Park Shin Hye is a Summer Sophisticate in Elle Korea August 2016 Pictorial

The reviews for currently airing SBS K-drama Doctors is mixed but that’s not a bad thing, it certainly is garnering the ratings to make it well on its way to success and some detraction helps generate buzz if you ask me. I find myself liking Park Shin Hye‘s grown up look but disliking the story line they saddled her with, and the same goes for her male lead Kim Rae Won being so sizzling smexy I can cook an egg on him but am annoyed at the chemistry being so brazenly developed in the prelude section when she’s his student and he the home room teacher.

I still want to love the drama so badly I’ve decided to just pretend the awful early section didn’t happen and the OTP met as adults at the hospital rather than having the stirrings of romantic interest in each other when one was underage and the other her teacher figure. Park Shin Hye may be coming to the end of her plausible high school student playing days, being 26 going on 27 and growing beautifully into a mature sophisticated woman as evidenced by this Elle Korea spread for August.


Park Shin Hye is a Summer Sophisticate in Elle Korea August 2016 Pictorial — 37 Comments

  1. Shes getting more beautiful as she gets older. She was my top choice for Scarlet Heart but shes done so well in Doctors. Her drama keeps generating solid ratings and she has stamped herself as one leading actresses in korea.

  2. I love photo shoot seriously gorgeous I love doctors I hope she will accept her role to act with CMS the veteran movies actor 🙂

  3. Really enjoying Doctors. PSH is doing a great job. She’s not the conventional beauty but has a charm of her own.

  4. I love Shin Hye so much and it’s been more than 5 years without even fading. Love seeing her grow in every aspects beautifully. Currently addicted to Doctors, probably my most favorite of all her dramas.

  5. One of the photo is very badly Photoshop. Her on the rooftop. That is beautifully composted but badly Photoshop. Her upper limbs is tapered. trim off so unnaturally.
    She is one of the most beautiful natural face actress. I hope she will be married to a well deserving guy in future.

    • I really believe her weight loss was excessive though it works for her role as a 30something woman in Doctors. She looked fine before – slender but not stick skinny, but apparenty ‘not stick skinny’ in Korea = fat.

  6. She is an epitome of charisma and beauty. She has the kind of beauty where she gets more and more appealing and gorgeous the more you look at her

  7. I’ve never found Park Shin Hye particularly pretty – cute, yes, but somewhat bland onscreen other than in Pinocchio and Flower Boy Next Door.

    But photoshoots clearly agree with her, she’s looked stunning in every single one I’ve seen of hers for the last few years. And even sexy, in a way that her dramas never are. I thought the shoot she did with Lee Jong Suk post-Pinocchio had blazing chemistry (one comment on another site actually went “is that really….Park Shin Hye?!” lol) but she’s just as good solo. I love the slicked hair on the cover and the way the brown of her hair, eyes and background plays with the graphic mesh of her top.

  8. QUEEN INDEED. She is looking so outstandingly gorgeous. Also In “doctors” drama, after losing the baby fat, she is looking more mature and so beautiful,perfectly suiting her character as a Doctor and she is slaying it with her amazing performance.

  9. l love park shin hae so much, she is my best female actress in Korea,Naturally beautiful and I wish to advise her to go on with her life no matter? the challenges and fake news people were
    posting and also fake images of her been displayed. I want t
    o tell them that it is a stepping stone to her greatness in movies and music production. PSH fighting ❕❕❕ ♥

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