Han Hyo Joo Universe Hops and Meets Her Manhwa Ideal Man in Lee Jong Seok

I’m the generation that visual entertainment came after literary pursuits, reading was my first and foremost love and moving objects secondary. Before there was my drama love there was my manga love, the drawn book a perfect dive down the rabbit hole of story telling and the manga hero my first imaginary crush. That makes Han Hyo Joo‘s character in the upcoming MBC Wed-Thurs drama W: Two Worlds totally a heroine up my alley and of my heart. Her character is a doctor in the real world but has been idolizing a fictional hero who is the main character in a manhwa drawn by her father, holding up Lee Jong Seok‘s Olympic gold medalist sharpshooter and billionaire genius as her ideal man. So for her to fall into his fictional universe isn’t just cluelessly cool, there’s the added years of knowledge and shipping his character.


Han Hyo Joo Universe Hops and Meets Her Manhwa Ideal Man in Lee Jong Seok — 25 Comments

  1. I was already on board with this but now getting to know that she’s fan of his character in manhwa is superb. I’m already loving it.

    • I mostly see HHJ in serious, strong and sensible drama roles…
      So it would be nice to see a change of personality here. It helps that the setting is fantasy, making her character a little more exciting than her previous roles.

  2. Han Hyo Joo so far has an outstanding record of picking up great projects. W has much solid premise against UF. I love Kim Woo Bin more than Lee Jong Seok but I think W has the upperhand here and how I miss seeing Han Hyo Joo in dramaland again.

    • I hope W would be number 1, the storyline seems more promising and upbeat for general audience…

      Suzy is pretty and popular but I am not her fan. And I am not crazy over her real life romance with LMH… So I will definitely pick up W instead. I like HHJ’s next door appeal more than sexy Suzy…

      As for the guys, KWB is hot but LJS is intense and talented. So W W W

  3. Recently I have seen many “VS” in articles (not here, most of the time in korean media…) I really hate when journalists & viewers compare dramas & actors with each other, hope everyone enjoys what he/she enjoys & respect to others’opinion. Everyone Fighting :-)!

    W is an anticipated drama in 2016 for me, simply because I believe in the leads’s acting skills, I love re-watching the scenes where actors show their great acting & I’ve found HHJ & LJS two of those actors who I can enjoys their expressions & the way they portray their characters, hopefully they will do it this time too.

    • It’s ok to compare but not to condemn the crew, cast and viewers. What’s the point of watching a show without having an opinion or a fair review.

  4. My first crushes are soooooooo irreal, I was addicted to mangas and animes and now novels and I’m too hung up on fictionnal characters, like they rock! This drama’s promise just gets better and better.

  5. I just watched first 2 episodes of UF and I cringed whenever Suzy’s on screen. Her acting in here is far worse than in Gu’s Family Book. I was anticipating a little after her not so bad movie and the fact that the show is fully pre-produced. It’s like a full train load of makjang. Birth secret, schematic chaebols, corrupt prosecutors, incurable illness, the male lead who’s ill-mannered and cold to others but only nice to female lead. Is there more? Oh, there’ll be more like noble idiocy and others.

  6. This drama has everything going for it, the only way it won’t do well is if the story is badly executed. I think the good thing here with the Weds-Thurs dramas is that all 3 are offering something different so more variety for Korean viewers (& essentially us foreigners too). Healthy competition is always good because it requires everyone to up their game and provide good quality work.

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