their best to not give them material that they know the actor can’t play well.

        Lee Kyung Hee is very good at writing for rookie actors – she’s done it before with Rain in his acting debut, if there is any writer who can get a good performance out of Suzy (assuming it can be got), she is the one. Especially in a pre-produced drama, which is supposed to provide better work conditions than a live shoot.

      • @Gina, that’s why I’m still interested in UF. I’m rooted for the writer, not the cast this time.

  3. A What’s Up reunion ! I really like the second lead. I’m not a nig fan of the melo… And KWB and Suzy don’t match for me so far…

    • The question is, will she be allowed to show it? LKH dramas usually sideline the second lead women and reduce them to just pining over the male lead (Nice Guy was the sole exception because Park Shi Yeon really brought it as an actress and LKH was confident enough in Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won’s abilities, to allow her to shine).

      • +1. I agree with you about Nice Guy. The performance of this cast trio in NG is epic and made the drama memorable.

  4. I am really hopeful for Im Joo Hwan. He is a very charismatic actor, excellent in Tamra Island… He is my only reason watching this drama

  5. I will watch it for the 2nd leads alone. Totally not interested in the main leads. The supporting actors look luminous. Suzy always looks gorgeous in the photos of any photos. But unless her acting improves like 100% have no expectations. Hope the 2nd leads have decent storyline going.

      • oops sorry @Ck1Oz that was meant to be a standalone comment and not a reply to you.

        That’s still some really weird clothing on IJE though.

  6. Also does anyone think that previous teaser scene of the leads wearing coats and walking away from each other/him cradling an unconscious her in the snow, is possibly from some movie-within-a-movie scenario/rehearsal?

  7. Uncontrollably Fond is the probably most talked about drama in koalaland…. too overhyped over talentless suzy. just by looking at the stills make me lost interest. the premise sounds freakin generic btw

    • well, that’s what everyone said about DotS and look how that turned out. Not saying the drama will be good, but superstar writer+lots of hype usually leads to good ratings for even the most generic of premises.

      • There is still a huge difference between DotS and UF. I don’t think UF is comparable to DotS in terms of casting. DotS had an A-list actress and well-respected actor as the leads before it was aired. Ppl like my prior remark or not, it’s a fact that Song Hye Kyo has been a Hallyu star for more than a decade;Song Joong Ki had very successful projects in a row (both rating wise and also highly acclaimed by critics) before he was enlisted to military service. The UF OTP don’t have the same acting chops as the DotS pair. Ratings can be hyped by media play and marketing, like the Heirs. But let’s see if their performance can really be up to par with DotS OTP.

      • To me DotS has star power. I wouldn’t say the same for UF, definitely not, not even close!

  8. What hype? The only place this drama is getting this much hype is only on koala playground. The most talked about dramas nw are OHY nd DOCTORS. KBS may be promoting the drama this much,but so is koala playground. There’s hardly any article about UF on dramabeans(d most popular kdrama site)

    • I honestly think OHY is getting repetitively boring. The drama started with novel ideas and fresh look in the storyline. But now it feels like circling around the same plot point with recycled slapstick to fill in the void of each episode lately. But this happened a lot to rom-coms anyway. I just started watching DOCTORS. It’s fluffy and cheesy sometimes. But I like PSH’s badass character that was rarely come across in K dramas. Besides, high school student-teacher romance is considered unethical and campus taboo in the US. Idk about S. Korea though. It felt a bit eerie about some scenes that had this implication.

      I guess UF’s marketing is aimed at the Chinese market just like DotS. UF may create more buzz over there.

  9. I always get the same vibes from KWB even in his photoshoots, maybe it’s because of repeating the same character, will be surprising if I can see a different side of him in future.

  10. It is obviously publicity over rated here.
    Its not fair to compare DOTs and UF. Like comparing SHK with Suzy, which is we all know who can act and who’s not. Not bashing Suzy, the fact is she just well known as Lee Min Ho girlfriend, not because her talent. So will try watch for KWB only.

    • She is not well known as LMH GF. Their relationship is so under the radar that people forget that they an item. She popular because of her acting and music… Maybe her CF too.

  11. Well, let Koala be, if she wants to write about Suzy let her wtite. its HER blog if you dont wanna read about it then simply ignore the articles.. Some of the things you netizens whine about is ridiculous.

  12. Fighting Uncontrollably Fond~ I’ll definitely watch it.

    Many haters tried to bring it down but I’ll continue to support it.

  13. Suzy and WooBin’s chemistry is amazing. This drama is one my list of must-watched dramas. Suzy’s staring to KWB is โ™กโ™กโ™ก

  14. Uncontrollably Fond ใƒ„ Gonna watch this for sure. Suzy looks really improved in acting in the teasers I watched.

  15. omg, that 2nd leads still!!
    i’m shipping them already. totally watching the drama for them! all that sexual tension & desire !!

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